Fashionary Giveaway… Jeans in June/July…


There was 160 entrants for the Fashionary giveaway! That’s HUGE!

The winners were selected via random number generator and they have been notified via email – congratulations to the winners!

Fashionary Tape

Fashionary Tape


So did you make some jeans in June & July?

Please comment below and let me know… I don’t want to miss you in the post round-up I will write soon.

Jeans in June & July 2014

Jeans in June & July 2014

Thank you!

18 thoughts on “Fashionary Giveaway… Jeans in June/July…

  1. Like Sarah I made jeans, but they haven’t yet been photographed. I will email you tomorrow. Hopefully that won’t be too late for you.

  2. I just finished my first pair of Jamie jeans- first jeans EVER (yay) and I am very pleased. I took in about one inch on the sides and a bit at the waist. They fit pretty nicely. I followed your idea of having a pair on RTW on hand for details and such- that really helped. My only mistake is the button placement, a bit too far to the left. Pants will be blogged shortly at:

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