Papercut Patterns Bellatrix and Jeans in June


I’ve been busting to write this post & suddenly nearly half a year has zoomed by… and hello? It’s June??

I wear jeans a lot – I’ve often written about my love of denim… there is no such thing as too much in my opinion. They regularly pop up in my posts…

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns

me in jeans… and on the beach… again… yes that’s a new jacket… a Bellatrix… keep reading…

I’d set myself a deadline to sew Jeans in June. As I’ve got so much on my schedule, I’ve decided to be kind to myself – and you! – and launch a Jeans in June & July Challenge!

Jeans seem to be the ultimate sewing challenge for so many people – and I’m arrogantly convinced they ain’t that hard, I just need a reason to take them on (yes I’m now waiting to fall flat on my face – pride cometh before the fall, blah, blah, blah).

So here’s my Jeans in June & July Challenge pledge. I’ll stitch up Named Patterns Jamie Jeans… and Angela Wolf Bootcut Jeans. I’m committed – I’ve even got a real ‘clapper’! Once I decided this must be done… Stitch 56 popped up with a 20% off special so I went bananas and purchased the Angela Wolf pattern (because I love the back of these jeans – they look potentially awesome), the DVD and a clapper – which is apparently the bees’ knees for pressing seams…

Angela Wolf pattern, DVD & clapper

Angela Wolf pattern, DVD & clapper – I don’t know what I was thinking with the DVD I rarely have time to sit still for that long!

I’d love to tell you I’m a jeans guru… although I’ve dedicated my life to wearing them, I’m sorry to say that I’m a novice jeans-maker, so bear with me! And you know, feel free to laugh at me if needed!

I think the spirit of this challenge is to muck in together and heave ourselves up the jeans mountain!

I’m making up a blog button – check back here soon… and I’ll keep you updated on my progress, I’ll review the Angela Wolf pattern & DVD… and watch this space… and GingerMakes is joining the charge! Are you?

So are you up for Jeans in June & July? What will you sew?

Tag your Twitter & Instagram with #JeansJJ
Sorry I’ve abandoned Flickr for tonight – apart from the weirdos it attracts, you now need a Yahoo account… seriously Flickr? I can live without you. I will set up a group for the non-Instagrammers but I’ll need to try another browser when I’m not so tired. Yahoo is being poo-poo tonight.

Let me know if you are sewing up jeans – comment below or send me an email and I’ll create a master list of everyone – blog links included where available.


Oh yes… I made the Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer…

It morphed into a ‘statement jacket’… I’m actually wondering what the hell I was thinking, it’s not so much as a statement as it makes my eyeballs bleed… anyways here it is…

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, front view

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, front view. The jacket has these cute little single welt pockets tucked into the peplum – and are a breeze to sew. I used the black sateen for the welts to match the lapel.

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, back view

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, back view. This could have done with shoulder pads… I can’t believe I typed that…

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, side view

Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut Patterns, side view

It’s just a humble print cotton sateen with lapels in black sateen. I’ve lined it with a vivid aqua silk (sorry bit blurry – late at night and using my iPhone #tiredblogger)

Bellatrix Blazer details

Bellatrix Blazer details. Clockwise from left: Lining, sleeve facings, sleeve shaping

The Sleeves…
I did find the sleeve heads a bit of a struggle to fit into the body & I was very glad my fabric had some stretch – I needed it!
The hems of the sleeves are slightly curved (and have a sleeve hem facing) and I love how they sit on my wrists/hands.
The instructions have you hand sew the lining to the sleeve facings. Since I’ve figured out how to machine finish sleeve hems, I choose to machine these. Really it’s the simplest way to finish sleeve hems.

The Pattern…
You really do need to buy at least one Papercut Pattern in your sewing life. Beautifully presented, unique packaging, sturdy paper, good instructions… yes expensive but the price includes postage anywhere in the world. You know you want too…

Overall Verdict on Papercut Patterns Bellatrix…
This is quite an easy jacket sew.
I think the sizing runs large – I made up the XXS and it feels the right length but is very generous around my frame.
The sleeves are a bit tricky – so watch out for that.
OMG there is a lot of interfacing. I think it would be easier to block fuse a lot of your fabric. Pretty much it’s just the back and sleeves that are not interfaced. It does make for a nice finish though.
I usually love cropped jackets but I think I’d prefer this in the longer length on me.
I think I’d like it in a solid colour as much as this is crazy fun (oh dear I must be getting sensible in my old age *sigh*).

I still want a bomber jacket…

Pattern: Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer
Fabric: Cotton Sateen from Spotlight. Lining: Silk from Spotlight.
Also see: Let’s Tweed Again | Gingermakes | Handmade by Heather B | Girls in the Garden | Very Purple Person | Mercury Handmade Fashion (she has made it many many times – all gorgeous | Jolies Bobines | Alida Makes | alas I’m too tired to keep linking! There are so many out there – go to Google Images and search for Bellatrix Blazer… get inspired.

Life’s been hideously busy, I’m overtired and just generally feel like I’m stretching myself in a million directions for everyone else… I’ve booked some days away all by myself so I can unwind. I’m on a countdown – 29 days to go… not sure I’ll be sane by then…

48 thoughts on “Papercut Patterns Bellatrix and Jeans in June

  1. LOVE the bold print, Lizzy! A statement jacket like that may not go with everything, but it definitely gives a great pop to jeans and a t-shirt, just like you’re wearing here. This is one of my favorite aspects of sewing: making truly unique garments that you would never find in a store! Just warn your family/coworkers that they’ll need their sunglasses to look at you… 🙂

  2. love the jacket! i’m so glad you’ve made it jeans in june and july – i really wanted to join in but there’s no way I was going to get them done in june (have minerva dress to finish and then it’s my birthday and the small ones within 4 days of each other!). i’ve got the jess jeans pattern planned so i’m moving it up to july so i can join in (altho i may make capris).

  3. Nice! Might add that to my list for a tux jacket. As for jeans, I want to, I just haven’t the time right now although looking forward to seeing what others make!
    I have the Rigel bomber cut out and waiting. The poor thing has been waiting for me for months. Just lying there, in pieces. Waiting. 😉

  4. That blazer is gorgeous. Luurve it, statement, bleeding eyes an all. And I’m so in on that jeans challenge – I just bought this Jalie bootcut jeans pattern which will be hand-delivered by my husband from the States by mid June. I’ll be on a similar self-finding trip to yours (crossing the Alps on foot – dear me) after that, but then I promise I will jeans myself up along with you.

  5. I took Angela Wolfe’s Jeans class on Craftsy and thought she did a fantastic job. I also took Kenneth King’s (think it was drafting from a previous pair of jeans) and it was also awesome. He gives some great construction tips.

    I’ve made the Named Jamie jeans and found the yoke a bit narrow. I’ll be very interested to see how they turn out for you. and to see how they compare to Angela’s boot cut jean pattern.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    Your Belatrix is beautiful on you. Well done.

  6. The blazer is beautiful. Gorgeous fabric choice.

    I’m totally in for Jeans in June/July! I’m a novice jeans sewer as well but they are on my list to conquer this year! I’ll grab a button 😃

  7. Your Bellatrix looks amazing and I love the fabric and fit. I do agree shoulder pads might help a bit but I am not a big fan of shoulder pads. Here you wrote, you might like the longer length and I am thinking I want the shorter length! Ha ah

    Thanks for the link to my jacket, I appreciate it. I have started watching Angela Wolfe’s jean class on craftsy, packed full of great information and I have just barely started.

  8. LOVE. IT. Sorry, that I’m not sorry. I need to sew up some jeans, so I’ll sure try to do the sewalong, but I never seem to be able to keep up with these sorts of things. So it might be more of a “Jeans in June/July/August/….eh, screw it” 😉

    I do want your review on the Angela Wolf DVD and pattern though, I’ve seen her clips on It’s Sew Easy (a TV show we have on PBS), and they’re always fantastic. I really think a well-organized DVD reference that makes it easy to skip to say, “jeans fly” would be amazing. And I really should make my own darn clapper–they seriously aren’t that hard (#lazy). I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a point presser too, but again…lazy. 😉

  9. I am definitely up for sewing jeans! I made the Jamie jeans and I wear them all the time. There are a few things I want to tweak in the fit, and I want to change the pattern to regular jeans without the seam up the middle…but I have lots of denim in my stash including colors and polka dots, it’s time to remedy my one pair of jeans situation! 🙂 I love your blazer, I have the Rigel Bomber all ready to start so hopefully I will get to it soon. You definitely need a bomber!

  10. Great statement jacket ;o)

    I think I could stretch to denim capris, but I’m not sure I’m up to jeans yet.

    For your trip – have you been to Fantazia Fabricland at Tweed Heads before? If you are road tripping through the coast, you should call in (I went over the Australia day long weekend and they were open on Sunday and the public holiday – yes I went both days, had to go back for something on my way home!).

  11. That jacket is so fabulous, I don’t know where to put myself.

    I’m so happy you’ve extended it to July, because that’s what I was going to do anyway. 😛 I have the Jalie bootleg pattern, the Kenneth King craftsy course, and quite a lot of rather horrible stretch denim. Bring it.

  12. Lol had to laugh over the bleeding eye-balls thing. Can totally related, but your printed jacket is awesome! And I especially like it paired with jeans, kind of tones the whole thing down if you were worried about it blinding the public.

  13. I think your jacket turned out ahhhmazing- and not an eyesore at all! It is definitely a statement piece… And iff people are staring it is because it is so amazing! 🙂

    Jeans in June and July sounds like a plan. I have been saying all year I am going to make jeans this year. Guess now is as good a time as any!

  14. Great jacket (says the print obsessed girl!)! I love the pattern and it looks fantastic in that print! And I’m sure your jeans will rock! The Jamie Jeans is fantastic to put together and I’m sure your version will be awesome! I love the photobombing whippet too!

  15. I LOVE that jacket! Oh those lapels! I’m sooo tempted to join in on your jeans odyssey! I still need to consider it though, with my to-make pile only growing higher by the minute 🙂 I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so what is it exactly that I need to do if I join in on the fun? Add the button to my blog and then do a post on my finished jeans by the end of july? Total newbie here 😀

  16. I’ve just had fantastic success with a papercut paper so would be very interested in trying the Bellatrix. I love your version – so vibrant and original.

  17. I have been lusting after that jacket for an age and your version has convinced me to invest (although I think it may suit my daughter better than me).
    Please count me in for the jeans in June/July. I have signed up to the Kenneth D King ‘Jeanius’ course on Craftsy and really need to get on 🙂

  18. Gorgeous jacket and not an eyesore at all. I love this print and was eyeing up the red version yesterday, now that is harder on the eyes. Count me out for the sewalong, mostly because I am bad at deadlines at the moment!!

  19. That’s an awesome statement jacket! Looks like it would look great dressed down or dressed up. I’m so on board with the Jeans in June and July! I’m in desperate need of some new jeans, I’ve had to patch up the in-seam of my go-to jeans and I refused to buy some if I can make a pair 🙂 Jamie Jeans are printed out, can’t wait to start!

  20. The jacket is great!
    Carolyn (Allspice Abounds) has convinced me I should tackle my fears so I’ll at least attempt to sew a pair of jeans from a pattern I make myself using Kenneth Kings copying method. I really need some new ones too. I just saw that Craftsy currently has a sale for both Kenneth Kings Jean-ius and Angela Wolffs Sewing Designer Jeans classes. Might be useful for some of the other participants as well.

    Take care of yourself, there’s only one of you!

  21. I love this print! Sometimes obnoxious amounts of colour are just necessary! I’ve been planting up the garden for the summer and it’s full of hot pink, red, orange and coral – it may be grey and dismal here in the UK but my garden will be full of warm colours…
    I think this will be a great thing to wear as you head into the cooler months. It really makes some simple jeans and a tank a bit more interesting, without sacrificing comfort!!
    I hope you get a chance to slow down soon and don’t have to wait for your planned break before you get an hour or two to yourself. Take care my lovely xxx

  22. Love the jacket! A statement jacket sounds like a great idea. Good luck on your Jamie jeans. I just started on a pair recently & got overexcited with top stitching and now have to rip it all out to fix some problems with fit. This should be the incentive for me to finish them sooner rather than later.

  23. count me in! I’ve had the Jamie Jeans cut out for a while now… but couldn’t bring myself to finish them until the weather cooled down a bit. Made a few changes along the way, but happy I can be part of Jeans for June/July! I think as soon as you saw the word “jeans” and “sewing” there is an instant fear! But it was pretty straightforward I’m happy to say! one step at a time (but, that topstitching almost did me in!). Rebecca x

  24. I’m going for a funky floral print skinny jean, using the Named pattern as well. I’ve made lots of tops and dresses but never pants. I’m in for the challenge.

  25. Love the jacket, it certainly is a statement. I did the Angela Wolfe Craftsy class on jean making and have never looked back. You can’t go wrong, I am on my third pair (with a fourth in the wings) and will never buy jeans again. Seriously. Jeans are off putting because we think they are hard, the reality is, they are not :). Patience required for the top stitching, but as you see them come together looking like bought jeans, you get very excited !!!! Good luck, enjoy:)

  26. Your jacket is lovely! And I’m definitely interested in this challenge– I’ve made jeans before, but I need some more of them. I do particularly need skinny jeans for a particular trip by the end of August, so this will be the perfect motivation. My plan is to base them off the pattern I made for the Jean-ius class on Craftsy, refining it with a J.Stern pattern that I have. Hopefully it’ll work, since I haven’t made any in stretch denim yet!

  27. Jeans…I just purchased two craftsy classes on them. I don’t think I will attempt them until fall though. Our nice weather is just hitting us and all I want to make is summer duds. I love your jacket!! Maybe you will grow to like it more as time goes on.

  28. Ahhhh I just left a comment and it didn’t post! Sorry of this ends up being a repeat comment, but I think the Jeans in June and July is a really great idea!

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