Drape Drape 2: No 4 One Piece Scoop Neck Asymmetric Top – it’s love…

Thank you so much! I found all your comments on my last post so encouraging, interesting and a big confidence boost! Mwah.

So without further ado, here’s my second Drape Drape project…

Pattern No. 4: One Piece Scoop Neck Asymmetric Top

I’m completely sure about this one… this could be my favourite t-shirt ever. Slouchy, sexy, loose, scoop neck – and hello sleeves without setting in a sleeve – yes it’s pure magic!

Drape Drape 2: Pattern No 4 Asymmetric Scoop neck shirt
Love this – it’s all sorts of slouchy sexy goodness.
Drape Drape 2: Pattern No 4 Asymmetric Scoop neck shirt

back view

Drape Drape 2: Pattern No 4 Asymmetric Scoop neck shirt

I’m doing you a favour and editing me out!

I think this is a superb slouchy sexy t-shirt. I love the quirky sleeve hem on the slouchy side. I love how it drapes and wraps around my body. It’s just perfect. I could make a million of these.

Construction thoughts

I’ve made the small/medium size.

Again, easy as pie to construct after I studied the pictures. I actually didn’t refer to the instructions once I started. It’s quite simple and logical once you get going.

This is an incredibly fine black/silver lurex striped knit. It wasn’t fun to sew, it curled and the bands were difficult – it was worth it though! I think the shirt would look quite different again in a heavier knit (or even normal weight!) but I do love the softness of this and how it falls across the body.

I attached the neckline the same as I did for No.2 dress and actually slip stitched the binding over the wrong wide onto the overlocked edge by hand. The machine was determined to eat the neckline and I was determined it wasn’t going to happen – as unpicking this would have been impossible. The overlock seam for the doubled over binding strip provided some stability and firmness that was lacking with any other neckline finish.

The knit is so fine I’ve chosen to wear a strappy tank under it – if you follow me on Instagram you will know why! LOL.

Drape Drape 2: Pattern No 4 Asymmetric Scoop neck shirt

Before sewing…

Drape Drape 2: Pattern No 4 Asymmetric Scoop neck shirt

Finished shirt flat. I know looks freaky off but magic on!

And just because I love it so and often wear it in my photos – my favourite bangle…

bangle from the National Gallery Shop in Canberra
it’s made from two old forks! Purchased nine years ago at the National Gallery Shop in Canberra.
Drape Drape 2: Pattern No 4 Asymmetric Scoop neck shirt
So what are you waiting for? Go forth and drape!

Funnily enough Funk Bunny has made one too – so watch her blog for hers!

Pattern: Drape Drape 2: Pattern no. 4
Fabric: fine lurex knit stripe from All About Fabric in Tamworth NSW.

Also see: Sew Brunswick | Top Notch | Sew Smitten | Lula Louise |

109 thoughts on “Drape Drape 2: No 4 One Piece Scoop Neck Asymmetric Top – it’s love…

  1. I found this book in my local library, the two projects you have made are the two I traced from it. I have sewed the dress (it’s a tunic on me as I am 5’8!) but haven’t made this tee yet. It looks really lovely on. I think you are right about the choice of knit weight, it needs a nice light drape for that lovely slouchy but flattering look.

  2. Slouchy and sexy is right! I love the fabric, and I think it is perfect for this pattern/project. I wonder if you would like it the same if it was in a heavy knit. Interesting…

  3. Wow this looks amazing on you 🙂 Hard to tell from the photo but do you think that this would work if you wore it back to front (high neckline with a scooped back)? I like my shoulders better than my chest…

  4. Okay. I need at least four versions of this top in my life!
    I’m buying the book and will be making some of those!
    Yours is just perrrrrfect!

  5. I’m properly in love with this one! The top is gorgeous and you show it off gorgeously! I agree with you – sewing the drape is such fun – would you recommend one of the drape books over the others? Just in case I go to buy one I buy the right one 🙂

    • Hmmmm that’s a tough one – I love them all. I do think that 2 & 3 have less ‘bare’ styles making them more wearable – although I have several projects selected to make from all of them!

  6. Oh my god I love this one too! Right, seriously considering getting these books now. Like I don’t have enough on my list to sew already?! 😉

  7. The other dress was nice, but this one, I LOVE. What a great practical top, yet so interesting and unique. I nearly made this a while back but wasn’t convinced it would turn out the way I’d hoped. You chose the perfect fabric. I like yours better than the one in the book.

  8. okay this top *is* magical! love it! i previously had only passing interest in the drape drape books, but you’re pushing me to add it to my list of must haves. gorgeous!

  9. This is such a beautiful top! It’s very you, elegant but with a twist and sense of adventure or the unexpected. The flat top is a bit of a mind melder. I’m loving your adventures with this / these books!

  10. Oh wow… such a beautiful knit! And the drape! It is a marvelous top and I am quite impressed. At some point I think I will need to embark on the Drape Adventure myself!

  11. I love this top and especially on you. My make wasn’t really me but when I see it on my sister I adore it. I must revist the drape drape books sitting on my shelf. You are on fire at the moment x

  12. Really beautiful!! It’s amazing how such an odd shaped flat garment looks so “normal” and flattering on the (your) body! 🙂 You definitely suit these cool shapes – you have that willowy model figure that totally suits artistic draping – lucky!! 🙂 Brave girl sewing with demon Lurex fabric LOL – great outcome though! 🙂

    • I’d always seen the Drape Drape projects on blogs & thought they looked ‘interesting’ – having made a few I totally get the fascination – such a refreshing break from standard drafting & construction. It’s like a sewing holiday!

  13. Super interesting Lizzy! I’m loving all your Drape Drape projects. I normally brush off designs like this because they look too baggy/boxy on the models, but your lovely versions are beginning to change my mind. : )

    • I think they are really the sort of thing that changes dramatically when you see them on & moving. The little striped dress is slightly sacklike but suddenly looks sexy when you start moving. I’ve been asked several times when I’m wearing it whether it is ‘designer’ and where did I find it? Always a good sign!

  14. You’ve inspired me to buy the Drape Drape 2 book which landed on my doorstep this week and I’ve already drafted out the pattern. My question to you is, what is your normal Australian size of tops? You say you made size S/M and I measured my body to see which size they recommend and even though I’m only a size 12, it’s recommending (with my measurements) that i need XL.

    And then when I look at the photo of the model in the back of the book it is totally unflattering on her and in no way inspires me to want to make it. So glad I saw your version first and I’m certainly not afraid to sew this one up but I wonder if you’ve made a smaller size to have it looking so stunning all over?

    • I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your version (although I’m sure you kind of got the gist of that in my comment) but either way, it’s stunning, like all your other pieces! 🙂

      • Thanks so much!
        The Drape Drape patterns are Japanese and sized accordingly, ie their standard built is smaller & slighter.
        I’m an Australian size 6 to 8 and my measurements correspond with M.
        I do think that the patterns as illustrated in Drape Drape are slightly roomer than I would wear so I happily ran the risk and erred on the side of smaller-not-bigger.
        I do think this top looks so great because the fabric is so light, semi transparent & fine, it was hard to sew but it certainly was worth the effort as it hangs beautifully.
        Hope that helps!

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  17. Lizzy, you clearly had success in Tamworth at the fabric store – those fabrics are amazing choices for your first drape projects and you were right – they look great. What next?

    • Hi Sonia! Been meaning to drop you a line, I’ve been pretty tired lately so everything is taking me ages to get around to!
      Tamworth fabric shop was fabulous – I could have got a tonne more but I resisted.
      I’ve just finished a Drape Drape cowl neck dress – just need some good pictures and then you can see!
      Hope you are settled back in at home – certainly looks like the sewing has been keeping you busy!

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  21. I totally understand your Drape Drape mood and journey! I think I may have embarked on the same route after sewing the one-piece dress from book 1. I love the idea of a puzzle and how the garnment change shape when worn. I can t wait for Summer to come to try this top and the strippy dress you made.

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  23. Hi just seeing this post made me buy the book!! I started following you because we’re a similar shape and I thought I’d learn vicariously through you!! So I need your advice if you don’t mind? What I’m worried about is that whilst I’m an Aussie size 10, I’m also 180cm tall and the sizes in the book only go up to 168cm!!! I know I’m not an eXL in AUS, but I did think –
    “maybe I’m an XL compared to Japanese women?” What’s your advice about sizing with this book? Thanks so much!!

    • They are very much Japanese sized, ie for slighter & shorter people.
      I’m only 164cm so the lengths work for me. I’m usually an Aussie 6-8 size.
      I’m probably more of a M/L sized shape in Drape Drape however the designs are quite voluminous and I think you will find that most of the designs will work. I always make the S or S/M size to avoid looking swamped in fabric – seems to work.
      Buy some fabric and experiment – it’s loads of fun.
      Feel free to email me at sewbusylizzy at gmail dot com

      • Thanks so much! Really appreciate it! I’ve got a favourite fabric and a cheap one so will try the different sizes out!

  24. Your adventures have persuaded me to get the 2nd book now, I am definitely keen on trying out this tee! I will need to get good jersey though, I guess that means more fabric shopping 🙂

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  28. LOVE this top and the fabric you’ve chosen looks amazing! So, I just found your post after seeing this top made on The Great British Sewing Bee and doing a bit of searching. I’m rather keen to have a go at making the top, but I’m not sure I want to buy the whole book just for one pattern. Any ideas where the pattern for this top might be available on its own? Thanks very much.

    • Unfortunately I’ve not seen it sold on it’s own. You may be able to find a scan of the book page which you could perhaps enlarge.
      I’ve made several things from Drape Drape 2, it’s my favourite of the three in the series. I love pattern books as you get so many patterns for a reasonable price.
      I’ve made this three times.
      Drapey fabric does work best.

  29. I’ve just bought the ‘Drape Drape 2’ book and traced off the assymetrical top to find that the two parts of the left sleeve are different widths. Wondered if you had encountered this? Unfortunately I will have to enlarge it as XL only comes up as a UK 14 which is disappointing and that will make my brain overload !

    • Yes that’s right, one arm is quite fitted & the other is looser. In a very drapey knit this is harder to notice but it becomes more obvious in a thicker knit. Drape Drape makes are always a little odd but I do love them & find them very comfortable to wear. I’ve always enjoyed how the makes challenge our standard approach to garment construction & wear.
      Sew Brunwick graded hers up – you can read more on that here http://sewbrunswick.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/sew-no-4-drape-top-from-drape-drape-2.html

      • many thanks for that. I’ve made a sample one but need to expand it a bit more ! to make it fall better. They are as you say interesting designs. I’m a bit old for the rest of the patterns in the book but I have a niece who is keen on sewing and they might suit her. thanks again

  30. *Cheeky ask alert!* If anyone fancies tracing the pattern and photocopying the instructions and posting it all to me, I’d be enormously grateful! (Obviously I’d cover materials, postage, etc. – I’m in the UK.) I’ve browsed the book and I’m not so keen on any of the other patterns, but I’d LOVE to make this top!

  31. Size is a problem. The extra large is for example is 96cm or 38″ hips. That might be an extra-large Japanese woman (?) but is equivalent to a size 10 – 12 British size. Some of us are a bit bigger than that….!

    • That’s very true. Japanese patterns often have very generous ease however the Drape Drape books are definitely quite fitted. This shirt finishes more at the waist. Sew Brunswick did grade this up.
      Style Arc have a very similar tshirt pattern called Billie. It’s in their etsy store as a PDF.

      • Thank you for that. The patterns on this site look more interesting than the ones in the “normal” pattern books.

  32. Hi, first-time-tracer here with a question! I’ve managed to get a copy of the book from the library (after a VERY LONG wait – it was the only copy in the area and someone else was clearly copying all of the patterns out of it!)… Anyway, after a look at the pattern (and quite a bit of eye adjustment; crikey there are a LOT of lines on it!!), am I correct in thinking that it needs tracing in three pieces that are then joined together ready for cutting the fabric? Thanks 🙂

    • Sorry, another question – I’m not sure whether to go for the S/M or the L/XL. From the size chart, it looks like I need the L/XL, but would appreciate your thoughts. I measure 36,27,27. Thanks 🙂

        • Lol yes you’d be a torpedo! These patterns have quite a bit of ease due to the draping. I’m a 32,25,can’t remember my hips! It comes down to personal preference. The neckline is also quite low on this one.

    • Hi Jo,
      I’m at work so don’t have the book in front of me BUT from memory I think the pattern has three pieces. On the layout diagram it shows you the pattern ‘piece’ and it’s divided with some straight lines. On the pattern sheet itself there will be three pieces and at some point there is a half circle – you need to join the pieces together, matching up the half circles. You end up with one giant pattern piece if that makes sense.

      • Thanks very much for your replies. I’ll cut out the pieces for S/M and give it a whirl with some cheap jersey first.

          • I’ve made one! REALLY pleased with it; what a great top! The S/M fits a treat – not quite as flowy as it is on you, but certainly not tight by any means. I’ve been hankering after this top since I saw it made on the Great British Sewing Bee final last year. I only learnt to sew earlier this year (and I’m already addicted!) and I’m so glad I did, and that I finally got my mitts on a copy of the pattern for this top, as I can see me making it over and over in lots of different colours.
            Thanks again for your advice 🙂

          • I’m so pleased! I’ve made this top three times and it’s so easy to make & wear. Congratulations – and welcome to the world of Drape Drape!

          • BTW I see what you mean about the low neckline! I made mine with an extra two inches of fabric at the lowest point, tapering up, and it’s perfect.

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