Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress. I have no idea where these arm muscles keep popping out from – I swear I struggle to open a jar of Vegemite most days.

Yes, it’s another Drape Drape project – if you accuse me of being obsessed, I’m not going to argue.

I’ve become rather fascinated by this particular style of clothing. I suspect it’s because it’s not something that I ever imagined wearing. It’s become a personal style journey. I’m rather fascinated. I think I’m falling in love… for now…

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

Not quite sure what to do with myself…

I confess Japanese clothing design always used to leave me a little confused. However right now I’m enjoying the visual contradictions it presents. It’s shapeless yet oddly sexy. It’s casually draped yet strangely highly structured.

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

You spend a lot of your time rearranging the cowl in a heavy onshore breeze… fortunately not every stitcher has this weather to deal with. And seriously? This drapes all the way down to my underwear… and I don’t wear granny knickers… just saying…

The different construction and pattern pieces always spellbind me. It’s like a visual cryptic crossword. If you enjoy a puzzle (I certainly do) Drape Drape is for you.

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

“Honey does my bum look big in this?” errr yes probably…

While this dress is styled as an extremely revealing piece in the Drape Drape 2 book (picture it with no camisole…) it’s remarkably easy to wear with a camisole. I think a long-sleeved t-shirt and boots could look quite fab in winter… I’ll let you know in a few months…


My first two Drape Drape 2 projects, the dress & tshirt, were very simple projects. They look complex but in fact the appearance is achieved through unusual pattern pieces and draping.

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress
The line drawing – not actually very helpful for construction

This was another matter. The construction itself was not difficult – once you figure out how that cowl was attached – that’s the tricky element. The cowl and front skirt is actually all one piece. Part of the cowl is attached to the front facing (which you can’t see), another section of the cowl swoops out to the side seams, attaches to the back neckline and one folded end tucks back into the front of the cowl itself.

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dressThe line drawing - not actually very helpful for construction

The cowl and front skirt piece

I know the above explanation makes no sense. Sorry. I think if I hadn’t had a dress form to put the dress on during construction I might have given up – once it was on the form and I had partially pinned the cowl in place across the back neckline, seeing it drape across the dress suddenly made sense.


Use a walking foot. Seriously. These things make sewing knits so much easier.

I also added clear elastic to the shoulder seams as there is quite a lot of fabric hanging around that neckline.


You know I wasn’t going to use these pictures. The outcome is in no way reflective of ELH’s camera handling abilities. In fact he’s perhaps rather captured me too well.. tired, pensive, reflective… far away… and in all honesty, sad.

I’ve been so very very tired… which explains my sporadic blogging. I’m actually medically tired which isn’t a disaster, it’s good news. When I got the blood tests back earlier today, I was elated – strange reaction but it’s a relief that at some point it ends. Physical exhaustion becomes all consuming – dominating and defining your life, mood and decisions.

Don’t fret on my behalf for goodness sake – I’m quietly content that the mystery exhaustion has been explained. Hallelujah.

Sometimes the beauty of the long bleak cloud of exhaustion is the brilliant sunshine that follows.

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

One of those moments…

Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

Deemed no good by ELH – too clingy… yes because that neckline is soooo modest you need to worry about people looking at your legs.

I usually don’t write such things in this happy little space… however I’m human – we all are…

Pattern: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress from the book Drape Drape 2
Fabric: grey/black stripe viscose from All About Fabric in Tamworth NSW.

I had intended this for the Sew Sexy Sewalong – I need to take some more photos when I’m feeling more ROARSOME. LOL. I did take some without the camisole… but they are just not quite ‘there’ or perhaps I wasn’t.

If you are in Sydney this weekend for the meet-up – see you there!

49 thoughts on “Drape Drape 2: No.6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress

  1. sorry to her you haven’t been feeling yourself recently – I hope things will improve now you know what is wrong. Love the dress – but wouldn’t dream of attempting to wear it without something underneath!

  2. Looks great Lizzy! Sorry to hear you not been well.. Totally understand. Same with me and got my blood test results today as well.. Interesting to say the least.

    See you on Saturday!

  3. beautiful dress. You have inspired me to get the Drape books from my local library. Alas, I have had to return them before I could give any of the patterns “a try”. As for your tiredness, I can totally relate! I was always totally exhausted back in the early 2000’s. found out I had a thyroid problem and with some daily meds… wala! I have my energy, and my life back! Hope you get back on track as well!!

  4. Crazy…I woke up thinking about you (not in a stalker-ish way, besides, I live in California and we’ve never met) hoping you were OK, and here’s a new blog post explaining a little, and showing some more of the amazing Drape Drapes. I hope your back to your roarsome self soon!

  5. This is so fab! These Drape Drape pieces really suit you! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been so wiped out, but it is a relief that there’s a reason for it. Here’s hoping you’re back at 100% soon.

  6. OK, now this one I think I would give a try–generally the Japanese pattern manipulations are too “out there” for me. Of course, I’ll need about 3 million crunches before I would even briefly consider wearing it without a cami or something under it. 😉 But, on you it’s fabulous, so congratulations on figuring it out! 🙂

    Sorry to hear you are a bit down. Hopefully, you’ll be feeling cheerful and happy again soon!

  7. You always look Roarsome Lizzy! I find that quiet elegance in some of the pics that you don’t like, very sexy! And, I’m so glad you figured out what was wrong and hopefully can remedy it! I had to take Vitamin B12 shots several years back now. Surprisingly you get used to jamming a needle into your leg! The dress is a stunner. That Victorian, modest neckline will go down well in church. 😉 Looks great on you and I’m so happy you’ve found a new ‘angle’ to your hobby. Always such a fun and fresh revelation, isn’t it? Be well.

  8. So sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. I was wondering why you had not posted for a while and I hope that you’ll be on top of the world again soon. A big hug from across the pond!
    I’m sure no Japanese woman would wear that dress without a cami, would they? Would they???

  9. I love that one you, its so beautiful! Its the first project out of Drape Drape that I’ve really fallen for, I might have to order the book soon!
    I hope you start feeling better soon, best wishes xx

  10. So sorry to hear you have been unwell. I love your blog and you have inspired me (and I am sure a Gazillion others) to make beautiful things. For that I thank you.
    Take good care of yourself and get better soon.

  11. These Drape Drapes just keep getting better! This is absolutely stunning on you & is my fave by far. It’s so exciting watching something like this come together when it’s not entirely obvious from looking at the pattern pieces.

    I had a similar reaction to you a few years ago when I got blood tests back saying some elements of my blood were almost non-existent. It is definitely a relief knowing that there is actually something wrong (not just in your head) and also that there is something that can be done to help you feel better. Hope you’re on the mend soon 🙂

  12. Wow this would definitely for that sew sexy sewalong- you look fantastic! Sorry to hear you haven’t been well & I hope knowing the cause means a solution is on the way.

  13. Glad to hear you are on the pathway to feeling better x love your version of this, way outside my comfort zone but beautiful on you x

  14. You look awesome as always! Great shape and skills. Will maybe have a go in my third year of sewing.Taking pics is the part of blogging and sharing which will always feel disconcerting (I’m surprised how much I dislike my face)! If you’re feeling crappy I’m sure it doesn’t help, fingers crossed you’ll get your energy and confidence back during 2014, look back and see the same great pics we do.

  15. I love the puzzle element to the drape drape books and this dress is great and agree that it will look great also as a winter dress. I hope your news today is the start of light and energy for you x

  16. Glad to hear you got some confirmation on what is causing your malaise – i think knowing is always better, especially if you know there’s an end in sight 🙂 That said, I don’t think it takes away from your looks – you look as beautiful as ever, and you were clearly made for these Drape Drape shapes (like my rhyme? LOL) – you truly suit them!! 🙂

  17. i think this looks beautiful on you! and the photos are gorgeous as well, even if they are pensive. i’ve loved what you’ve done with the drape drape patterns. also, i can understand the relief of having answers to the fatigue, hope you get to feeling better soon! *hugs* 🙂

  18. Looks fabulous on you! I purchased drape drape 2 from reading your blogs! I have made no 4 and would like to make more but having a hard time finding right fabrics locally. Do you have any favorite websites for fabric? What is the fabric content you used?

    • I also have a tough time finding knits in regional Australia. All of my Drape Drape projects so far have come from a store in Tamworth NSW – she has a great range of knits. She doesn’t have a website but does send out samples & mail order.
      This dress is a very fluid viscose (I suspect) blend.
      Tessuti have lots of knits on their site – I’m visiting it on Saturday and I suspect several pieces will be purchased. I also love The Fabric Store – although they don’t have an online store.
      The most important thing with the Drape Drape project is to make sure you buy the right width fabric. You need every centimeter!

  19. Too clingy!? Try wearing it without the top underneath and see what he says then! Hope you start to feel better soon and keep up the good work sewing wise!

  20. Feel better soon! I’ve had two moments when the Drs told me what was wrong and it was a huge relief as well. It’s not all in my head! 🙂 Take it easy and enjoy the new strength and energy when it returns.
    So excited to see Drape Drape designs made up. I look at the books and think not practical but when it’s made up I can envision wearing it. Thanks!

  21. First off I think this project is actually pretty amazing (and totally fits your excitement from January.) I suspect it will spice up many winter outfits with its layer-ability, and I disagree with ELH about that final photo because even looking pensive, it is very dramatic. I’m impressed that you found so much great fabric in Tamworth!

    Hopefully you feel better soon – sorry to hear that things have been dragging.

  22. I hope you feel better soon! It must be such a relief to know there’s a reason. These Drape Drape styles work very well with you, and I think this one will be really great in the winter!

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