Summer Sunset – Megan Neilsen Cascade Skirt

I have always loved wrap skirts and dresses – and right now I’m crushing on this one.

Love this skirt! Megan Neilsen's Cascade Skirt

Love this skirt! Megan Neilsen’s Cascade Skirt (sheltering from a strong on-shore breeze!)

This is Megan Neilsen’s Cascade skirt and it’s a simple, satisfying make. It’s essentially a wrap circle skirt, with the curve cutting away across the front pieces to achieve this lovely cascade effect.

It’s just four pattern pieces, the back, two front pieces and the waist band. The side seams are French seams and the hem is rolled. If you don’t have a roll hem foot (like me) I would advise some endurance refreshments as you sew around that hem THREE times – it’s a monster! Not to mention trimming the hem before you roll it. Patience has never been one of my virtues (in fact… I’m just trying to recall any of my virtues…).

the NeverEndingHem

the NeverEndingHem

Other than the NeverEndingHem, this is really a very simple make.

I somehow managed to squash this skirt out of two metres – without doing anything terribly dodgy in the cutting/grainline department.  I was so determined to make the skirt from this fabric – nothing else would do. The waistband was cut from the length of the fabric – the only piece of fabric I had left after I cut out the front and back pieces. This fabric is very very soft and I think making the button waistband option would have been a disaster. I also interfaced the waistband – just around my waist to give the fabric a little more endurance.

THE skirt of summer...

THE skirt of summer…

This is a long skirt. I’m a stately 5 foot 4 – Megan Neilsen’s model for this skirt is 5 foot 9 – just sayin’ as it explains why this is so much longer on me! Some people have chopped off the length to make it more mid-calf – personally I like it long, I love the sweep of the skirt and how the front ripples open as you walk. In a steady onshore breeze people got to see plenty of my legs – I spared you the ‘legs’ shots… I know, I’m good like that.

Confession: I’ve never been much of a fan of the high-low hem – or the mullet hem as I call it – however as a wrap skirt, that moves and flutters as you walk, this is quite lovely.

Perfectly soft viscose rayon for this design

Perfectly soft viscose rayon for this design

I had no plans to get the skirt pattern, however when I was in Melbourne for Frocktails and doing a ‘small’ spot of fabric shopping with the girls, I found this blissful viscose rayon at Darn Cheap Fabrics (note this one is not available online, I’ve checked). It’s reminiscent of Monet or the sun setting over the water and I immediately wanted to make the Cascade Skirt with it – it just seemed perfect… Busy Lizzie (in Brissy) got some of this fabric – so let’s see what she does with it!

Cascade Skirt - the back view. It was a windy afternoon!

Cascade Skirt – the back view. It was a windy afternoon!

For me this is a perfect summer casual skirt. It replaces a sarong to put over my swimmers, it’s easy to wear with flip-flops and a t-shirt/singlet, and after this beach blog shoot I threw on strappy silver heels and a tight denim jacket for a casual dinner.

you can wear it strolling on the beach…

on the beach...

on the beach…

and just dipping your toes in the water…

dipping my toes in...

dipping my toes in…

or just a spot of idle daydreaming…



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Note: Blog post dedicated to Leah of a Little Stone Cottage a brand new sewing blogger who grew up in Port Macquarie and I think misses out beautiful beaches and weather! Mwah 🙂

106 thoughts on “Summer Sunset – Megan Neilsen Cascade Skirt

  1. Oh, I love this skirt on you. A fabric and pattern match in heaven. I went back to Darn Cheap for some of there rayons that I couldn’t decide on on Frocktails shopping day. The benefits of living near Melbourne fabric shops!

    • I’m thinking about seeing if they could send me samples of their rayons, they have a great selection & I loooovvve my rayon! Their range was great, if a little overwhelming…
      Look forward to seeing your makes pop up!

  2. The skirt is gorgeous! Perfect combo of fabric and movement I think. I would love to make one but not really an Irish climate skirt I think.
    Thanks for the dedication! Am blissfully dreaming of home while I make my cuppa tea and porridge. Port looks as beautiful as ever x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! And that fabric is just perfect, I love it. Like you I’ve never been a fan of the mullet effect, but somehow the cascade skirt makes it look cool. And I’m very jealous of you lot just heading into summer. I went to the beach yesterday and it was definitely autumnal.

    • Thanks x
      We have been spoilt this year with a generally warm & sunny winter so I suspect summer will be a scorcher!
      I’ll make sure I do list of sunny beach shots & channel some sunshine your way!

  4. Oh I am loving this on you! I’m not a big fan of the mullet hems either but there is something about this skirt that makes it work. Gorgeous fabric too!

    • I think it’s the folds at the front, it sort of kills the mega high-low look. I think it’s those barely gathered minis with drop to a straight maxi at the back which are truly hideous.

  5. I’ve never been a fan of the mullet skirt either, I first saw them when we visited Australia in January 2012. Wish I’d known about Darn Cheap Fabrics, but we did find Tessuti (well more to the point I dragged Beloved there, who had a chat with one of the assistants who had emigrated from Newcastle upon Tyne, which is where he hails from – it’s a small world). But after seeing your fandabulous skirt, I’m a convert. Beloved and I go ballroom dancing, and I’m imagining myself waltzing around in Cascade skirt *sigh*.

  6. I’ve never been a mullet hem kinda girl either but like Kat said, it just seems to WORK with this pattern. Every version I’ve seen is gorgeous (yours is no exception- love that you kept the length for extra billowy goodness 🙂 ) and I’m inching ever closer to giving this pattern a go.

    • Thanks, it’s funny how when you find the right fabric there is only one pattern in the world for it. I really recommend this pattern, yes it’s simple but every version I’ve seen is lovely.

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! I really like the extra length in the back – gives the skirt a little more somethin’ somethin’ (and it makes me frantically scour my fabric shelves in search for a big length of floaty fabric to make another Cascade. THANKS A LOT ;))

    • Thank you! I’m not very tall but it doesn’t swamp me, think it’s the softness of the fabric and how it falls – looks awesome with heels too!
      Fabric busting fairies at your service!

  8. STUNNING! The drape of your rayon is a perfect compliment to this pattern. I really love the fullness of the skirt; it’s very dramatic; even if it does mean having to sew a neverending hem.

  9. You’re bang on – I don’t think there was ever a better fabric to pattern match. This pairing was made in heaven… I’m another that is left cold with the hi-lo hem, but your skirt (Megan’s skirt?) has such a soft, whimsical feel to it that I’m drawn in. Looking gorgeous!

  10. This is amazing, breathtaking!! You found the perfect fabric for this pattern! I love the colors and stripes, it looks like water in sunset colors. Thanks for the link to mine, it is one of my favorite hand made items 🙂 I wore it to the beach recently and it was perfect over a swimsuit. I also love walking down stairs in it, it kind of billows out behind me and I feel so dramatic, haha.

  11. No wonder you were determined to use this fabric, it’s just perfect for the pattern! You also must have the patience of a saint to tackle that hem without a rolled hem foot! Well worth it though, it looks gorgeous

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