Ahoy! She Wears The Pants (again)… No 4 Top with Epaulettes

I’ve been wondering… how many t-shirts patterns does one need to own? For me it was at least one more when I spotted this one in She Wears The Pants

Just a quick post today. I’ve got four posts in the wings… some posts take longer to write than others – however a simple jersey top doesn’t require much chatter or links. It was a very bright winter day – so forgive the harsh shadows and enjoy my winter’s day!

She wears the pants - jersey top 1

Yes, another make from She Wears The Pants (book review here – giveaway closed).

This is my third make from this book, so far I’ve made the Gathered Blouse and the Square Top. I really like this book, it’s very much my style… although apparently I can be somewhat bossy (I like to think of it as assertive) so maybe the title appeals to me as well LOL. It’s been a welcome addition to my sewing library – thank you Tuttle Publishing!

I scooped up a remanent of striped cotton jersey at Spotlight recently and immediately thought of this top. I had loved the softer blue stripe in this fabric for some time… however had not purchased it as it has little stretch and drape. When I picked it up again, I thought of this pattern and thought that the fabric having less drape/stretch would make it perfect for accentuating the slight bell shape of the sleeves and body of this top.

Back view: She Wears the Pants - No 4 Top with Epaulettes.

Back view: She Wears the Pants – No 4 Top with Epaulettes.

I stripe matched as best as I could, the side seams and shoulders (covered by epaulettes LOL so no point but I did it anyway) are great – the sleeves into the body not so much. The stripes are printed, not woven into the knit.

She Wears the Pants - No 4 Top with Epaulettes

No 4 Top with Epaulettes. Neckline facing, button and epaulettes

The epaulets are simple to make and you just baste them onto the shoulders before you set the sleeves in. I thought about omitting the epaulettes then decided they would tie in well with the nautical, quirky shape of the top. I like them.

I love the neckline finish. It has a facing instead of a binding. I know some people loathe facings but I really like the finish on this top. The neckline sits beautifully (it is understitched as well). I like how the facing is stitched down around the outer edge, it is a nice finishing touch.


Yes, it’s another t-shirt pattern and there are a lot out there. I do like the shape of this one. I think the boat neckline and the slight flare in the sleeves/body are really sweet.

I like the sleeve length, I tend to shove or roll up longer sleeves – this length is perfect for me.

I think I love the fit of some Japanese patterns across my shoulders and upper bust – and the easy fit through the body.

I cut the body at the longest length as I tend to wear low-waisted garments but hate belly flashing. The ancient 3/4 jeans in these pictures are particularly low cut – and I should toss them… but I love the leg length for a beach walk so I keep them.

Other than the hems & epaulettes, I constructed this top using my overlocker. I serged lightweight hem fusing onto the hem edges, turned the hem allowamces to the inside, pressed and finished with two rows of stitching on my machine.

Please note the sizing of this book definitely is on the smaller scale. Japanese patterns often have a lot of ease but you need to take this into account when considering purchasing this book. I cut a size XS and a body length of Large (my sizing hovers between XS & S and my height makes me a slightly taller than a Medium in this book’s sizing chart – which you can find in this post.).

Pattern: She Wears The Pants, No 4 Top with Epaulettes.
Fabric: Combed Cotton Jersey, Spotlight Australia (about $9 for the piece)

Also see: CSews, Very Kerry Berry

It’s winter here – but you would not have guessed it today. The weather was magic.

Bonus Banjo Photo Bomb

because no beach photo is complete without my dear old hound.

… because no beach photo is complete without my dear old hound.

Note: Tuttle Publishing provided this book for preview purposes. All opinions my own – I just keep sewing garments from the book because I like it so much!
No affiliate links in this post.

She Wears The Pants - published by Tuttle Publishing

My top is the make on the cover – note the pants are not included in the book’s patterns.

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52 thoughts on “Ahoy! She Wears The Pants (again)… No 4 Top with Epaulettes

    • Hello there! I think some people can be too dismissive of facings – with the right fabrics and design elements they can often be the best option – just like any finishing option. Everything has its time & place.
      I love all my jeans… they are like children, I rarely part with a pair!

  1. I love this top! The slight flare and epaulettes bring a nice touch to a classic tee. Random question – what do you do to stop your fabric rolling? I made a striped Mandy boat tee and the hem rolls up all the time. I don’t have an over locker so sew knits with a stretch stitch on my normal machine. Is there something I can do to stop the hems flipping up all the time. I’m am total noob with sewing knits!!!

    • Depending on the fabric, I often sew (I overlock but you could just baste) the fusible hemming web to the wrong side of the hem edge, I turn the hem allowance under and then use a double needle or my coverstitch. The web is ok on this jersey as the body it adds to the fabric really doesn’t impact on the overall look, I find with drapier knits I don’t like how the fusing changes the drape of the hem compared to the rest of the garment.
      At lunch in Brisbane on Friday, I was checking out the honeycomb stitch that Sue had used on her Jalie sleeve hems. It looked really nice.

  2. Hello! Not really new to sewing, but returning after L O N G absence. Really new to blogging, and I love yours! Scrolling through your posts-fabulous surroundings and photography, such style, and this striped top with epaulettes is so sweet! Thank you for such a lovely blog.

  3. I’ve needed some tshirt patterns, so am starting the Plantain/Deer & Doe and it’s EXACTLY like the store bought ones at H&M, so I’ve made 2 already because that’s my usual casual style, scoopy neck and short sleeves.

    This is a great shape for you and I can see why you are sewing through the book! The Japanese woven book (have no idea what it was called but it was a while back) is the only one I’ve tried… I wanna try the drape one maybe… but mostly they don’t suit my shape. Like most of the clothes here in Shanghai in summer! Better to sew!

    • I do really like the Deer & Doe tee, I haven’t made it because I look at taping together A4 sheets & shudder! I’d rather trace or pay for an A0 sheet to be printed (lazy much?). I like the Plantain neckline, it’s lovely… I’m also drawn to the Briar top… so many patterns!
      I’m sized to suit Japanese patterns which is fortunate… some days I’d happily swop out for curves… but not much I can do about that!
      Drape Drape is lots of fun & most are quite roomy which is more curve friendly. I do have one Japanese book I think it’s I Am So Cute Dresses (?) and I’m under their size chart. I think their bust measurements start at 34 inches.

  4. I like this book too. I bought it right after the review post – it was priced very reasonably (in US). Haven’t made anything yet though. I’ll definitely have to grade up some of the patterns, and I’m curious as to how that’s going to work out.

  5. I love this tee – especially the epaulettes and the flared sleeves. Cute and different! I’ve been toying with buying that book…this post may have pushed me over the edge….

    • I do think this is a particularly fabulous book… obviously! However I think it’s slightly different in tone from many other Japanese pattern books which are much more girly in style – this has a slight edge and is interesting.

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  7. What a cute top! I haven’t invested in a Japanese sewing book yet, but this one is really grabbing my attention. Or maybe I just like your style and want to be a copycat! ha ha

    • I thought the sleeves might bother me… turns out I was wrong & they are kinda of perfect! I do think this is a great book. The photography is a little dark & mood, the instructions are brief BUT if you’ve got some intermediate sewing knowledge, all those things don’t really matter.

  8. The extra body in this jersey is really perfect for this top! Great fabric + pattern combination. I also love this book, not only for the less feminine styles, but also for the attention to detail on finishing techniques and even construction. The patterns are all high quality with designer touches. And as another commenter said, very reasonably priced in the US! So far I’ve made the Sarrouel Trousers (No. 8), and I just cut out the Velour Blouse (No. 5) last night. Hope to see more makes from this book from you! 🙂

  9. Very nice looking t-shirt. And I definitely like the facing 🙂
    I’d like our summer days to be as nice as your winter days, so far they’ve been a disgrace to the season..

    • I don’t think so… but I’ve only made three things so I can’t speak for every pattern & I’ve sewn for quite a while!
      I would say that the instructions are primarily diagrams, the written instructions are minimal. So if you have made a tshirt before this would be quite easy. The pattern sheet is quite crowded and you need to add seam allowances… despite all that I think the effort is worth it!
      I wrote about the book in more detail (with photos) on my gathered blouse post a few weeks ago.

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