The Patterns and Postcards swop

The Patterns and Postcards swop

While scrabbling through my pattern stash for spring, I decided it was also time for a spring clean!

So I’ve decided to offer up the following for The Perfect Nose’s Patterns & Postcards swop.

What are you talking about Lizzy??

The rules (direct from The Perfect Nose) are…

Patterns and Postcards is an inter-blog swapfest. General guidelines are as follows:

List it: You have till the end of September 2012 to scan/ photograph everything you’d like to swap (might be a good idea to break it up into separate posts as all that scanning can get tedious after a while) and post it on your blog (if you have one) or as a Flickr/ Picassa set or Thinglink image.

Make it accessible: If you’re on Flick/ ThinkLink/ Picassa or any other image hosting site, check that you’ve set viewing access to be public so that everyone can see your swapfest goodies.

Claim it: A lot of people have expressed concerns about dibsies, so as of today there is is no official deadline for dibsies, if you like something, leave a comment/ send a message/ tweet/ email stating what you like with a link to the post/ picture set of stuff you’ve listed for swap so your swapee can choose something for themselves (and decide whether they want to swap).

Tag it: If something from your list has been spoken for, edit your post/ listing to mark it as taken (or delete it from the listing) so that you don’t get multiple dibs on the same item.

Mail it: It would be great to have things decided on and mailed by the end of October so recipients receive them early to mid November (which leaves everyone free for focusing solely on holiday/ family/ shopping stresses without having to worry about swaps etc).

Keep it social: Send your swap partner a quick email or blog comment as soon as you receive your parcel. Not only is this the polite (read, humane) thing to do, it’s great for senders to know that the goodies have arrived safely and aren’t languishing unclaimed in a customs hold up somewhere.

I’ve just loaded all the patterns I’m offering into my Flickr stream – much easier than updating this page – so click over and have a look!

What to swop? Leave a comment below or on the image of the pattern you would like to swop for.

PS. I haven’t had a chance to double check all the vintage contents so if you want one I’ll let you know if it’s all in tact. Just thought I would post this – otherwise it might not happen at all!

9 thoughts on “PATTERNS & POSTCARDS

    • I know! I was going to be Sew Darn Busy but since I am a Lizzy it just made sense to stick with my name – and I’m busy that’s for sure!
      I just scored a bag of vintage patterns so there might be more to come…

    • Absolutely. I’ll swop for your Vogue 5782, it’s a size up from my usual but I think I can manage that. I’m on the small size of average.
      How funny, it’s going to be the Busy Lizzy/Lizzie swop!
      I’ve got some more patterms to post… I think… perhaps later today so watch this space. My MIL came home with an op shop haul for me this weekend.
      I had been worried when I discovered there was another Busy/Bizzy Lizzie and was concerned that I might be annoying you by ‘stealing your name’. Then I started to wonder why I hadn’t noticed that when I set up the blog – probably because we both started blogging the same month so you would not have come up in my searches as I set up on 9 April and you on the 29 April. So we were both newbies and probably not going to pop up on a Google search. How bizarre is that? 🙂
      We must be kindred spirits. I wonder how many other Busy Lizzy/Lizzies are out there… perhaps we can form a sisterhood of Busy Lizzy Stitchers!

    • Just a thought – any chance of a peek inside the Burda – that might be better for me with the multiple sizes. I’m in the middle of conquering a Burda pattern at the moment so I might take that instead of the Vogue if that’s OK. You can email me at ejanebrennan at gmail dot com

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