Abakhan Fabrics Crazy Barbie Doll Giveaway

So sorry – it’s been a while. My life is being eaten up with trips, work, kids (and I’ve started exercising again) – and I have had ZERO free time to sew. Not to mention write the post about the giveaway winner!

I know. This.Is.Serious. I have a Frocktails dress to make. I am getting more frustrated by the day about my lack of free time 😦

I’m sure I can pull a rabbit out of a hat… or a drunk monkey before Frocktails – watch this space…

And the winner of the Abakhan Fabric is…

LOUISE of Sew Sensational!

Please contact me via email sewbusylizzy at gmail and I will send it fabric to you – congratulations Louise!

Let’s see what Louise makes of Grandma’s Rocking Chair on Acid fabric!

Vogue 8280 front view - bodice

Vogue 8280 front view – bodice

15 thoughts on “Abakhan Fabrics Crazy Barbie Doll Giveaway

  1. It stinks when life gets in the way of what we want to do, isn’t it? I miss your posts, but totally understand if you are being a responsible adult. Carry on.

  2. Great to see you again. I’m with you in the life gets in the way category. Just posted for the first time in months myself. It’s nice and cleansing to allow yourself to take a break, and then you can return with a vengeance! Your 8280 is a stunner!!
    Hugs and welcome back

  3. Oh I feel your pain! Real life. Sigh. I regularly get asked by non sewing friends how I find time to sew and I say “I don’t watch TV” which is so not the whole story but seems to pacify them. But where there is a will, and passion, eventually we find the time, make the time, find a way. In the meantime sometimes it’s just impossible and that’s ok too. Looking forward to seeing your frocktails make. If anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat, it will be you. πŸ˜‰

    • I rarely watch TV either! I have so little free time I try to spend every minute of it doing something I enjoy. All the traveling takes its toll though. It’s impossible to sew at other people’s houses, not to mention rude, and while it’s fun to get out & about, I do desperately miss my creative time…

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