BRIXTON ELISALOTTE (with bonus jet lag)

I promise I will blog about my travels – however today I was a little excited to finish my ‘nearly’ Elisalex… she’s a fickle lass. She woke up on Saturday and announced that she was going to be Elisalotte – thank you every much.

The gorgeous girls (yes they seriously are gorgeous – I met them at the EPIC London meet-up – more on that soon) from By Hand London contacted me in January and offered to send me a copy of their Charlotte & Elisalex patterns. Remember my Charlotte skirt?

Charlotte The Second: By Hand London

Charlotte The Second: By Hand London

I saw several gorgeous Elisalexs at the London meet-up including Dolly Clackett and Taracat. This made me more determined than ever that I WOULD make this dress! Then Oopbop posted a floral delight very soon after I hit Aussie soils. ARGH – time to start sewing!

I’m a little OCD about fabric and pattern matches and sent myself barmy looking since January for Elisalex.

Turns out I needed to head to downtown Brixton, London to find my match. For the non-UK residents, Brixton is located in south London, it has sizable African & Caribbean populations so it’s little wonder that I discovered African wax fabrics there!

And I found this…

African wax fabric from Brixton.

African wax fabric from Brixton.

I had made a bodice muslin in January. I decided to re-purpose the muslin side panels into the new dress. I love the colour block effect. I think it just enhances the visual impact that the princess seams of this dress create.

I made up the Elisalex skirt in all its glory. It is a gorgeous tulip shape – however I just looked like a scrawny toothpick arising from a circus big top. I just don’t have the ‘oo la la’ to carry it off. So I became reacquainted with the seam ripper and scissors – and ‘lex’ became ‘lotte’.

I was happily amazed at how easily the Elisalex bodice and Charlotte skirt went together, I simply changed the skirt seam allowances to 10mm instead of 15mm. I was amazed at how beautifully the entire dress came together!

and well… this is how Elisalotte looks…

Elisalotte dress - bodice

Elisalotte dress – bodice

Elisalotte dress

Elisalotte dress – front view

Elisalotte dress - back

Elisalotte dress – back view. I think what makes this dress gorgeous is the wide neckline and back. It creates shape, balances out hips and chisels the waist. Love it.

My pattern matching is slightly askew. I blame the jet lag – which has been rather hideous! I admit, I quite like this creation, it’s striking, ’tis all I have to say on the matter…

oh, and you really should give this pattern a whirl. It’s fun to make, easy and packs a punch. The bodice is well drafted. My back does gape just a little – I’m not sure of the pattern fitting fix for scrawny upper backs.

Note: the By Hand London girls have just put their rather fabulous Victoria blazer on sale… waiting, waiting, waiting for it to hit Aussie soils (and you can buy your Aussie ones from SewSquirrel!).

and one more just for fun 😉 (thanks ELH for the pictures xox)

Elisalotte dress - action shot

Elisalotte dress – action shot

PS forgive me any spelling errors etc I blame ket lag (how long can I use that excuse?)

PPS just noticed I typed ket lag instead of jet lag. So hilarious I’m leaving it as is!

137 thoughts on “BRIXTON ELISALOTTE (with bonus jet lag)

  1. I love this dress on you! I have decided, as gorgeous as Charlotte and Elisalex are, they are much to va va voom for me, but your combination has me wondering … A beautiful make!

  2. Stunning dress!! How clever to have merged two different pieces to make it your own! The fabric packs a punch…as in Wow, statement dress…very individual, very unique. Love it.
    p.s. I cannot possibly see any pattern misplacement!! Kate x

  3. just wow! love the contrast panels and the back is gorgeous too! such a great print! You look amazing! love it! Are you going to try the blazer? I think i will buy it together with the other two patterns tomorrow. Loving all the variations people have made of their range and need to get out of the laurel rut. 😛 (laurel rut being, that I do not like trying to spend longer than it takes me to make a luarel on anything at the moment. haha)

    • It’s easy to get addicted to a quick sewing fix. Mind you these patterns are fast to make up! Especially the skirt. The dress takes a little longer because of the lining. And yes I will be making the blazer, I’m hopping about hoping it will appear in my letterbox!

  4. if that’s what you can create while jet-lagged, the rest of us are in trouble! that dress is fantastic! i soooo love the contrast panels. stealing that idea soon!

  5. The dress came out just beautifully! The fabric is gorgeous and you did SUCH a fantastic job of lining up the pattern along the back seam. “Seamless!” #GBSB judges would be proud. 🙂

  6. Love it! You really came back with the best of London. Cotton, that is a joy to sew, endless pattern and colour variations and generous amounts for little money. Liberty print is all right and all that, but boy, is it expensive and generally needs lining. It’s a pleasure to see your dress.

    • I love cotton, probably my favourite fabric and definitely the most practical for my climate. Liberty is lovely but the prints are not really ‘me’. Whereas this crazy vibrant stuff feels just right!

  7. Wow, Wow, Wow!! I adore your fabric – and with the panels & modified pattern, that is an amazing dress that looks incredible on you! And it’s crossed contents in its inspiration and creation – Love!

  8. You have a good eye for matching fabric to the perfect pattern. I must say, “you’ve outdone yourself”. If I had your figure I’d run around naked with a smile on my face, but if you MUST wear clothes, that dress is a stunner on you.

  9. Ditto to all the comments so far: Lizzy, you’ve outdone yourself. I’m so proud of you!
    As someone else said, if that’s what you are capable of with jetlag… wow!

  10. This is beautiful! It works just as well with the straight skirt than it does with the tulip skirt. And the fabric is gorgeous. Brixton has been added to my list of destinations for my next London trip 🙂

  11. Jaw dropping! The fabric works so well with this pattern, & I love that you were brave enough to mix in the brocade side panels. It looks great.

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous on you. I LOVE the back- that neckline drop is very feminine and flattering. Really a wonderful make! And welcome home! I am sure your trip was marvelous! ~Laurie

  13. How lovely that hideous ket lag can’t keep you from making such a lovely lovely dress. Thank you for making this without the tulip skirt which is a shape I can’t wear either. Sigh.

    And the back and the fabric and the neckline and the side panels. Just gorgeous. Can’t see any gaping either.

    Oh and I shall look up “scrawny upper back alteration” in My Book shortly ….. lol.

  14. Oh my! Strikin’ ain’t the word, lady! That is a jaw-dropping hot dress! Totally agree how versatile that pattern is in terms of skirts and sleeves. I have more planned when I have more sleep time to steal! Thanks for the lovely mention xxx

    • Thanks ma’am! I agree, it’s one of those patterns you want to play with. I still love the Lex skirt and been toying with the idea of creating a mini slimmed down tulip…

  15. How did I miss this? What an amazing use of this fabric and I love how you mixed the two patterns. Probably what I would do if I made any of the By Hand patterns. You’re gorgeous in your tshirts and gorgeous in your dresses. xx

  16. LIZZY I bloody love this!! Feel very honoured that you used some of your London fabric loot to make this franken-dress from our patterns. It really really suits your figure and I hope you’re gonna have a chance to show it off sometime soon!

  17. I just found your blog on bloglovin…it’s my 1st time here! I love this dress, I think the fit is beautiful on you! Your fabric choices are immaculate…this is an amazing dress!

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    • Thanks x I have been slapping myself for not buying more wax fabric in London *face palm* fortunately found an Etsy trader with some! Love this dress bodice. It’s fabulous

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