Home & blogging again!


An evening in Paris…

Just a quick post to let you know I’m back and will be blogging again soon. I am slightly jet-lagged after the epic 30+ hour journey home.

I did consider blogging while I was away. The thought of tapping out posts on my iPhone did not fill me with joy so I decided to wait.


Madrid – I fell completely in love with this city.

I do have soooo much to tell you. Rather than write a huge post, I might break it up into several posts over the next couple of weeks.

In a nutshell in the past three weeks:-

  • I’ve been to London, Paris, Madrid.
  • I’ve bought fabric, patterns, notions, yarn.
  • I attended The EPIC London Bloggers Meet-up.
  • I went to the theatre, had a back stage tour and saw Helen Mirren in The Audience.
  • I met many gorgeous bloggers and stitchers.
  • I finished a skirt.
  • I started & finished knitting a jumper.
  • I’m participating in Me Made May 2013.
  • I’ve got a gorgeous Nautical Craft Swop to share.
  • and a Sewing Surprises Swop to share!

Is that ALL you have been doing in the past three weeks Lizzy??

You are a tough crowd to please! I personally thought finishing a jumper in less than three weeks while travelling between four countries was quite a feat! Never mind I will tell you more soon.

I’ve missed you!


Pimms at a London pub. You have to enjoy the good weather when you can!


35 thoughts on “Home & blogging again!

  1. wow you were seriously busy if you finished a jumper and a skirt, amongst everything else. Welcome home m’dear and it sounds as though you did indeed have a marvelous time. Sleep well. We can wait a little longer for you to recover enough to marshal your thoughts 🙂

  2. I do love a busy bee and I sooooo loved meeting you. Most honoured I was guv! Looking forward to your posts. Particularly on Madrid. Rest up Lizzy. Lots of love xxx

    • Busy bee – now that’s so much nicer than ‘headless chook’ or ‘blue-arsed fly’ (charming Aussie term). I looooved meeting you. Wish I was coming back to London! However NY beckons in 2014!!

  3. Welcome home Lizzy. I’m glad it all went well, and I’m so looking forward to hearing all about it! Hope your jet lag is brief.

  4. welcome home indeed. And you did all that extracurricular stuff while travelling? Yikes! I think you must be related to Doctor Who. Are you sure you weren’t travelling in the Tardis (I can think of no other way you’d have had sufficient hours for that amount of output)?

  5. If you missed blogging, you weren’t busy enough! Sounds like you had a whirlwind of a time. Can’t wait to see your posts, but take your time, we can wait. You were missed.

  6. Welcome home Lizzy. I’m glad you survived the flight(s), 30hrs is a horrible thought! Can’t wait to hear more about your travelling adventures when you’ve caught up with yourself!

    • When I got to Singapore I discovered the next flight had been cancelled. Fortunately they transferred me to an earlier flight into Sydney and then I also was transferred to an earlier flight home – saving myself 6 hours! Yay!
      I think I’m ‘nearly’ over the jetlag now.

  7. Whow, I am so impressed with what you packed into three weeks (and a little jealous too 😉 ). I’m looking forward to reading more about your travels!

  8. I am glad you got home safely. It was lovely meeting you in the shop, I have enjoyed reading through your blog and it has inspired me to not give up on the skirt I have started (tricky hidden zip!). I look forward to reading more about your adventures. 🙂

  9. Welcome Home Lizzy, sounds like a whirlwind trip. I’m actually currently traveling myself. In San Francisco presently. It’s fun to travel but I always love getting home too.

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