Grainline Driftless and Tessuti Megan Cardigans

or the Tale of Two Cardigans…

Driftless and Megan Cardigan

Driftless and Megan cardigans

I confess I’m one of those people that decide they want a cardigan and then endlessly obsess over ALL the cardigan patterns. I do this for most garments. I comb through all the independent and Big 4 options. I’ll pour over blog posts, Google images, websites and in-store catalogues. I’ll decide what I want to make and then when I go to pick up the scissors… I’ll change my mind.

While Vogue 8780 continues to be one of my most worn and loved cardigans/jackets, I did want to find another cardigan pattern for a little variety.

I confess that I was luke warm when both the Grainline Driftless Cardigan and the Tessuti  Megan Cardigan were released. Nothing wrong with either, perhaps it’s the simple fact that cardigans are practical garments and it’s hard to get a blood rush about them?

To solve my usual inability to lock myself down to one pattern, I decided to make two different cardigans. I find sewing multiple versions of one pattern or different patterns of a similar garment interesting. Seeing how different fabrics change the same garment or comparing different features and construction of two garments is always interesting to me.


I’ve always found Grainline patterns to be endlessly wearable. I think Jen designs the perfectly practical, highly wearable designs that always seem to go together without a fuss. I also find her designs fit me well and so I keep returning to her patterns. My three Alder dresses and little linen Morris are some of my favourite things to wear.


The Driftless body is very wide and boxy with dropped shoulders and very fitted sleeves.

The pockets remind me of the Vogue 1247 skirt and are constructed in a similar way – minus all the Hong Kong binding of course! I’ve noticed that these sorts of pockets are popping up in a lot of RTW cardigans this winter in Australia.

Driftless Cardigan - Grainline Studios. Front view.

Driftless Cardigan – Grainline Studios. Front view.


This is a very easy cardigan to construct – don’t let those pockets fool you. I managed to cut this out and nearly complete it in an evening. It’s largely constructed on the overlocker (serger) with the exception of the pockets, thread chains and hand sewing down the neckband.

Driftless Cardigan - Grainline Studios. Back view.

Driftless Cardigan – Grainline Studios. Back view. I do like how it hangs across my back. I am a definite ‘slouch’ girl.


It’s a bit ‘Sunday afternoon’. Very casual, slouchy and not very dressy. I guess that sounds negative but it’s not at all. Those types of garments have a place in many wadrobes. Can’t be ‘fancy pants’ all the time! While it isn’t my favourite cardigan, it’s been worn a lot anyway as it’s ‘easy’ to wear, the type of garment you grab as you head out the door in case the breeze turns chilly. I don’t think my fabric choice helped. It’s some sort of cotton knit terry fabric… from the bargain table at Spotlight. I think it would be might nicer in a marle, slightly textured, merino knit. It may also be interesting with thoughtful colour choice as a colour-blocked cardigan.

I made view B with the split hem that is slightly lower at the back.

Driftless Cardigan - Grainline Studios. Back view.

Driftless Cardigan – Grainline Studios. Back view.


MEGAN CARDIGAN – Tessuti Fabrics

Now this lass and I became instant best friends. I’ve worn Megan a lot. She’s popped up on my Instagram feed quite a few times already. She was impatient and didn’t want to wait to be blogged. She simply screamed ‘WEAR ME – you know you want to’ and so I did.

I honestly had dismissed it as being ‘not for me’ as I had concerns about the fit on me, I thought the shoulders would be too wide and it would swamp me… thanks to the encouragement of Melanie, I decided to give her a try.

I do own several beloved longline RTW merino cardigans. They seem to go with everything from dresses to jeans, casual wear and a stylish office warmer on those chilly air conditioning days. Logically I should have made this cardigan a long time ago, alas I’m not always logical when it comes to my creative pursuits.

Megan Cardigan - Tessuti. Side View

Megan Cardigan – Tessuti. Side View


Megan is a very simple cardigan, full length sleeves, flared side seams and a quirky side hem detail.

Megan Cardigan - Tessuti. Back View

Megan Cardigan – Tessuti. Back View


Again a very simple sewing project. Sewn up in no time at all on the overlocker with the shoulder seams having added seam tape to keep them in shape (I also did this with Driftless).

Megan Cardigan - Tessuti. Side View

Megan Cardigan – Tessuti. Oh that lovely little side hem detail 🙂 It makes my heart sing.


I adore this cardigan. I’ve received an amazing amount of compliments on it when it’s worn – which I think is the combination of the lovely flare of the hemline and the rather funky fabric that I paired with this pattern. It’s been worn a lot in its short life so far. I guess it also slots perfectly into that grungey casual vibe that I love to wear.

Megan Cardigan - Tessuti. Back View

Megan Cardigan – Tessuti. Back View – a nice flare without being overly cumbersome in ‘swooshiness’

The fabric I have had stashed for about three years, waiting for the right pattern as I feared the wrong choice would drop me into tragic acid wash territory. I picked this up at Clear It in Melbourne for the less than princely sum of $4 a metre. It’s certainly not high quality, a simple cotton interlock but it just seems to work with this pattern design.

Megan Cardigan - Tessuti. Side View

Megan Cardigan – Tessuti. front view

There will be many more Megans in my wadrobe in the future. The perfect layering cardigan.


Driftless: I simply visited Instagram and searched for the hashtag #driftlesscardigan

MeganMade by Melanie  | Clever Tinker  |  Boo Dogg  |  Rennous oh Glennuss


19 thoughts on “Grainline Driftless and Tessuti Megan Cardigans

  1. What a rave! I love cardis too. I’ve just made the Named Esme Cardi, which I recommend. I like your Megan. I think we could have some fun together.

  2. What a timely post as I am also searching for (and obsessing over) the perfect cardigan pattern right now. I love your Megan!! and the fabric….so perfect. it looks like the perfect summer ‘throw-on.’. Enjoy!

  3. I love your Megan cardigan. I might need one for myself (although knowing me, that wont happen for a while)
    I also love how you can walk in the ocean in winter.

  4. I Love the driftless cardi, because its the kind of relaxed cardi you can grab in a hurry and will throw over anything, esp love the big pockets and colour blocking idea ! tempted ! but I haven’t downloaded a pattern at home yet …no idea how that works 🙂

  5. I have this pattern! I was looking for a long open, easy cardigan and when I saw this one I was immediately in love BUT seeing yours! WOW I’m just going to have to get right on that 🙂 Beautiful in that material! An unbelievable bargain 🙂

  6. Both great pieces. I just keep making M6844 again and again but I have pinned a few drapey ones this week (a waterfall one from MIY collection and SBCC limoncello). My biggest struggle is finding nice knits for these sort of things!

  7. Oh I adore the Tessuti one! I think the fabric is just perfect; the colours are just gorgeous. The Grainline is lovely too, but I have to admit to preferring the less structured Tessuti, I think it’s the movement it adds!

  8. Finally caught up with this! Great review, thank you so much for doing the research for me! I can see why you’ve made the style comments, reckon you’d be spot on with the grandpa Driftless & the slightly funky Megan. Megan is the winner for me too I’d say but I’m not sure I’m sold on the shaped hem; do you think its a vital part of the design? Worth keeping or not? Guess I should really make it & see?! Thanks again for the great post 🙂

  9. How good is Megan?! I actually have another one half-made at the moment. Love your driftless too! That’s also been on my radar since its release, although the Style Arc Lillian will be my next cardi experiment I think

    • Seeing yours in person certainly got me thinking about Megan! So easy to wear.
      Lillian looks lovely, nice features without too much fuss. Looking forward to seeing your cardigan adventures 🙂

    • I’m not a huge fan of cardigans… and I think driftless falls smack bang into cardigan world. I don’t mind the longline cardigans, they feel less ‘sensible’ I guess!

  10. I love the Megan and the fabric you chose is wonderful. It’s exactly how I would want it. It looks so great in a print. You have inspired me to start sewing clothes again, it’s been about 6 years and now I’m ready to grab the keys and head to the fabric store! Thankyou for blogging.

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