SHE PLAYS UP TO YOU… Clairy, a Frocktails Dress

Frocktails is nearly here. I’m off to Melbourne on Friday!

I had planned to post this post-Frocktails but she’s busting outta the wardrobe… she’s as bad as Jungle Anna… perhaps worse…Meet Clairy…

… She plays up to you
pouting lips
shaking hips
and flicking her hair…*

Clairy Dress - pouting lips, shaking hips...

Someone decided she couldn’t wait…

Vogue mariaDenmark Pattern Mash-up goes NIGHT

I had grand plans for Frocktails… something classy… and then Clairy just appeared. Completely unplanned… she’s a party girl… she doesn’t wait for an invite…

This is my third pattern hacked dress, and the pattern gets more hacked each time. The back is shortened, the length is shorter, it’s much tighter…

I love how this dress fits and am always amazed that just two pieces of fabric can manage to look so damn fine.

I took a couple of daytime shots – while the dress was still in progress… as I wasn’t 100% convinced the vision I woke up with was going to deliver…

Clairy - seam details

Back view of the Clairy – there is a seam from the lower back to the hem, a seam across my lower back and side seams from the armholes to the hip, extending slightly below the back waist seam.

Daytime view of Clairy

Daytime view of the Clairy – less sparkles, more detail. I hadn’t finished the armholes at this point – I just wanted to see if it looked OK. I think the answer from ELH was ‘YES…’

Just a one more shot – because Clairy needs to shake her hips, pout her lips…

One minute she’s chilling
the next she’s sweet talk dealin’
when you gonna wake up and see…*

OK you can't see the dress detail but I love the mood of this shot...

No dress detail in this shot but I love the mood as the sun sets…


Clairy is not immaculately finished… she’s a rough & ready gal. I am ridiculously busy at the moment with little or no spare time… it’s frustrating but this is the busiest time of the year for me. Work, kids, family, drama, dance, gym, trips away. It all happens from September until December.

Shhh.. I didn’t line it – no, I’m just wearing a slip. I know, Clairy won’t last forever – she’s here for a good time not a long time – I don’t feel bad. I scored this fabric – which is usually around the $40 a metre for $4 a metre. So this cost me about $6 to make… and I have enough fabric to make another…

I’d never sewn sequins and had been a little scared of the fabric. In the end I just chucked in a heavy duty needle, denim and used a stretch stitch… seems to have worked…

* Wondering where the inspiration for the dress came from & those lyrics? It’s Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes and their song She Plays Up To You… you must listen to this…

And then listen to Love Letter. Awesome song.

’tis all… mwah

79 thoughts on “SHE PLAYS UP TO YOU… Clairy, a Frocktails Dress

  1. Whoa Lizzy! This is unreal. You’re such a sexpot and I love the name of this dress. Who doesn’t love a Clairy/Clarey 🙂 This look so stunning. I have always wanted to do something with sequins but have been too scared.

  2. It’s SUCH a fun dress! I’m so impressed that it all just came together. You look gorgeous, and you look like the dress makes you feel sassy – I only wish I could join you for Frocktails!

  3. Just goes to show you don’t need a complicated design to deliver maximum impact. This creation is absolutely stunning and I so enjoyed reading your very clever and entertaining blog post. Keep them coming.

    • Hi there! I’ve been meaning to hop onto your blog & comment (I just whacked my kneecap on a cupboard & am collapsed on the lounge!). I’m in live with your wrap dress – the McCalls one. Is that still in print?

      • Hi Lizzy. I just checked the McCall’s website and unfortunately it says it’s out of print. I feel for you whacking your knee. I did the same thing on the corner of my sewing desk the other day, and I nearly collapsed on the floor with the pain.

  4. ” she’s here for a good time not a long time”

    LOVE THAT. i usually think “she’s not long for this world” when i skimp on a step. this phrase is MUCH better.

    your dress is the business.

  5. A designer dress for sure. And even better made by you so you can be pretty certain there isn’t another one out there. Very gorgeous… looks fab on you. Or rather you look fab in it! I can definitely see you with cocktails in hand shmoozing with the frocktail crowd! Have fun. 🙂 ~Laurie

  6. Oh my, you are looking hot in this dress! Love it, sequins have always been intimidating and kind of off the table for uber fancy events for me. This simple style in all black isnt too overboard though, very wearable. Enjoy Melbourne and maybe even ring in the new year in this number!

  7. WOWZER! This is a smoking hot dress! It looks wonderful, I doubt anyone will notice the imperfections you noted; they’re be too busy picking their jaws up from off the floor.

    • Now I’m having visions of this dress but in a long clingy number… with a generous split up the back. I do have a fancy event in October…
      Heaven I love that Day to Night pattern. Tis a thing of perfection!

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  9. Wow, this is a stunner!! Looks great on you LIzzy, love the sparkle. I hope you had a terrific time at Frocktails, really upset that I could not attend. Looking forward to hearing about it!

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