SEW BOSSY! with Lovely Leila

Oh my goodness – I have disappeared from blogland lately. I am reading blogs – really I am – but finding it near impossible to get to a computer to comment on the many blogs that do not work on my iPhone (I do everything on the run – if it’s not mobile friendly, it’s not SewBusyLizzy friendly – I’m lookin’ at you Blogger).

The Sew Bossy Initiative

The Sew Bossy Initiative

I recently received a Sew Bossy pack from the very lovely Leila of Three Dresses project and the head wench (I say that will all due respect) of Twitter Fabric Chats.

Here’s what she sent me…

Sew Bossy package from Leila of Three Dresses

Sew Bossy package from Leila of Three Dresses

Do I spy the ARCHER pattern… do I spy METALLIC THREADED SILK? OMG yes! Leila has picked perfectly. I’d been thinking about a floral Archer! And I keep headbutting the desk for having not tried a Grainline Studio pattern. I think I will sew the version with the plain back as I like the boyishness of this version with the girliness of the silk floral… can’t wait…

Yes, I am completely terrified of silk and of a ‘proper’ shirt: plackets, buttons, collars and whatnot… there many be some bad language as a result (in fact I’m rather confident there will be many inventive uses of bad language through the making of this shirt – directed at the now-legendary drunk monkey) – but my Bernina shall bear it bravely as she always does… whereas you my dear lovely readers shall just read my rantings and blather minus the not-so-adorable four letter words that bear me through many a crisis…

And there is a gorgeous Vogue shirtdress as well. I’ve got a bit of a ‘thing’ for shirtdresses so I think I shall be looking for some fabric soon… I’d love this in a khaki rayon with flat metal buttons. Very safari sexy…

Vogue 8903 - shirtdress fever hits!

Vogue 8903 – shirtdress fever hits!

What’s Sew Bossy? It’s from The Closet Case Files (of the Bombshell Swimsuit fame) “The Sew Bossy Initiative is a great opportunity to get to know some of our long distance blog buds a little bit better.  Find a sewist pal whose style you admire and send each other a complete project by mail! This can be a great pattern or stash busting activity and does not have to be cost a lot of money.” read more here!

And if you want to know what I sent Leila – check it out here… yes I truly believe that every blogger should make Vogue 1247 at least once in their sewing career. It’s got bound seams, French seams, bias pieces – and friggin’ enormous POCKETS! Come on people (cue Lleyton Hewitt come on salute) sew it now!!!! (Note to self: you are just bossing Leila not the entire sewing blog community… although it’s tempting).

I just need to recover from the Melbourne Frocktails and whatnot and then get sewing – cos that’s what bossed-about stitchers do.

And the global love doesn’t stop these gorgeous peoples. Noes.

All the way from my beloved old London town came this priceless little package from the beautiful Janene of Ooobop. Check out her latest blog post which is jam-packed with her awesome floral frocks. She’s the bomb this sheila. I’m always admiring her floral fabrics – and she sent me some blue flowers! My favourite colour no less! LOVE LOVE LOVE. And she even stamped my package with LIZZY. More LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Gorgeous blue roses from Ooobop.

Gorgeous blue roses from Ooobop.

This fabric is screaming something vintage or classic to me… but then I do like the turn things on their head. More patting & draping required…

I adore these packages. I get so excited and then so does everyone in my office (I fear my enthusiasm is either infectious or just swamps those that surround me – and it’s a sink or swim survival response on their behalf) – they don’t sew but they are fascinated by these packages that arrive for me from everywhere. I’m pretty sure I will convert them to be pro fabric-patters soon.

We are a pretty amazing niche in blogland… MWAH.

Sorry I keep disappearing – life has been getting in the way. Lots of trips away, social events, kids’ eisteddfods, school discos and more. Horrendous time of the year for me.

SewBusyLizzy News…

The good news is I have been madly sewing for Frocktails this Saturday – and despite all my grand intentions for a mega fancy frock, I’m made a very simple… but high impact frock (I think). It’s rather more rockstar than my usual style but I’m seriously lovin’ it. Perhaps I’m a little more rad than I thought… not possible… but clearly I enjoy a little rock ‘n’ roll every now and then – I just keep kidding myself I’ve grown out of my grunge phase… I fear it’s my shadow… It’s the So.Very.Lizzy.Dress. Yes, you will see it here soon…

32 thoughts on “SEW BOSSY! with Lovely Leila

  1. Oooh, lots of pretty! I saw Janene in London when she’d just bought that fabric for you and we all agreed it was very you! The friends I’ve made in sewing blog land are just amazing. Pure and simple.

  2. Wow. What a great pkg. I just cut out the Archer in cotton and have to start sewing. I am using the sew along instruction on the blog instead of the paper. Plackets, yokes, yikes! I picked cotton….but can’t wait to see your silk version.

  3. Looks like lots of fun and great fabric – good luck with the Archer! Love the Vogue 1247 pattern that you sent but have avoided it myself because I’m worried it would just hang from my washboard chest! Such a shame!

  4. Yay! I totally feel your pain with Blogger! Why doesn’t it work on mobiles?! Grrrr! That silk looks beautiful… I would probably destroy it in a second though! Can’t wait to see the rock star dress! 🙂

  5. The silk is beautiful as is that blue rose fabric. Definitely has a vintagey look. I have two Archers over half finished. Tsk Tsk… one of these days I have to finish them as it is a great shirt! Looking forward to seeing your Rockstar Frock! ~Laurie

  6. Wow! Metallic threaded silk you say? You will do an impeccable job Lizzy. Money on it!! And how funny you mention khaki shirt dress. For all my floral leanings, I saw a lady in a khaki shirt dress yesterday (probably not handmade ;-)) and I thought to myself I really need to tone down for the autumn. Less will be more!!! xxx PS I love our little sewing blogger world so much too. Who knew?!! xxx

    • I’ve got a RTW khaki rayon skirt and I pair it with a black pencil some days, skinny jeans the next – it’s sooooo wearable. It’s a bit rock n roll paired with gyspy necklaces etc – I really want a shirt dress now!

  7. oh, glorious mail days indeed. i think i have something very simiiar to your sew bossy package– does your fabric feel like water?

    i’m in the same boat mobile wise, only i find that wordpress won’t play nicely with me! do you think it has anything to do with loyalty? big brother blogger watches out for his own?

  8. I’ve seen this Sew Bossy thing around a bit and think it sounds like a fun idea, can’t wait to see your Archer! And I know exactly what you mean with all the stuff going on. Something about this time of year just makes life a bit more crazy. Oooh, and a rockstar-esque dress?! I can’t wait to see it!

  9. Wow, what fun packages! These are both so great– can’t wait to see your finished garments (and your frocktails dress!)! Would you believe I still haven’t cut out the fabric you sent me for the Christmas swap? I got out the birdie fabric to make a Scout tee, but decided that I hadn’t tweaked the pattern exactly, so did yet another practice run! I so badly want the fabric you sent to turn into something PERFECT, but I think I need to stop pussyfooting around and just sew them up!

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