Spring/Summer Plans 2012

Tonight I jumped into the fabric cupboard and I eventually re-surfaced clutching a rather large pile of fabric and patterns.

I’m totally inspired to sew (yes even more so than usual). Today it was warm. After work I put my floral Cambie on and I was in heaven. WATCH OUT SPRING – here I come!

First project will be… wanted to make this and then some tweetin’ with House of Pinheiro got me all inspired!

Megan Neilsen's Darling Ranges

Megan Neilsen’s Darling Ranges with a Lisette cotton voile. I’m a little concerned it’s too ‘busy’ but I think I will use tiny buttons and very tiny red-stitched buttonholes…. still thinking… this fabric is divine. So so soft. Maybe fine red piping along the neckline???

and then perhaps I will make this (I’ve made this skirt twice – best skirt EVER and didyoumakethat has inspired me to go again!)… if you haven’t got this pattern – first smack yourself and then go out and get yourself a copy – it is worth it – even at full price!)

Vogue 1247 Spring Summer Plan 2012

Vogue 1247 top: cotton rayon. Skirt: black denim

and then this cutie-pie…

Colette Patterns Chantilly

Colette Patterns Chantilly with a fine cotton voile. I’m really excited about this combination – but a little scared of the pattern. Advice anyone?

a nice little shirt (provided Burda doesn’t get nasty with me)…

Burda - and yes, more cotton voile!

Burda – and yes, more cotton voile!

and this little work number…

Vogue 1220 - black cross-hatched cotton with a tiny bit of stretch

Vogue 1220 – black cross-hatched cotton with a tiny bit of stretch. Sensible stuff for work…. I fell in love with pattern months ago on Catherine Daze’s blog – then winter came…


Simplcity Cynthia Rowley - shiny slippery stuff.

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley – slippery stuff which is making me nervous. After Punkmik’s magnificent Licorice I keep thinking… maybe this fabric…

a few more tops…

Op shop floral cotton

Op shop floral cotton – Sewaholic Pendrell and Alma (maybe long-sleeved or 3/4 sleeve)

and just in case you were wondering where the Cambies were!

Sewaholic Cambie - pretty little cotton skulls

Sewaholic Cambie – pretty little cotton skulls with a full skirt just to girly them up! An a-line denim with red polka dots is also planned – fabric in the wash…

A few things are ‘yet to be decided’….

Black gingham

Black gingham – shirtdress and a blouse… I’m thinking a blouse with the red birdie fabric skirt below (with a nice black belt)…


Red cotton voile

Red cotton voile – perhaps a long skirt…

and then there is…

yet more cotton voile - blue birdies

yet more cotton voile – blue birdies. Fate undecided. I’m thinking a long loose kaftan top for the beach.

and a few more birdies….

More cotton voile - foliage and birdies

More cotton voile – foliage and birdies. I did buy this for Colette Chantilly but it’s been shunted! I keep thinking Butterick 5750 for this one….

and then there is this… (which I am a little obsessed with)

more cotton sateen - fate undecided

more cotton sateen – fate undecided – but I’m thinking there might be something in the Gertie’s book! And a simple skirt. I have a mighty 4m because I fell completely in love with it. I don’t know why!!

and I do like this…

Cotton poplin - roses on a black background

Cotton poplin – Colette Pastille keeps popping into my head. I think it needs to be a simple shift dress. This is the same pattern as the Cambie in my blog header but with a black background.

Perhaps Simplicity 2444 for this lovely cotton sateen?

Cotton sateen - fate unknown

Cotton sateen – thinking about Simplicity 2444

and I have a few other things planned…

  • simple straight mini-skirt in this fabric (there’s one in a Burda magazine I’ve got)
  • a Banksia blouse (not sure of the fabric but better make up my mind as there is a sewalong coming up!)
  • another Kelly skirt
  • a white loose button-up shirt. I can’t decide if this will be too much on me… probably I better stick to something more simple….

So not much to do then…. but I am SewBusyLizzy so I think I’ll handle it…

But you know, I could change my mind completely tomorrow… speaking of which I’m hoping to post some patterns from the stash tomorrow as part of…


58 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Plans 2012

    • Ok no smacking required LOL just goes to prove how popular it is. I picked it up on a Vogue Patterns online sale for about $4. I haven’t made the top yet, but I can’t live with the skirt. It’s awesome.

      • Yea I’ve seen a couple of awesome makes from the skirt-apparently the local Spotlight had it but only in the larger size range (which is good because I like avoiding Spotlight like the plague it is XD-perhaps someone’ll have it in the swap, but I’ve got so much on my plate right now I’m happy to wait).

  1. Aw,man! (insert whiney tone here) Your fabric is sooo much cooler than my local haunts. I love all your ideas- that tropical skull and the bidy voille…oh, bathe in my envy!

    • I’ve been collecting for the last few months for spring. If I knew you liked skulls I would have sent some over with the hounds – next time! It’s on special at the moment, there’s one that’s more blue/black. I cant decide which one i like best! I’ll stash one and keep one for when you’re a good girl!

  2. Awesome plan honey!! And if i can put your mind at ease – i’ve actually got a version of the Darling Ranges in the exact fabric you have planned for it – and it looks super cute! Not too busy at all – i promise. But nice and light for summer. I should blog it so you can see 🙂
    I guess we have similar tastes hun!

    • That’s great news! I had picked a different fabric but blue with a small white print idea kept popping into my head, sometimes it’s best to satisfy the little seamstress who lives in my head – she’s very bossy but frequently has great ideas LOL

  3. What a lovely plan and some beautiful fabrics you have! Love the cambie in your header! Thanks for stopping by I’m looking forward to getting to know you! g

  4. I love cotton sateen and those rosettes are beautiful. I love how you’ve planned things out…even if you change your mind. I do the same, though not with so many gorgeous fabric options. 🙂 I absolutely LOVE that you’re using skulls and wanting to girlie it up with a fuller skirt. Definitely what I’d do, too. Now I feel like working on my Autumn/Winter sewing plans. 🙂

  5. I’m so envious of your fabric collection! I have the birds on a blue background but in a heavier cotton (I’ve been saving it for the right time) and I love it! Time for an Autumn/ Winter plan I think … x

  6. these are awesome plans and I am so excited to see the pieces! Love the fabric for the darling ranges, and the blue birdies! Also the cambie fabric is amazing! Love how you can easily jump from florals to skulls! 😀
    Do you mainly buy online or from actual shops? Looks like there is some awesome fabric in Australia!
    love the print and colour of the “slippery” fabric, too! I am too scared to make a list of my winter plans, there are so many ideas and I didnt succeed too much with my last list but I am still happy sewing along! 😛 hehe!

    • I have never bought online, I am pretty fussy and I’d hate to open the package to discover the weight, weave or print wasn’t quite what I thought. The fabric I’ve picked for Chantilly is really transparent and would be a disaster for most things but I think gathered and fully lined it will be gorgeous.
      I don’t think I’ll become a permanent skull girl, but it’s fun to have something oddball everyone and then. The skulls are such pretty colours, I think it’s going to be hilarious “oh I love your dress …. hang on a minute …. and they skulls” LOL can’t wait!

      • hahaha yes! u will have to make a transcript of all conversations like that! loL!

        I had samples sent to me the other day and was glad I didnt buy. It had all the issues you just described above.

  7. Wow, I love your fabrics! The bird print ones are adorable. (: Though I do think I have the same B&W cross-hatched cotton as you that I’m going to make up in high waisted shorts!

  8. I love the abstract blue and red flowers on white you picked for the chantilly, what a perfect match for that dress! The red bird fabric is super cute and whimsical too, a long skirt or even a circle skirt would be awesome too. Very anthropoligie!

    • I love that Chantilly fabric too. I kept seeing it in the shop and then I had a vision of Chantilly – I’m considering makes a muslin – just the bodice/top as I would be shattered if I stuff it up.
      I LOVE the red birdies. ‘all the Whimsical things’ @allegravintage suggested a skirt when I tweeted it – and she’s right. It’s perfect for a skirt! I love Twitter! Are you a tweeple?

  9. So many beautiful fabrics! Isn’t it lovely to gaze and stroke and plan with them! And that blue swirly sateen – you know that I love it. I quite fancy the cross-hatched fabric too. Hmmm, time to have a look in my stash and start planning for summer as well!

    • Sewing is such a happy meeting of inspiration, process and tactile joy isn’t it? I’m thinking about a fitted dress for that blue & black sateen, with black accents…
      The cross hatched fabric is absolutely lovely – from Spotlight. I made my Vogue 1236 in it in a blue colourway. It’s got a tiny bit of stretch which makes it versatile… and forgiving!

  10. They looks great! Good thing I don’t live closer or the bird voiles would disappear!!
    I made my son a shirt out of the blue skull fabric, it gets really nice and softer with each wash and I made a dress (Simplicity 2176) out of the blue/black rose sateen fabric and its great as well (I lurve sateen!)

    • The skulls are so cute! They have them on the bargain table at the moment in the blue/black and I think my husband is quite keen for a shirt of them too.
      I’m a sateen junkie too – it’s got such a lovely sheen without being shiny and that bit of stretch which totally agrees with a big lunch.

  11. Such an amazing set of planned projects and fabrics. That skull fabric is so fun!!! And the red voile. And the blue swirly sateen. Love beyond measure. I will definitely stay tuned!! Have fun!

  12. That’s so funny — I have a Darling Ranges dress all cut in that exact same Lisette lawn! It’s been sitting in my WIP pile for the last several weeks while I worked on other projects. I really have to turn my attention back to it though before it gets so cold here that I HAVE to wear it with leggings. Looks like you have a great spring lineup coming!

    • Oh my gooness isn’t that bizarre – although I was going to make it with the rayon/cotton which is now destined for Vogue 1247 top but I kept thinking of this fabric in the shop and ended up buying it at full price because I couldn’t shake the feeling they should go together.
      House of Pinheiro and I are sewing it up – so join the party – not sure when she is starting but I think she handed in her MBA yesterday so she is about to embark on a sewing marathon!

    • It’s a classic – no doubt we will write in our wills who gets to inherit it.
      Thanks for the inspiration this morning, I’ve just purchased the Burda jacket pattern as its on special for $7.50 but silk twill… now that’s fabric I can’t get locally. I will have to pick it up on a Sydney trip! Spotlight and Lincraft just don’t stretch that far! I’m having a soft cornflower blue vision….

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    • I find most of my fabric at Spotlight which is a giant Australian fabric/craft retailer. I also tend to score quite a lot on the bargain table! Apparently my taste doesn’t match with the rest of my community – great for me!

  14. Those fabrics are all divine!! I especially love your Cambie fabric – the blue and skulls are just so fun together!! Your wardrobe is going to be fantastic!

    • I’m silly with excitement and plans – I want to make them all NOW. So I’ve spent the last few days just procrastinating about where to start LOL. I almost started something that wasn’t in the plan – shock horror. A Hazaron – I wish it would get outta my head.

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  16. I love the Cotton poplin – Colette Pastille, it’s so pretty. I made a laptop case out of it recently, now contemplating whether my partner would kill me if I made cushion covers out of the rest.. very pretty and girly, would make a great dress.

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