Indie Pattern Month 2016 (+ Waffle Patterns silk Warabi Tunic)

Over at The Monthly Stitch they have regular monthly challenge or event. I like it, I don’t take part (I’m just not that organised in my sewing life) but I love to read all the different posts from all sorts of bloggers from around the world.

This June they are running Indie Pattern Month, and as part of that they have created ‘bundles’ of patterns, enabling you to try a number of different designers at the reduced price. I’ve really enjoyed all the interview posts with designers involved in Indie Pattern Month – a really interesting read. Some people prefer to support independent pattern designers and others are strictly Big 4 customers. I like both, I buy patterns that appeal to me. It’s that simple.

Indie Pattern Month, June 2016

Indie Pattern Month, June 2016

Yes, this post is an advertisement for the Bundle and I received the ‘Get Away Bundle‘ for free to blog about it here.

I don’t say ‘yes’ to many/anything things lately. Work, family and community commitments keep me very busy – and the sewing/blog is just a hobby for me – but I found the concept behind this month’s initiative interesting. Some of the funds raised will go towards creating a self-hosted platform for The Monthly Stitch blog, more storage space for the community’s imagery and the ability to implement other functions, such as forums. The online sewing community, in all its forms, I think is enormously valuable to supporting sewing as a hobby and viable industry. I don;t think I would have engaged with sewing to quite the degree I did and have without the online community support and resources it provides. Other funds will be going to the designers involved and a charity – this Bundle it’s going to Little Sprouts. So that’s where your money will end up. You end up with the patterns at a good price. Up to you!

What do you get in the Bundle and how much is it? Rather than provide a blow-by-blow description, pop over to the Monthly Stitch blog and read about it there.

Indie Pattern Month, June 2016

Indie Pattern Month, June 2016

You can buy the basic bundle for $21 or for $33 you can get all six patterns in the extended bundle (prices in $USD). This package is available until 6 July 2016.

The Sewing

My sewjo needed a kick in the butt. I already owned the Waffle Patterns Warabi (and another pattern from the bundle) but supporting this Bundle finally motivated me to sew the Warabi. So it’s not an intended pattern review so much as just me just sewing something I’ve been wanting to for quite some time from a pattern company that has long interested me – have you seen the Waffle jacket patterns? I do quite like the new Vanilla jumper/top, draped and very much my style. I printed the pattern eons ago and had the fabric waiting.

Warabi Tunic, Waffle Patterns

Warabi Tunic, Waffle Patterns. It’s a little big on me, should have made the smallest size and the silk just wants to collapse on itself, creating folds under the bust and arms… although it is a voluminous top.

Pattern: Warabi Tunic, Waffle Patterns

Simple! The ‘bodice is more or less the sleeves, wrapping over your shoulders and extending across the upper bust and back, creating a ‘crossover’ at the front. The front and back body pieces are bias cut. The neckline is finished with bias tape (self or purchased – I made mine from the silk), the hems are twice turned and it is French seamed throughout. If you haven’t tried some of these techniques, this is possibly a great way to dip your toe in without being overwhelmed with a complex pattern.

This silk didn’t mark with stitching, so I sewed a line of basting stitches which I used to turn/iron up the hems. I carefully removed the rows of basting stitches and machined the hems in place. This made for neat and even hems.

The print files are layered and you can choose which size/s to print. I think that’s very clever. There is A4 or A0 files – the presence of A0 files cheers my little anti-sticky-tape heart.

Waffle Patterns, Warabi Tunic

Waffle Patterns, Warabi Tunic

The instructions are clear and concise with clear illustrations. You are told what you need to know without excessive detail. I know some sewing people love lengthy instructions but there are ample words and illustrations to get you throughl.


I’ve sewn this Warabi in a silk crepe de chine from Tessuti Fabrics, Sydney. It was a completely impulsive online purchase quite some time ago. It’s no longer on their site. Sorry!

Warabi Tunic, Waffle Patterns

Warabi Tunic, Waffle Patterns. Bonus bra strap and ‘derp’ face, must have been laughing at Banjo.


It’s a little wide on my shoulders. I think I need to put some stitches at the crossover part of the front bodice and also some strap keepers to stop the top sliding off my shoulders and wanting to pull apart at the bust.The seam keeps wanting to ripple, I suspect because of 1) fabric choice and 2) the bias bodice. I can live with it. And if I can’t, I’m pretty sure that it will find a new home easily, the fabric is gorgeous and feels lovely on the skin.

It feels oversized on me and perhaps not the best fabric choice. If I make it again, I will make the smallest size. I made size 36. Such is life!

It’s very simple but beautifully finished. It’s a pretty and slightly unusual shape. I think it could be a real winner in a summer wardrobe.

I think I need to wear a tank/camisole under this!

Oops… and a dog

Our gorgeous new/old dog - Jody, greyhound

Jody – she does this odd thing with her ears, most of the time one is pointing up and forwards; the other is lying backwards against her head. Maybe it’s got something to do with her hearing in both directions but it always makes me laugh.

I impulsively adopted this old greyhound a few months ago, my ‘horse dog’ as I call her.

She’s a former successful racer/breeder and she is nine. It’s unusual to see greyhounds of this ripe old age up for adoption, they are lucky to make it to five years in ‘the industry’. She must have been ‘a good dog’ to survive the odds.

While it’s not the smartest thing I’ve done, taking on such an old dog (average life span 10-12 years), I adore her and I feel good about it. She’s much larger than Banjo (in fact he runs under her hind legs if she is in his way) however they play together in the backyard and happily co-share the lounge room, bedding, family attention and meal time.

And if you are wondering what happened to that puppy… after five horrendous months of the puppy constantly attacking Banjo and Banjo having to live outside for the sake of peace, we admitted defeat (so hard to do) and found him a new household with multiple chihuahuas. It was pretty sad but everyone, Banjo and puppy included, are much happier. We were clearly just a halfway house on his way to his true home.

Our gorgeous new/old dog - Jody, greyhound

Our new/old dog – Jody, the greyhound. Yes it’s winter here and I’m barefoot again.

Pattern: Waffle Pattern Warabi Tunic (provided in the Indie Pattern Month June Get away Bundle – on sale until 6 July 2016).  Comes in sizes 34-48 (US 2-16) (UK 6-20), includes seam allowances/hems etc.
Fabric: Silk Crepe de Chine, Tessuti Fabrics (I think I paid $35 a metre, very indulgent purchase for me). No longer available – sorry. I used 1.5m.
Also see: Funk Bunny | The Compulsive Seamstress

Note: for this post I received the pattern bundle from The Monthly Stitch to blog about the bundle. All opinions my own.

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21 thoughts on “Indie Pattern Month 2016 (+ Waffle Patterns silk Warabi Tunic)

  1. Love the top! Flowy and free…perfect for summer (although you’re in winter?). And I’ve wanted to rescue a greyhound or two or three or…. as long as I can remember. Yours are beautiful.

    • We are in winter. We got hit with a cold front today & it was 15 degrees. Many days are at least 20 and sunny so I try not to complain too much.
      Greyhounds are lovely dogs. Very large but very gentle.

  2. Jody is gorgeous! The more dog photos the better. My dog (a big mutt) is 8, almost 9, but I don’t think of her as old at all. She has lots of energy and she still wears me out. Your sewing is lovely as always but Jody stole my attention, sorry!

  3. So beautiful! I may make this as a dress! Would it work in a silk chiffon? With a slip, or a silk underdress maybe… And adopting the senior citizen dog! So good of you. He’ll have a happy retirement. Makes me miss my saint bernards…

    • I think ‘once a dog person, always a dog person’ can’t imagine life without them!
      You probably could lengthen it into a dress… nothing too heavy as I’m not sure how the bust seam would cope.

  4. Jody is such a pretty girl! And you’re so sweet to give her a wonderful, loving home, and family with which to spend her retirement years. ❤
    The indie pattern month deal is a nice cause as well, and your top is simply lovely. Those soft colors work well for you. (The location doesn't hurt either!) Strap guards may be all you need to make it perfectly wearable.

    • I did have some moments of ‘oh my goodness, what did I just do??’ She really is quite a height and I was a little daunted but she’s incredibly easy and it was a good thing for all of us.

  5. This is just lovely – must feel so light and airy to wear and you match that gorgeous backdrop ! And your dog!! It’s so sweet (although unsurprising that given your big heart) you have given him a loving home xx

  6. Charli’s ears are always all over the place, must be a greyhound thing! And we were told 12-14yrs life expectancy so hopefully you’ll have her for a good while yet, she looks gorgeous and glossy.

    Oh, and of course the top looks good (just like it did in real life!) enjoy the 20C, we’ve been struggling to hit double digits in Melbourne.

    • Oh that’s good news. I knew she wasn’t a ‘long term’ investment so hopefully she hangs around for a while yet! She’s incredibly glossy now. I needed to wash her on Saturday morning. So cold. With the hose but she didn’t bat an eyelid. I did finish off wit two buckets of hot water to make up for it.
      Oh the cold front hit us today. We struggled to 15 degrees… argh so cold & I had hockey training tonight!

  7. Beautiful top! I need to try out Waffle Patterns, there’s some really nice designs there. And Jody is very lucky to have such a wonderful home, enjoy your time with her!

    • They have have great designs. I don’t have a huge need for jackets but I am seriously tempted by them and I do really like the vest & the new Vanilla top!
      I love dogs, they drive you BARMY & make you happy at the same time. Hard to imagine life without my blonde bullet & giant black-haired beauty!

  8. Your top is beautiful and I’m sure you will use it loads in summer – but maybe not while it’s colder. Your dog’s are gorgeous. I’m a sucker for dogs with ‘odd’ ears 😃

  9. Jody is beautiful! I adopted a rescue greyhound 6 months ago and he has exactly the same colouring (Irish colouring, apparently) – he’s called Digby!

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