Dandelion Top in Watercolour

Today we are on a Disparate Disciplines Dandelion blog hop!

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Dandelion seeds have been strewn all over the globe…
3 September: Wanett of Sown Brooklyn
4 September: Winnie of Scruffy Badger Time
6 September: Lizzie of Sew Busy Lizzie (oops that’s me!)
9 September: Joyatee of Joy and Smiles
11 September: Brooke of Custom Style
Here is my contribution to the Global Dandelion blog hop…
Dandelion in Watercolour…
The Dandelion Yoked Top

Mari of Disparate Disciplines’ new pattern – the Dandelion

Mari asked me to be a pattern tester and I was delighted. The timeframe changed slightly and the pattern arrived smack bang in the middle of several weekend trips I have had lately. (Tamworth, Canberra, Melbourne – all within a month!).

I decided to pattern test without making a muslin or alterations. I am one of those people that everyone likes to loathe. I was quite comfortable to do this. I rarely alter anything, RTW or patterns (with the except of Colette Patterns). I think there are two reasons for this.

One, I never even read the back of the Big 4 pattern envelopes. (Waste of time – even my monkey would tell you this.) I just decide how much ease I would like for a style, read the measurements on the printed pattern and go from there. Works a treat. And I read every blog/review I can find before I embark on any pattern to figure out the sizing of the patterns (being a pattern tester I didn’t have that option this time LOL).

The other reason is that I am one of those mythical creatures with measurements very close to the ‘standard’ (I’m certainly not mythical – although some days I am more than a little dragon-like… and I only ride my unicorn to work every blue moon…). So if a pattern has been drafted to standard measurements then I am a good case study.

I was really happy to see the diversity in this pattern – three necklines, sleeves, sleeveless, a yoke AND as a top or a dress. After my Anna binge, I was really keen to add some woven tops to my summer casual wardrobe. Woven tops in voiles & lawn are much nicer to wear on humid days than a t-shirt.

 Mari of Disparate Disciplines 1401 Dandelion Sketch

Mari of Disparate Disciplines 1401 Dandelion Sketch

One of the first things I noticed about this pattern was that the PDF comes with a printing guide so you only print the pages you need for the version & size you want to make – oh rapture and bliss. The pattern also features a recipe for a dandelion pesto as well as a printable envelope to make storing your pattern pieces easy & convenient. So you save paper (and sanity), eat while sewing (it’s no longer cool to starve for your art) AND store your pattern. All these style, printing, food AND storage options for just $12. Great value.

Some more pictures… I gave up my lunchbreak for this so indulge me… hang on I actually had a lunch break – that was novel…

Disparate Disciplines Dandelion Yoked Top - front view

Disparate Disciplines Dandelion Yoked Top – front view – coulda done with an iron…

Disparate Disciplines' Dandelion Top

Disparate Disciplines’ Dandelion Top – back view. I’m sorry, let’s stop & punch the air – that zip is pretty much INVISIBLE. Yeeeesss.

I really wanted to put a lace front yoke on this top – but I haven’t sew something like that and being incredibly time poor, I decided to be sensible *gasp* and make it up in one fabric – my favourite stashed voile. (this sensible decision shocked the drunk monkey into stoney silence, I think he’s still sulking). This pattern is clearly a perfect pairing with lace as demonstrated by Winnnie of Scruffy Badger Time & Velosewer of How Good is That?

This top has these tricky side panels which create the a marvellous feminine shape. They are slightly tricky to put in – but if you have sewn a similar dart/seam (if you have made the Victoria blazer you will now exactly what I mean) it is very simple. If not, Mari’s instructions are clear. You just have to think before you stitch – radical idea but trust me it works… I’m coming to really love patterns that have slightly different seamlines, in many cases they move better, it’s one of the reasons that I love my Day-to-night/Vogue hack dresses – the half back and side seams make the dress sit better when I walk

Disparate Disciplines' Dandelion Top - side view

Disparate Disciplines’ Dandelion Top – side view. Oops peekaboo bra. ELH needs some stylin’ training… if you squint you can see those side panel seams.

The instructions are very clear and well illustrated. I sewed this together in less than an hour and then finished off the armholes, neckline and hemline with bias binding the following day. I do need to put a button and thread loop at the top of the zip. I’m not too bothered, I rarely wear my hair up so it’s covered anyway.

Next time around I would shortened the bodice near the yoke seam, it’s a little took long in bodice just here for me – but I think because this fabric is so delightfully patterned it is hard to see. Totally wearable as is. Although looking at the pictures – it looks fine without alterations…

Now I have seen Wanett’s I think I need one for work…

LIKE IT? Want it?

Your very own little Dandelion top or dress is but a few clicks away… so click click click… download it and start sewing now!

I’m just putting this picture in because I find it hilarious that a muscle popped outta my scrawny arm unbidden. Take note people, this is a rare sight.

Dandelion top

Whoops – a muscle??? And yes barefoot in the water AGAIN in winter. I know, you all want to come and live with me, even with the drunk monkey, dragon moods & a unicorn in the garage.

The Photographs…

I was waiting on Town Green for ELH to appear to take some snaps in my lunchbreak. I was perched up next to Sir Edmund Barton, the first Prime Minister of Australia no less. (Hang on Lizzy, wasn’t Federation like over 100 years ago? Totally – however he was our local member at the time – hence the statue on our Town Green). I was tucked up against his shoulder, eyes closed, having a daydream, blissing out in the warm sunshine. Some tourists wandered off the nearby wharf and asked if they could take my picture because I looked so picturesque!

Dandelion top rocks – even tourists want pictures of it!


My local paper wrote about my blog… a whole page… with a picture!

Port Macquarie News

I was really nervous about this – still am – yes, I rabbit on with great enthusiasm here to the worldwide web but having the neighbours know… that was quite challenging. I love the freedom that you give me – to be a little odd and have a giggle. Not everyone IRL is so generous. I’m enormously grateful to everyone of you that has encouraged me since I started blogging. It’s changed my life in some many positive & happy ways – but more importantly given me the confidence to be more ‘me’. Thank you.

If you want to jump over and read the story… hop, hop, hop over here


54 thoughts on “Dandelion Top in Watercolour

  1. That fabric is divine and yes, you will certainly need a top like that with summer heaving to on the near horizon. Lovely. As long as you don’t have any drop bears in your garage – I mean, they’re quite dangerous, aren’t they? – then I dare say most folk wouldn’t mind moving south! 🙂

  2. It’s funny- I’ve worn “dress” tee-shirts for years and have just been thinking I’d like some nice tops in woven fabrics. I’m glad to know they can be more comfortable than the knits. Your top is really pretty. I’ll look forward to any future incarnations. What a neat article in your lcal paper! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  4. Congratulations on your spread in the newspaper! I love your top. I am looking forward to trying it out too. Those seams are darling. And it’s great that it works for work too. Cheers.

  5. Congratulations on being featured in your local news paper Lizzy. I popped over to read it. Loved your photo there and the one in print too. What a great interview. The attention is well deserved. It goes without saying, the top is fabulous and looks awesome.

  6. Oh yes! This chimp over here will defintiely be making the top….for next summer now though. It is so cute! And a nice fit too by the looks of it, perfect with jeans. Can I borrow your dragon by the way this weekend, we re having an outdoor party and could do with some extra heat!

  7. How are you going to be able to walk down the street now without someone commenting on what you’re wearing, now that the whole town will have seen your blog? At least when people see you taking photos of yourself they’ll know what you’re doing! Gorgeous top, perfect for lounging around in the sun at lunchtime like a typical council worker!

  8. How gorgeous is this? I’ve loved keeping up with the Dandelion blog hop. It looks like another great, versatile pattern and the fabric you have used here is just beautiful!

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  10. i’m really liking the style lines on this pattern, endless color blocking possibilities! very cute top. and how awesome to get featured by your paper! i’m like you though, i’d be a little weirded out for people who know me to find my blog. only a few people actually know and i feel so strange and awkward if they mention it…

  11. Ha ha! You are now properly famous (and rightly so!). I love the new top (woo hoo! Invisible zipper!) and fabric (although my heart did leapt as I’ve just bought some dandelion patterned fabric…!) – I think it will soon be joining my pattern library!

  12. Congratulations on your newspaper article! I hope you won’t forget about the rest of us now you’re a celebrity 🙂 I love the top, and the fabric is gorgeous. I must admit I bought this pattern the day it came out – one of the dresses perfectly matches this idea I have had in my head for ages for one of my stash fabrics. I wish I had read the bit about only printing out what you need earlier though, having just finished gluing the whole thing together.

  13. Pretty top, gorgeous seaming. I’d love to know how much ease you add to your measurements in order to decide which size to make. I love a lot of vogue patterns but find them intimidating because of the sizing problems.

    • The ease depends on the style I guess. For a fitted dress I would allow an inch or so at the bust & waist and 2 inches or more at the hips. With a jacket you need a little more as it is going over clothing. Hope that helps 🙂

  14. That article was so great. You were natural and really got your message through that while sewing might be a lost art it’s all about the fun of learning and sharing your craft. I hope you’ll find that your town will be open about your sewing and you’ll get some peace next time you go for a photo shoot.
    Oh and a gorgeous top too!

  15. I really like the dandelion dress as a top. This is the second version I’ve seen and it is really flattering! I think it does nice things to the bust area. Love that fabric too. And, congrats once again on your feature in the newspaper!! It’s too awesome.

  16. This top is so cute! I love the fabric you used, and the style lines are very cool! And the article is great– congrats, girl! I feel weird about people I know finding out about the blog, and I hate talking about it with them. I could do standup in front of 5,000 strangers without a problem, but if one of my family members was there, I’d be toast! It’s a funny thing.

    Also. I’m thinking I need to get on your workout regimen… your arms look great! 😉

  17. I love this top! I am looking for a top to make for work and this would be absolutely perfect in black. I wish I read this post before I started on my Simplicity dress – didn’t know about the ease printed on the patterns and i’ve had serious sizing issues. It doesn’t help that I am all over the freakin’ place with those patterns!

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  28. What a beautiful fabric for a great fitting top. I’ve been looking for a t-shirt replacement that I can make with wovens and looks a bit more elegant for a casual day. Perfect! Congrats on the newspaper article – you definitely deserve a little recognition! One more add to my wishlist.

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