Drape Drape 3: No.12 Draped Wrap ‘Dress’

also known as ‘A Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting To Happen’

After the modest, sweet delight of Sewaholic maxi skirt Gabriola, I appear to have done a massive u-turn and created something that could barely be described as a ‘dress’. Sorry about that! The Drape Drape journey continues.

I’ve come to think of this make as the ‘wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen’. Or perhaps a ‘lounge dress’ best worn in the safety of my own home, having late night drinks on the lounge with ELH!

Drape Drape 3 No 12. Draped Wrap Dress

wrapped side view

Funnily enough my draped singlet dress was described by Drape Drape 2 as a ‘tunic’ and I easily wear it as a dress (in fact I now have three of them – sorry not all photographed!)… whereas this ‘creation’ is described as a ‘dress’ but… it covers far less than the singlet dress!

This number is No.12 from Drape Drape 3. And this is how it’s showcased in a book – yes more hamburger-hungry models with poor posture. Then again… maybe she’s stooped over trying to hide her legs… let’s give her the benefit of the doubt!

drape drape 3 No 12

The ‘dress’ as illustrated in Drape Drape 3

This ‘not-dress’ was quite easy to put together. Much, much easier than the deep cowl-necked number. Unfortunately we have been enduring some rain (yes, not always sunny here) and the poor light really doesn’t show off the black/silver beauty of this fabric from Tessuti – purchased on my recent trip to the Sydney Bloggers meet-up organised by Made By Melanie.

Drape Drape 3 No 12. Draped Wrap Dress

The back view – somewhat more respectable.

I do adore the back of the dress and the lovely lazy draping that sweeps across my back at an angle. That’s created by gathering up one side of the skirt and sewing it to the bodice side… yes the bodice side. That’s what creates that rather ‘raunchy’ leg reveal – there’s just no fabric on one side below waist level.

I actually pinned the draped section over a little to cover more of my leg for the pictures. Yes, the draped bow helps cover my leg… almost up to my HIP! *faints*

Drape Drape 3 No 12. Draped Wrap Dress

ummmm, I think I just heard my mother faint.

The draped ‘bow’ is created by making three pleats and then gathering the whole section up, including the pleats, then sewing it across the dress and creating the ‘wrap’. It does create a lovely draped section… perhaps it just needs to be longer… much, much longer…

Drape Drape 3 No 12. Draped Wrap Dress

at least the ‘draped bow’ is covering something!

I did use my Janome coverstitch machine on the neckline and skirt hem – I still need to practice more with the beast. I did hem the ‘draped bow’ but it made it seem less fluid. So I unpicked it – massive job. Then used my overlocker to roll hem the ‘bow’ section – and I also used the overlocker rolled hem function to finish the sleeve hems. This gave the edge of the bow & sleeves a much lighter finish, slightly fluted lettuce edge hem – much better for this make that needs to retain its softness to create the lovely draped lines.

Drape Drape 3 No 12. Draped Wrap Dress

Draped side view – love this view. I feel almost respectable

The sleeves are just sewn into armhole and the underarm seam is left free – so they feel ethereal wings to wear.

I find this design quite interesting. It’s got an incredibly immodest leg line… the neckline is not much better… then these enormously billowing sleeves – it’s a fascinating mix and I do rather like it. But how to wear it?? I slapped on my old trusty black skinny jeans when I got home and it looks OK. Sorry about the foggy lens… I think that was a raindrop!

I have had some people suggest I should wear a slip under it – but I disagree. A slip would change how the dress moves and I think spoil the lines of the design – I think it’s better as a tunic.

Drape Drape 3: No. 12. Draped Wrap Dress

as a tunic… now that’s better!

Pattern: No.12 from Drape Drape 3 published by Laurence King
Fabric: black/silver knit from Tessuti, Surrey Hills store, Sydney

This must qualify for the Sew Sexy Sewalong! Yes?

and an out-take with my crazy little cracker – Miss (just-turned) 9. She explaining how I could pose better as a superhero. Doh! Why didn’t I think of that!

Drape Drape 3 No 12. Draped Wrap Dress



60 thoughts on “Drape Drape 3: No.12 Draped Wrap ‘Dress’

  1. WOW!! Am so glad you sewed this first – perhaps a height warning is in order πŸ˜‰ It looks amazing, completely indecent as city wear, but amazing! – I can SO see it on holiday, having cocktails at sunset overlooking a lagoon…

  2. It’s quite lovely on you, Lizzy! What do you think about pairing it with a pair of dressier leggings, something with a little shimmer or glitz to dress it up for night time? Looks great w/ the skinnies.
    Agree w/ Miss 9, channel your inner superhero. Hope she keeps on thinking that way!!

  3. Beautiful! And you look great in it. If I made it, I would definitely be wearing it over jeans/leggings but then I am 5’8 so I dread to think how high that split would be on me!!

  4. Maybe it could work with a miniskirt in the same fabric? It looks so great as a dress, there ought to be some way to make it work.

  5. I think calling it a dress is a bit of a stretch, but if anyone has the body for it you do. πŸ˜‰ Really though, I like it a lot more over the pants, and not just because of modesty issues.

  6. Hot damn! I just showed my husband this and have been berated as to why I’m not sewing up something identical immediately. I guess he’s a fan. πŸ˜‰ It’s a glorious dress (garment?), and you have the legs to werk it, but oh my yes, pretty impractical in it’s current form for wearing anywhere other than your private balcony/on the beach over a bikini/as a tunic.

  7. wow – super sexy. looks amazing on you! i would agree that it’s less of a dress and more of a top. but it looks fab with your skinnies too – maybe some leather-ish skinnies or leggings? and i love miss 9!

  8. wowza! the lines and drape are just gorgeous! but yeah… even though you do have the figure for this, leggings are definitely in order! or maybe a tube mini skirt? great make πŸ™‚

  9. Whoa, it’s just gorgeous, but where do you wear something like this outside of your home! I do love the thought of it as home/loungewear, though, why not wear something amazing while puttering around the house!

  10. Looks fabulous. I like the previous commenters idea of using it for evening cocktails – perfect! Looks great with the jeans, and could do the same with leggings. It’s a bit risquΓ© but too beautiful not to be worn so glad you’ve found a way to work it πŸ™‚

  11. Anyone who didn’t have your legs couldn’t possibly consider wearing this as a dress. Even so, I think I like it better as a tunic than a dress. It does teeter on the line of decency. πŸ˜€

  12. Holy Batman that is short in places but you totally have the legs to pull it off! I love it with the Jeans though and can imagine that’s a little more comfortable to wear in a day to day situation. I love the drape of it and these patterns really really suit you.
    Oh, and I ADORE that last photo – you both look so happy!

  13. Now this is one sassy frock! I don’t envy you unpicking all of the hems but it was worth it- those edges are totes flowy!

  14. It looks great, you do pull it off very well, but yeah…. it needs to be a little longer – or shift over to expose more thigh and less thigh gap area. I’d wear it to a bar or club though!! – if it were about an inch longer. Love your drape drape stuff πŸ™‚

  15. I think I would be definitely be calling this a top .
    Just wondering, when you move about, do the drapes become un-draped and need to be repositioned, especially when worn over jeans.?

  16. That looks so amazing on you! I agree with Katie, that maybe leggings or tights if you feel immodest? With little ballet flats, that would be a really fab outfit.

  17. I was trying to think if adding a panel or something could save it, because I rather like it as a dress except for the free show. Not that it isn’t a lovely show. Anyway, I agree it would ruin the drapiness. Tunic it is.

  18. More amazing superhero poses please! But I reckon if you don’t want to wear the dress just as a beach cover up then it would still look great with opaque tights – your jeans also look good with it although they relax the style of the outfit somewhat, which might be useful too in a lot of situations. I love your drape-drape obsession!

  19. I’m really glad that you are posting your ‘drape drape 2’ garments. Although I’m a beginner and not sure whether I can start any of these, I have been inspired by your creations and your posts on book patterns. I like indie and the main company patterns but I like that your posts are different.

    I agree with another poster; it makes a great beach dress/tunic.

  20. Lizzy, this dress/tunic/undefinable garment is FABULOUS. I am completely floored!! Not only does the style flatter you as both a dress and a tunic, but you really have the perfect shape to pull off such a daring look. Now THIS is what creating beautiful garments is all about – rock it, girl!! πŸ™‚

  21. Hi, Lizzy – There’s no question whatsoever in my mind that this number qualifies as an entry in the Sew Sexy Sewalong. It’s great and you look great in it. Of course, if I were to make it, I would definitely use it as a tunic and wear leggings with it. Even an old broad like me could get away with wearing something this risque with leggings underneath. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. uh yeah! sew sexy sewalong for sure! I really like it as a tunic though. i get super irritated at things that i dont feel 100% in and they always end up at the back of the wardrobe. but i guess if your feeling cheeky, then it might be suitible for a night out!

  23. Clearly you possess the super power most female superheroes have: the ability to fight evil while preserving their dignity wearing outfits seemingly not up to the task! All I could think was how high would it go on someone of more average height. It does look more wearable with skinnies. Although it could make a fun beach coverup too!

  24. Wow! The dress looks great. I haven’t tried this one myself. If I do I’ll make it a bit longer! I’ve had the same issues with some drape drape designs. They are interesting and beautiful but not modest in any way and it’s a challenge to figure out how to wear them.

  25. Oh my that’s a dress. I really like this though you’d wanna avoid wind, stairs, bending/leaning over, lol. I love the draping, which is completely the point – very cool.

    PS SuperHeros….. perfection!

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  29. Whoa – yeah, I see what you mean by “scandalous”! Heheh. That’s a lotta leg – but then you have great legs. The “dress” looks great on you. You did an amazing job on it. Kudos to you for making and wearing it!

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  32. OMG. I first saw the picture (angled from behind) in your Things I’ve made 2014-section. Read the comment β€œβ€¦ but terrified to wear it” and thought β€œfor the right occasion, why not?” Then I saw the picture from the front here and I totally get it πŸ˜€ Agree that it should perhaps be worn as a tunic (not with a slip). Still very sexy, but on the safe side.

    Sidenote: stumbled in here for this blog post: https://sewbusylizzy.com/2014/01/30/drapedrape2-no4/ Love that make too!

    Have just spent nearly two hours here at the blog … must get back to work …

    • 🀣 it was very risqué… too much for me! But so much fun to make. I’ve been buried in my Japanese pattern books lately looking for inspiration again, the experimental sewing is always the most fun! Thanks for visiting ☺️

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