Jeans in June/July

Jeans in June & July 2014

Jeans in June & July 2014

I know! I disappeared! Life has a habit of swallowing me up – especially in 2014. My schedule seems to have taken on a life of its own and I seem to spend much of my time trying to wrestle it into submission.


Yes still happening! I must have sensed an impeding ‘life’ speed humps when I set a two-month deadline to sew some jeans!

When I posted the Jeans challenge a few weeks ago – several people put their hands up – no pressure if your life has swallowed you up, but here were the interested bloggers!

Now if I’ve missed you – or you want to join in – let me know via comments or email to sewbusylizzy at gmail (dot) com.

Flickr: Yes, it decided to play nice & I’ve just set up a Jeans in June & July group that you can post pictures into (or get the blog button from).

Instagram & twitter: #jeansjj

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I’ve been stitching up the Named Jamie Jeans (when the schedule permits) and am pleased to report that I only have the belt keepers, waistband and hems to do… I did most of the stitching over a weekend – it’s not as intense as I thought!

Jamie progress shot

Jamie progress shot

I’m less pleased to report I don’t think this pattern is for me – great pattern but it’s just not SBL style – but that’s for another a post just for Jamie.

Despite me not being ‘in love’ with the fit of these jeans, I am delighted to report that sewing jeans – ain’t that hard… so don’t be afraid – just grab some denim and give them a go!

Get inspired by the gorgeous Simple Skinny Jeans by Sew Liberated by the always stunning Jolies Bobines.


This weekend I decided I just could not handle the mess in the sewing room – and tackled it… I spent hours folding fabric… but it’s improving… patterns next!

Here’s just some of it… my sateens, poplins, linens and yes… denim… told you I liked it!

Sewing Room Fabric Stash June 2014

Sewing Room Fabric Stash June 2014

42 thoughts on “Jeans in June/July

  1. I’ve at least ordered some denim and some fabric for a muslin, found the pair I had already started copying at the bottom of some pile and watched a couple of classes from Angela Wolffs Craftsy class (which contains very useful information btw). I hope I’ll have time to make the pattern soon so I can at least finish the muslin stage in July.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with projects at the bottom of ‘some pile’. I must say I’ve been really impressed with the Angela Wolf instructions & resources. I’m taking that one on holidays with me to work on.

      • I’m trying to get rid of those piles but it sure is hard…
        I am really excited to try Angela’s distressing methods. I should get my fabric today so I can start making some samples soon!

  2. Wow your fabric stash is impressive. No wonder you can Rup up a garment in a jiffy. It’s almost enough to open a shop?

  3. Oof, my schedule has spiraled out of control lately, too. I’m looking forward to seeing your JJ reveal, even if you’re not crazy about them. I’m trying to find the time to put them together before I go out of the country in just over a week, but I’m not feeling optimistic. 😦

    • Life is so frustrating. The thing I’ve loved about the jeans is they aren’t ‘that hard’ to sew. I think the denim factor makes them easy to handle. I pin steps which I’m busy doing other jobs which helps!

  4. I have my pattern and my denim! But that’s about as far as it’s got…I need to get going this week. If you can do it with your crazy schedule so can I! I hope things calm down for you soon x

  5. I’m so on this I don’t even now what’s hit me. I ordered 4 m of denim yesterday, that should give me a little room for explorative sewing of the Jalie pattern 😉 . And if all else fails I have another version of my TNT jeans already cut, I could always stitch that up in a late night panic on the 31st…

  6. I’m still in! I haven’t cut out yet, but I have enough denim left over from a previous skirt project that I’m good on having/prewashing fabric. I also spent an evening last week retracing out my self-drafted jeans pattern from the Craftsy Jean-ius class. I made the previous pair in non-stretch and this pair will be stretch, so I think the fit will be ok. But I’m also making these as more of a skinny jean, I added to multiple seam allowances so I can do real flat-felled seams this time, and I’m changing the waistband to a contoured one from another jeans pattern, so there will be a basting/fit-tweaking stage.

  7. I desperately need pants! Some nice trouser jeans sound like an EXCELLENT opportunity to tweak the fit on my still-unused Thurlow pattern 😀

  8. I’m still in, too! All I have to do is trace the Jalie pattern, then cut the fabric, and I’ll be set to go. I really need new jeans, too, so there’s absolutely no pressure whatsoever on these being perfect. Eep. I should have enough denim left over after that to do the Craftsy Jean-ius course. Yay for summer vacation! I got nothin’ but time.

  9. I have my Jamie Jeans cut out and ready to sew! Just have to finish up a couple other projects first (one of which I’m being paid for, so it really needs to get done). I’m curious to see how yours turned out, even if you’re not loving the style of them!

    • Like I said, I think it’s a great pattern, easy to put together – although if I wasn’t experienced I guess the fly might be hard as the instructions are a little brief. I’m loving all the top stitching!

  10. I’m impressed that you’ve made so much progress on your jeans. I’ve only traced the pattern and washed my fabric, lol 🙂 I’m planning on getting started soon!

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  12. I´d love to join in… got my pattern only today and found some denim last Saturday, so my schedule should be set to start very soon indeed… I always wanted to sew Jeans as it is a constant niusance to go an find the perfectly fitting pair. BUT at the same time it always scared the sh… out of me. Will tackle it this month and actually looking forward to it. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction.
    Cheers from Germany

    • I’m so delighted to hear that Milan – you know… between you and me I’m not convinced I will pull off the perfect pair this challenge – I think it will take time. The good thing is we are all trying!

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  14. OMG… I have to get to it!! I have everything I need right down to the zipper… It’s the initial muslin and fitting FEAR that is keeping me from starting!

  15. Hi Lizzy, I so want to join you for this challenge but I’ve also got lots of stuff going on and I just can’t pin down a jeans pattern that I’m really happy with. I like the look of the Jamie jeans but I’ve not got a skinny lower half so I’m not sure they would flatter me. Thanks for posting the links to the other bloggers joining you, those flared jeans with the pockets are awesome! Interested to see your finished jeans, good luck!

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