Seaside Spring Sewaway – update!

I’ve just enjoyed the first weekend free of commitments for an entire month – and it was wonderful. May was chaotic and stressful. I’m just catching up on ‘life admin’ at the moment. I went to the gym for the Saturday Body Pump session, it was the first time in… far too long… and as a result I can barely move tonight. Oops. Tomorrow is not going to be pretty.

The ever-beautiful Nobbys

The ever-beautiful Nobbys Beach – location of many of my garment photos… mainly because Banjo can run free there!

The Seaside Spring Sewaway is definitely on this October. I’m moved it to Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October as it’s a long weekend which makes travelling much easier for many.

I’ve booked a room in the heart of Port Macquarie’s CBD which is located on the riverfront and a stroll from Town Beach along the breakwall. There is a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and cafés within a few blocks. The room has electricity, plenty of tables, chairs, tea/coffee making… and you get to stroll through an art gallery as you arrive & leave. I know, I spoil you. I’ve done a weekend workshop there before and it’s a lovely space.

somewhere to sew?

somewhere to sew?

You can fly or drive to Port Macquarie. We are about ten minutes off the highway (four hours north of Sydney & about six and a half from Brisbane – roadworks dependent!). There are direct flights from Sydney & Brisbane as well – I can pick you up at the airport & drop you into Port’s CBD. Part of the beauty of being a holiday destination means there is a full range of accommodation available from camping to backpackers, serviced apartments or hotels. Most places are close to the river or beach – and we have a beautiful coastal walk which takes you from the CBD past all our beaches to the lighthouse at the southern end of Port.

Note: bloggers and non-bloggers welcome. I don’t believe you need a blog to prove your love of sewing. 

I’m providing the sewing workshop facilities. No charge. Just enjoy. I’ve made so many friends & had so much fun that’s it’s just something I wanted to do. Just bring your machine, sew, relax, chat, eat, walk on the beach – have fun. A weekend away isn’t cheap so the sewing workshop is my gift to those that trek to my little patch of sand, salt and (hopefully!) sun this October.

The only old-fashioned thing I ask is that you RSVP for me – so I’ve created a survey. Don’t worry it’s just to determine interest at this stage, I’m not going to hunt you down and hold your sewing machine hostage 🙂

That said, if you do want to come I would suggest booking accommodation sooner rather than later as a long weekend in Port Macquarie is a busy time!

The RSVP is to ensure I haven’t over or under-catered for a sewing space. If I need a bigger room I’ll need to know so everyone has ample space – or smaller which will save some pennies.

If there is interest in a dinner then I’ll set up a pre-payment system as I can’t afford (or the rest of the group) to cover for no-shows. That’s pretty reasonable I think. Heck, I’ll even throw in an early morning beach stroll with the now infamous whippet, Banjo. Take some blog photos! What more could you ask? So are you in?

Let me know here…

Banjo - my favourite water rat.

Banjo – my favourite water rat. Perhaps the star attraction for a sewaway in Port Macquarie – free addition to your blog photo shoots!

Sorry no sewing news follows – I exist beyond sewing and if it’s not of interest… you can ‘pull up stumps’ here.


I wasn’t going to put any of this here – however life has been getting in the way of sewing so for me it’s relevant (to me) – what could possibly tear me away from the machine and blog for so many weeks???

I was rather overwhelmed with life in May. I’m so glad it’s over and those who followed my adventures on Instagram, cheered me on and dropped me emails and messages… thank you! Sometimes those words of encouragement and laughter helped get me through some very long and tiring days!

Wouldn't you volunteer if you got a free ugly oversized tshirt AND  fluoro vest with CAPTAIN printed on the back? I also got a truck and a radio for the day... and the only aid station with Red Bull!

Wouldn’t you volunteer if you got a free ugly oversized tshirt AND a fluoro safety vest with CAPTAIN printed on the back? I also got a truck and a two-way radio for the day…

I kicked off the month as an Ironman run leg aid station captain – organising 90 volunteers to serve 1,700 athletes coming through the station four times over 12 hours. I started at 10.30am and got home at 12.30am. I’d love to tell you that I did it for altruistic reasons. Not strictly true. It raises funds for the school … but I love Ironman, it’s such an amazing event. While the professional athletes are impressive… it’s the ‘ordinary’ people pushing themselves to extraordinary lengths that bring me back every year. It takes a certain amount of personal grit to swim 3.8kms, cycle 180kms and THEN run a marathon… amazing and humbling stuff.

We had some HORRENDOUS weather in the lead up to the day… and I was slightly concerned by reports that my riverside aid station may experience minor flooding in the evening… fortunately the river didn’t rise quite that much! Highlights of the day are on youtube… however if you want to see just how pretty Port Macquarie can be (minus the floodwater and clouds) – better watch the 2014 highlights!

So this was my Mother's Day... probably not even 20% of the women's clothes here

School fete: I guess it’s appropriate that I help run the second-hand clothes stall. This was my Mother’s Day… probably not even 20% of the women’s clothes here

Ironman was closely followed by the annual school fete and some rather challenging dance eisteddfod adventures – let’s just say inverted French braids are not, and will never be, in my essential life skills set. The ballet school understands that now 🙂 

My eldest is mad about dancing... and it drives me mad some days!

My eldest is mad about dancing… and it drives me mad some days!

At the moment I’m looking forward to enjoying some ‘normal’ life. I’ve got some trips planned, so I might see you in Brisbane (twice this winter) or Melbourne (Melbourne Frocktails of course). I’m sad that I can’t make it to Canberra – because I love the Canberra crowd… and I love Canberra itself… I’m hoping there is another in 2016!

30 thoughts on “Seaside Spring Sewaway – update!

  1. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for a fabulous weekend of sewing and meeting other like minded people. really wish I lived a bit nearer but as I’m in the UK I think I’ll have to pass. If I lived in Australia you can bet I’d be there though!

  2. I would love to come and I have filled out the survey. I will look at accommodation asap. Thanks so much for organising this. I have only been to Port M once and I loved it. It will be lovely to return.

    • I’m up in about ten days – we should catch up & I’ll bring some brochures etc and a map – so you can choose your accommodation! Look forward to seeing my fave mad hatter soon!

  3. You have been so busy! I don’t know how you fit all this in… what a lovely thing to organise as well… I’m in Shanghai these days, and planning on organising a Frocktails here sometime… just have to get a few people together I think!

    • Sewing is such a wonderful thing to bring people together.
      I think I’m slightly mad… Or my favourite fuel is adrenalin and I thrive on it…. then I crash and burn!
      I have a philosophy that if you want to raise kind, generous children you need to be that person. I do love volunteer work, I like to do it with my children. I like them to see that contributing to your community is fun, rewarding and important… it’s just all come in the one month!

  4. Sigh… if only! Sounds like a dreamy sewing get together. My kids’ major school fundraiser was also a few weeks ago; organizing that many volunteers is definitely a feat! And the photos of your daughter are gorgeous. What a talent!

    • I’ve thought about doing it often… then then thought ‘why not?’. I wish Australia wasn’t so far from everywhere but I guess our country has it benefits… fabulous weather for a start!
      Zoe is a clever and bright girl, I’m blessed to have her.

  5. If I lived closer (U.S.) , I’d be there!!! Sounds so wonderful. What a nice treat for the sewing community.

  6. I was all excited until I read Australia. I’m in California. Maybe we need to have a virtual sewaway for those of us at a distance.

    Have fun.

  7. I can’t believe how much you manage to squeeze in! You’re a machineI am crossing all my fingers and toes that I can make it to your sewing weekend. i just need to convince the hubby! Plus work out my uni and work commitments. I’d love to come though! It looks like such a gorgeous spot to spend the weekend.

    • I’m sure I can find lots of fun things for him & the kids. Check out 52+ Things To Do website in Port Macquarie. It’s very much a family holidays destination, nothing too fancy, just old fashioned fun & beautiful environment. I’d love to see you here, heck you can study at my desk… It’s just down the hall from the room!

    • And I think it’s two things why I do so much 1) my kids are older so they get involved and help me & 2) I thrive on adrenaline… Right up until I crash and burn. I thrive on busy, I thrive on multitasking. That said, I’ve run out of energy & have resolved to look after myself this month!

  8. As an Ironman Tri athlete, thank you for volunteering. We could not do what we love without you. We appreciate all of the volunteer so much. Thank you!

  9. Survey done! I’d so love to come but won’t be able to confirm for a while yet. I’ve got kids, puppies & a 9hr drive each way to negotiate/organise. The only thing sorted is accommodation….yay for having a sister who lives there!

    • I’m not sure what’s more trouble… the kids… the puppies… or the kangaroos along the way! Would LOVE you to come. Sewing is good for the soul – and a happy wife = a happy life!

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