VOGUE 1151 – can’t bear to wear…

I made this dress ages ago – before I started my blog in April (yes ages ago in my recent sewing history). It’s Vogue 1151.

It’s loitered on my bedroom chair for all this time. I can neither bear to wear it or throw it out.

It’s nicely finished. I love the fabric. It fits quite well. I just can’t wear it.

It’s just a bit too… snug… short… sassy… sexy… for me anyway… to be walkin’ it out the front door… and the front has this weird ledge/collar that I could sit my morning tea biscuit on (if I ate biscuits for morning tea – perhaps I could rest nibbles there at work functions…)

Vogue 1151

Vogue 1151 – front view

Vogue 1151 - exposed zipper

Vogue 1151 – exposed zipper

Vogue 1151 - the ledge

Vogue 1151 – the ledge

Vogue 1151 - just can't wear it!

Vogue 1151 – just can’t wear it! What do you think??

It was great fun to make. The pattern was quite challenging when I was a super novice stitcher (cos I am like soooo experienced now … not!)… I did take the zip out twice but got there in the end.

I love the fabric, it’s a fine stripe heavy knit in grey and black. I’ve got enough to make up New Look 6000 (I have been most inspired by the Scruffy Badger Frock Fest which occurred in December last year). I think I will be able to wear NL 6000 out of the house… I would feel suitably demure.

I usually love to wear my frocks, I wore this Lisette one to work just yesterday and I adore it. Super comfy and perfect for the not cold but not too hot days we are enjoying at the moment.

Sunni’s post about everyday Wardrobes and the Never Worn Garment in the past few days got me thinking…. I do wear a lot of what I make – I admit I have been not wearing the frocks in the past few months – it’s been too cold this winter. I can’t wait to wear the Cambies 1/2 and 3. I pat them every day with a loving coo of ‘it’s not long now’.

I feel like frolicking about on all our lovely beaches in some florals and brights now that the temperature has dragged itself into the mid 20s. Farewell winter!

Have you made perfectly good dresses but can’t bear to wear them? Do share! And include blog links to the NWG examples!

55 thoughts on “VOGUE 1151 – can’t bear to wear…

      • I’m a MASSIVE layerer – only in the peak of summer (when i’m outside) do I not wear multiple layers, I just get so cold in air-conditioned air. Layers are awesome.

          • So jealous! It’s horrible and cold and wet and WINDY here today. I didn’t really bring enough clothes for being out and about, I’m really worried about how cold it’ll be when I ride home late this evening as I’m going out straight from work. I think I’m going to have to take my work scarf home with me for the journey. Really can’t wait for summer!

  1. Ok,. you- that dress is a stunner with a stunner in it. You need to find a dinner to wear it to or a theatre event or something- get a loose drapey shrug that won’t cover it but will make you think you are less exposed and wear that fabulous dress! Says the girl with a full fantasy life closet of foolish makes!?

  2. You look stunning! You should definitely wear it. Maybe as a safety net you can wear it with a pashmina, so if you feel shy you can cover up a bit. Again, I think it’s a beautiful dress and looks great on you. I hardly notice the ledge bit but maybe it’s more distracting if you’re wearing it?

  3. Maybe try layering it over a shirt and wearing with tights and boots. It’s too gorgeous to leave hanging in the closet and the exposed zipper is too wonderful to hide under a jacket or shawl.

  4. I was also going to suggest trying it with layers underneath (although it’s probably a bit too warm for that now… ). It’s too lovely to be left languishing on the back of a chair 🙂

    • OK I give in, I’ll rescue it 🙂 although it smells a bit mothball-y as I plonked my mother’s and grandmother’s fox fur evening wraps on it when I was given them a couple of weeks ago!

  5. Your dress looks great on you! I wish I had your legs to wear this length. But I hear ya that it’s not your thing. It looks impeccably done. I don’t mind the ledge but you’ve been staring at it longer than any of us. 🙂 Drapey shawl/sweater and go!

  6. Yup, we have a unison chorus here. It looks great on you, and the suggestions for winterizing it are great. I love that you started back to sewing with a Vogue pattern with an exposed zipper. Dived right into the deep end, didn’t you? 🙂

    • Oh yes I’m rather bad at tackling the tough things first! Although I do think Vogue instructions are excellent and that makes constructing the trickier designs much easier. I have a LOT of Vogue patterns in my stash, I’m searching for the perfect LBD.

  7. I’m adding my voice to the chorus. And looking down on something you wear is never a good idea because it’s a totally false perspective. Take our word for it, it looks fabulous. I immediately thought, dinner, theatre, somewhere a bit special and adding a splash of colour and/or detracting from what you don’t like with carefully chosen accessories. They help draw the eyes elsewhere but not too far!

  8. You look fabulous in it, but the bottom line is that if YOU don’t feel fabulous in it, you may as well make something else out of it or donate it. I have kept garments that I just couldn’t bear to wear, and that is what I did, I kept them. Go with your feelings. If you can layer it in some way, do so, but don’t force yourself to wear a garment that will make you self-conscious.

  9. I think you look great in it, too – and that it’s just a perfect dress for dinner and theatre.
    But I agree with Becky. If you don’t love it, give it away. Someone else is bound to love it!

    • Clothes always feel like my friends and I feel terribly disloyal if I give them away – so I think I’ll try layering it up first. Hopefully it won’t sit on the chair for another five months, although now spring has started it is entirely possible!

  10. I agree with everyone that it looks really great on you (LOVE that zipper–I have to try that now!). I say, thought, if you’re not really comfortable in it, don’t feel bad about giving it to someone who would love to wear it. 🙂

  11. Mmmmm, I must say that one looks smashing, too bad you’re not liking it. The zipper is very trendy. I also fancied the New Look 6000. Will you make it with the asymetrical collar? It looks great in the check.

  12. Well I think it looks lovely. I particularly like the collar even if you think it creates a funny sort of ledge. The finish and fit is great on you. If you are worried about the length how about wearing it over some leggings?

  13. I don’t think you should layer it or use it with leggings or give this dress to someone else… You look absolutely beautiful on it, you have a nice body, you are fit and slim, and the fit is perfect on you!

    • Aww thanks, you are a sweetie. You know I think it was a good idea to take photos of it, it’s made me look at it through different eyes, as well as getting the thoughts of others. I might just wear it after all😊

  14. I have nothing to add except to vehemently agree with everyone that you look amazing in this dress!! Gorgeousness personified. Layer, Pashmina, shawl, drapey scarf etc. if you must, but WEAR THIS.

    • I’m so glad I posted this dress because it’s given me the opportunity to see it through different eyes – which has been an invaluable experience. My husband thinks its rather fetching but he is a bloke and (God love him) he seems to think I look pretty appealing in most things!

  15. If you are worried about the length of the skirt, use your leftovers to add a band to the bottom. Perhaps you could run the stripes te other way as a point of interest

  16. I agree with everyone above who has said that you look stunning in this dress. I think keep the dress and throw on some boots, tights and jacket. Style it right and wear it when you are having a fun, great time and it will work.

  17. I hear ya Lizzzie and yes I too have clothes that fall into the ‘can’t wear ’em, can’t get rid of ’em’ category!! My only suggestion is to perhaps shorten it into a longish top…would look great with very slim pants. You could even go with bright orange pants that are around for Summer right now! With a super orange necklace, black high heels and bag, you’re ready to rock!

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