The Tale of Two Turtleneck – Monroe and Fall

Tessuti Patterns Monroe Turtleneck
Fall Turtleneck Papercut Patterns

On a cold winter day, a snuggly turtleneck holds endless appeal. And this year it has been a cold winter, bitter mornings and colder winds than I’m used to. No bare feet at the beach this winter!

This Aussie winter, Tessuti Fabrics spoilt us with a free pattern – the Monroe turtleneck. It was an obvious choice to try.

Monroe - Tessuti Patterns

Monroe – Tessuti Patterns

The drafting & style of this one reminds me of the pared back & minimalistic Japanese sewing patterns. There is minimal shaping and plenty of ease. I find the neckline to be a little tight and requires a ‘tug’ to pull it over my head. I love the 3/4 sleeve length option.

Monroe - Tessuti Patterns

Monroe – Tessuti Patterns

The length of the body of the Monroe is slightly longer than the Papercut Patterns Fall.

Monroe - Tessuti Patterns

Monroe – Tessuti Patterns. This one has lots of ease – for me.

To contrast, as I already had it in my stash, I also made the Fall Turtleneck from Papercut Patterns. Still a turtleneck with drop shoulders, the Fall however quite a different fit and style to it.

Comparison of the Monroe (left) and Fall (right) armhole and shoulder pattern lines

Comparison of the Monroe (left) and Fall (right) armhole and shoulder pattern lines

The armholes and shoulder lines are much more shaped – and as a result, of course, the sleeves also have more shape to their cap and a noticeable ‘front’ and ‘back’ to the sleeve draft.


The neck is much higher and turns over into a delightfully snuggly but not-too-tight turtleneck to ward off those cold winter winds.

Fall Turtleneck - Papercut Patterns

Fall Turtleneck – Papercut Patterns


I found both patterns to be quite short in the body – but the Monroe less so. I would have added length to the Papercut Patterns Fall body however I only ‘just’ had enough to cut the Fall pattern. I originally purchased this piece of merino knit to make a Monroe (Monroe requires 120cm, the Fall 130cm).

I need some new jeans – perhaps some of the high waisted variety… will I succumb to the Persephone Pants fever gripping Instagram? I may one day ‘tuck in’ my tops… who knows!

I’ve worn both turtlenecks quite a lot, perhaps the Monroe more due to the longer body length which is better on the cold days. I think I prefer the Fall for it’s heavier neckline and fit. Then again… it is considerably more expensive than the free Monroe!

Merino leftovers – sew a buff!

I did have long thin off-cuts after cutting out both patterns I turned into a ‘winter buffs’. These have been great on cold mornings when I’m out running (running when frost settles is not fun – especially when frost isn’t something you see very often – if ever!). I’ve been surprised how much I’ve used them – who knew that a random tube of fabric was so useful! Check out the YouTube clips on the multiple ways you can wear them.

Patterns: Monroe Turtleneck, Tessuti Patterns (free) & Fall Turtleneck, Papercut Patterns
Fabric: Merino knit, The Fabric Store, Brisbane

7 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Turtleneck – Monroe and Fall

  1. Perfect timing – we are having our first fall-like day today, and I’m snuggled in a cardi and leggings under two blankets in my chair! (Of course, it’s going to be over 30 and humid for the next ten days, but, whatever!) I haven’t paid attention to that Papercut pattern before, but I’m fasincated by the arm shaping! Both look cosy and lovely on you! ❤

    • So much colder here than I’m used to. And cold is tough here as we lack central heating or wardrobes to deal with it – an exchange student from Canada once told me a Sydney winter was the worst they had lived through 😳.
      I think if you want to be warm, then the layer closest to your body needs to be snug. These are great for sunny winter days of about 18 degrees but not enough of it is cloudy or windy or dark.
      I’m soooo looking forward to summer. I can deal with heat but I’ve struggled this year.

  2. Both tops look great! Interesting to see the shoulder/armhole shaping and how they differ. Hope the weather warms up for you! I personally love a good cold run, but only with the proper gear!

  3. We’re just heading into autumn here in the UK so this is well timed. I like the fit of the Papercut pattern – but what’s not to like about a free pattern from Tessuti!? I’m used to, and actually love, frosty mornings but I know I’d appreciate one of these tops as yours look so cosy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Interesting to see the comparison of the two tops, they look good but the Fall seems to be a much better option, well for me anyway, as I don’t like a tight neck.

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