Well I started off with great intentions… then life caught up with me… as it is apt to do… Huge apologies that this has come so late. It’s such a big post to create. So many images and so many bloggers and so many hyperlinks. I’ve been plugging away at it for ages! I did finish my Jamie Jeans… they were not perfect but it was a start! I’ve always wanted to try making jeans and I must admit I did find all the detail lots of fun and I have no doubt I will be back making jeans sooner or later… just for the sheer hell of it if nothing else. I sew because I love it, it’s not always sensible, reasonable or practical… but it’s my hobby so God forbid it becomes a drudgery!

Jeans in June & July 2014

Jeans in June & July 2014

This has taken me FOREVER – so many images – so many bloggers. If I have missed your jeans – please let me know in the comments below so I can include you! So here are my Jamies – for better or worse (definitely worse) fit.

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Checking out my own legs...

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Stupid, stupid fabric choice… I’d love to say you live and learn but I tried this fabric in another make. #idiot

And here are the brave sorts who also braved the Jeans Journey… all images linked to the blogs so you can read more! If I have missed your jeans – please let me know in the comments below so I can add you in! I’ve been going bananas tracking them all down! Blanc at Bleu – Jamie Jeans!

Blanc Et Bleu

Blanc Et Bleu – Jamie Jeans!

Oz Viking – couture style jeans!

Oz Viking - Couture Jeans! WOW!

Oz Viking – Couture Jeans! WOW!

Purple Pleats – jean shorts

Purple Pleats - Jamie Jeans turned shorts!

Purple Pleats – Jamie Jeans Self-drafted turned shorts!

She made a muslin in July so I think these technically count as Jeans in June/July!

Sewing by Shirley - Jamie Jeans!

Sewing by Shirley – Jamie Jeans!

Handmade by Chris. Jalie 2908 Bootcut Jeans... why haven't I made bootcut jeans? I love them!

Handmade by Chris. Jalie 2908 Bootcut Jeans… why haven’t I made bootcut jeans? I love them!

The Angela Wolf Slender Bell Jean by Lindsay - go and check out the pockets!!!

The Angela Wolf Slender Bell Jean by Lindsay – go and check out the pockets!!!

Lady Sewalot - Simplicity 9944!

Lady Sewalot – Simplicity 9944. (Note gingham pocket linings!)

Jamie Jeans by design by Lindsay - amazing!

Jamie Jeans by design by Lindsay – amazing!

Now I wasn’t sure which jeans muslin to post BUT you must go and read all the jeans fitting posts and amazing detail over on Infectiousstitches. Go over there and read the June, July, August posts! In fact her posts about everything is very detailed and interesting!

Maternity Jamie Jeans! by Everyday Notions

Maternity Jamie Jeans! by Everyday Notions

Quixotic Pixels: Burda 03/2014 #115, a not-so-low rise skinny jean. WIP

Quixotic Pixels: Burda 03/2014 #115, a not-so-low rise skinny jean. WIP

Sew & So - Skinny Jeans!

Sew & So – Skinny Jeans!

Check out these amazing jeans at The Confident Stitch!

Check out these amazing jeans at The Confident Stitch!

All images remain the property of their original owners! All images linked to the blogs so you can read more!

Fashionary Giveaway… Jeans in June/July…


There was 160 entrants for the Fashionary giveaway! That’s HUGE!

The winners were selected via random number generator and they have been notified via email – congratulations to the winners!

Fashionary Tape

Fashionary Tape


So did you make some jeans in June & July?

Please comment below and let me know… I don’t want to miss you in the post round-up I will write soon.

Jeans in June & July 2014

Jeans in June & July 2014

Thank you!

Jeans in June & July – my not-so-skinny Named Jamie Jeans

Yes, I’ve finally finished Jamie! My Jeans in June & July was rudely interrupted by a holidays – and life.

My daughter has nicknamed these the ‘Milky Way Jeans’ due to the slightly sparkle to the fabric. Photographs are not brilliant sorry – taken by sprinting out the back before the afternoon light faded and rain set in. Blurgh – hate winter.

Now these are the skinny-jeans-that-ain’t .

These simply do not cling to my legs in a skinny manner which seems odd as the hips are fine – I need to alter the pattern – for my legs and my waist which is much smaller in comparison to my hips/junk trunk. Some people refer to this as ‘swayback’ I much prefer ‘junk trunk’.

Me - trying to figure out whether I've been blessed with skinny thighs or child-bearing hips...

Me – trying to figure out whether I’ve been blessed with skinny thighs or child-bearing hips…


While I’m not crushing on this make on me (at all) – I do like the pattern.

I love the top-stitched seam up the front. I used a grey top-stitching thread (increasing the stitch length to 3) to highlight the slight sparkle in the fabric.

I do like the angled front pockets & contrast trim (I used the reverse of the fabric). I love how the inner front pockets are attached to the seams and hence never ride up. Tricky design feature.

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Front view

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Front view

I sewed as many seams as I could before changing over my thread to top stitch the seams – otherwise I think you could go crackers.

The instructions are OK but I think if you are relatively inexperienced, especially at fly fronts, you might freak out a little. If you are attempting these and never sewn a fly front – check out Grainline’s tutorial – it’s excellent!

You need to know which side (right or left) of the front centre pieces to trim for the fly front – the pattern does not make this clear – it just directs you to cut one of each. I cut them out the same (with the full fly flap thingie – I’m a technical gal) and then adapted the other side as I sewed the fly front – it’s a simple matter of trimming.

When you join the legs at the centre seam, the instructions tell you to offset one of the sides slightly so you can sew a ‘jeans seam’. Brilliant but having sewn on the back pockets you run the risk of them being slightly ‘off centre’ relative to the back seam. My pockets were slightly off everywhere – which I noticed after I sewed the legs together. Doh! I sensed an impending disaster so elected to not totally destroy myself on these.

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Back view

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Back view.
Just way too baggy through the legs.


These are by no means a stellar sewing affair. Overall I’m pleased – with the exception of the obvious fit disaster and the back pockets being slightly skewiff – meaning I’m unlikely to actually ever wear these. I’m a bit of a jeans junkie so I’m rather picky when it comes to my denim threads – never about brand but about always look & fit. The fabric is quite stiff and I suspect never going to succumb to ‘old beloved comfy status’ softness – very important jeans feature in my little world.

I’m pretty chuffed with my top stitching and overall I don’t think they look too homemade.

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Side view

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Side view

Fabric: this is a sparkly black denim from Spotlight – costing me about $22.50 for the jeans. So it wasn’t an expensive experiment. I think the fit will never been quite ‘right’ in this fabric. It’s not soft and pliable, the fabric just doesn’t soften up with washing – hence I doubt you could make a nice snug pair of skinnies. I do have some Bettina Liano denim in the stash for my dream jeans…


When sewing jeans – wear a pair. Or at least have a RTW pair at hand – I found this enormously helpful.

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Checking out my own legs...

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans.


I’ve been sewing my jeans on my cheap & cheerful Singer Heavy Duty Machine. While it doesn’t have the finesse of my beloved Bernina – it’s a blast to sew on. It’s heavy (funny that) and ploughs through most things. It’s got this delicious little hum and is rather like the mongrel dog you can’t help but like, despite it’s lack of decorum and looks.


hmmmmm, I’m not sure… do I rush a pair of Angela Wolf jeans or take my time over the next month or so? I’ve checked out the Wolf pattern and am really impressed by the presentation and detail. Loads of resources and the pairs I have seen make up look great. Love bootcut jeans – so classic.

I’m also rather obsessed with Jess Jeans by Iconic Patterns, while labelled ‘skinny’ these hug the thighs and then flare out ever so slightly – which I think is much more flattering. I stumble at the button fly front – I will need to convert that which is easy enough.

I’m also massively impressed by the Jalie Jeans made up by Chris… I’ve got this pattern – won on the giveaway from the ever-lovely Vicki-Kate ages ago.

I’m kinda desperate for a high-waisted denim pencil skirt (very purple person just posted exactly that I’ve been planning to make! I love her blog – she’s a great sewist) – which I know doesn’t really fall into the Jeans in June & July category but it’s calling my name hard…


Somewhere along the line in the last few weeks, I’ve parted company with several kilograms. I’m weighing in at a not-so-hefty 48 kilograms. Don’t freak out. I’m short and slight – usually weighing in around 50 kilograms (except for when I was 9 months pregnant and I cracked 58 kilograms – I went on to have a nine pound baby). I lost my appetite and I started running/exercising more (it clears my head which is rather a mess some days). I think I will return to my weights class which I so loved until I put my back/neck/shoulder out so significantly at the beginning of this year. It wasn’t just the back injury that put me off. I became rather perturbed by the biceps that popped out of my arms when I put my hair up – and my runty shoulders getting ever bigger. However those classes made me happy in a weird way so I’m going back.

Life can be complicated and difficult. No doubt compounded by rarely sitting down on my typical weekdays until 9pm. I’ve found it difficult to write, read or think. I’ve felt ‘blue’ (great for denim not so great for life). It’s created a sense of inertia that has been so very difficult to fight. However… I know that when I do write that I do feel better & more ‘me’ whoever that is – so I will blog more. In fact I have many things to blog, they have been sitting there for months.


A giveaway! Yes another one. Watch this space…

Sew Busy Lizzy: Name Jamie Jeans

Me… taken from ELH’s height… I’m 14 inches smaller than him…. yes he’s tall…

Jeans in June & July 2014

Jeans in June/July

Jeans in June & July 2014

Jeans in June & July 2014

I know! I disappeared! Life has a habit of swallowing me up – especially in 2014. My schedule seems to have taken on a life of its own and I seem to spend much of my time trying to wrestle it into submission.


Yes still happening! I must have sensed an impeding ‘life’ speed humps when I set a two-month deadline to sew some jeans!

When I posted the Jeans challenge a few weeks ago – several people put their hands up – no pressure if your life has swallowed you up, but here were the interested bloggers!

Now if I’ve missed you – or you want to join in – let me know via comments or email to sewbusylizzy at gmail (dot) com.

Flickr: Yes, it decided to play nice & I’ve just set up a Jeans in June & July group that you can post pictures into (or get the blog button from).

Instagram & twitter: #jeansjj

Blog Buttons: Right click and save the image – or copy the html from Flickr (use the share button – if you get stuck, please contact me.


I’ve been stitching up the Named Jamie Jeans (when the schedule permits) and am pleased to report that I only have the belt keepers, waistband and hems to do… I did most of the stitching over a weekend – it’s not as intense as I thought!

Jamie progress shot

Jamie progress shot

I’m less pleased to report I don’t think this pattern is for me – great pattern but it’s just not SBL style – but that’s for another a post just for Jamie.

Despite me not being ‘in love’ with the fit of these jeans, I am delighted to report that sewing jeans – ain’t that hard… so don’t be afraid – just grab some denim and give them a go!

Get inspired by the gorgeous Simple Skinny Jeans by Sew Liberated by the always stunning Jolies Bobines.


This weekend I decided I just could not handle the mess in the sewing room – and tackled it… I spent hours folding fabric… but it’s improving… patterns next!

Here’s just some of it… my sateens, poplins, linens and yes… denim… told you I liked it!

Sewing Room Fabric Stash June 2014

Sewing Room Fabric Stash June 2014

Papercut Patterns Bellatrix and Jeans in June


I’ve been busting to write this post & suddenly nearly half a year has zoomed by… and hello? It’s June??

I wear jeans a lot – I’ve often written about my love of denim… there is no such thing as too much in my opinion. They regularly pop up in my posts…

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns

me in jeans… and on the beach… again… yes that’s a new jacket… a Bellatrix… keep reading…

I’d set myself a deadline to sew Jeans in June. As I’ve got so much on my schedule, I’ve decided to be kind to myself – and you! – and launch a Jeans in June & July Challenge!

Jeans seem to be the ultimate sewing challenge for so many people – and I’m arrogantly convinced they ain’t that hard, I just need a reason to take them on (yes I’m now waiting to fall flat on my face – pride cometh before the fall, blah, blah, blah).

So here’s my Jeans in June & July Challenge pledge. I’ll stitch up Named Patterns Jamie Jeans… and Angela Wolf Bootcut Jeans. I’m committed – I’ve even got a real ‘clapper’! Once I decided this must be done… Stitch 56 popped up with a 20% off special so I went bananas and purchased the Angela Wolf pattern (because I love the back of these jeans – they look potentially awesome), the DVD and a clapper – which is apparently the bees’ knees for pressing seams…

Angela Wolf pattern, DVD & clapper

Angela Wolf pattern, DVD & clapper – I don’t know what I was thinking with the DVD I rarely have time to sit still for that long!

I’d love to tell you I’m a jeans guru… although I’ve dedicated my life to wearing them, I’m sorry to say that I’m a novice jeans-maker, so bear with me! And you know, feel free to laugh at me if needed!

I think the spirit of this challenge is to muck in together and heave ourselves up the jeans mountain!

I’m making up a blog button – check back here soon… and I’ll keep you updated on my progress, I’ll review the Angela Wolf pattern & DVD… and watch this space… and GingerMakes is joining the charge! Are you?

So are you up for Jeans in June & July? What will you sew?

Tag your Twitter & Instagram with #JeansJJ
Sorry I’ve abandoned Flickr for tonight – apart from the weirdos it attracts, you now need a Yahoo account… seriously Flickr? I can live without you. I will set up a group for the non-Instagrammers but I’ll need to try another browser when I’m not so tired. Yahoo is being poo-poo tonight.

Let me know if you are sewing up jeans – comment below or send me an email and I’ll create a master list of everyone – blog links included where available.


Oh yes… I made the Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer…

It morphed into a ‘statement jacket’… I’m actually wondering what the hell I was thinking, it’s not so much as a statement as it makes my eyeballs bleed… anyways here it is…

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, front view

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, front view. The jacket has these cute little single welt pockets tucked into the peplum – and are a breeze to sew. I used the black sateen for the welts to match the lapel.

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, back view

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, back view. This could have done with shoulder pads… I can’t believe I typed that…

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, side view

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, side view

It’s just a humble print cotton sateen with lapels in black sateen. I’ve lined it with a vivid aqua silk (sorry bit blurry – late at night and using my iPhone #tiredblogger)

Bellatrix Blazer details

Bellatrix Blazer details. Clockwise from left: Lining, sleeve facings, sleeve shaping

The Sleeves…
I did find the sleeve heads a bit of a struggle to fit into the body & I was very glad my fabric had some stretch – I needed it!
The hems of the sleeves are slightly curved (and have a sleeve hem facing) and I love how they sit on my wrists/hands.
The instructions have you hand sew the lining to the sleeve facings. Since I’ve figured out how to machine finish sleeve hems, I choose to machine these. Really it’s the simplest way to finish sleeve hems.

The Pattern…
You really do need to buy at least one Papercut Pattern in your sewing life. Beautifully presented, unique packaging, sturdy paper, good instructions… yes expensive but the price includes postage anywhere in the world. You know you want too…

Overall Verdict on Papercut Patterns Bellatrix…
This is quite an easy jacket sew.
I think the sizing runs large – I made up the XXS and it feels the right length but is very generous around my frame.
The sleeves are a bit tricky – so watch out for that.
OMG there is a lot of interfacing. I think it would be easier to block fuse a lot of your fabric. Pretty much it’s just the back and sleeves that are not interfaced. It does make for a nice finish though.
I usually love cropped jackets but I think I’d prefer this in the longer length on me.
I think I’d like it in a solid colour as much as this is crazy fun (oh dear I must be getting sensible in my old age *sigh*).

I still want a bomber jacket…

Pattern: Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer
Fabric: Cotton Sateen from Spotlight. Lining: Silk from Spotlight.
Also see: Let’s Tweed Again | Gingermakes | Handmade by Heather B | Girls in the Garden | Very Purple Person | Mercury Handmade Fashion (she has made it many many times – all gorgeous | Jolies Bobines | Alida Makes | alas I’m too tired to keep linking! There are so many out there – go to Google Images and search for Bellatrix Blazer… get inspired.

Life’s been hideously busy, I’m overtired and just generally feel like I’m stretching myself in a million directions for everyone else… I’ve booked some days away all by myself so I can unwind. I’m on a countdown – 29 days to go… not sure I’ll be sane by then…