Not such an ugly duckling… Vogue 8780

I love those ‘makes’ that seem like a crazy idea but just sing to you when you put them on…

Vogue 8780 - an easy layering piece

Vogue 8780 – an easy layering piece

This is Vogue 8780 – which I’m guessing many have skipped over in the catalogue because it doesn’t exactly scream ‘sew me’… well to me it’s a bit of an ugly duckling (jacket not model)… why did I pick it? I wanted a long draped cardigan/jacket layering piece and this had potential…

Vogue 8780

Vogue 8780 – the catalogue edition. I totally get some will love this but the high-low emphasis and colour is just not ‘me’. And drawstring pants? I’m out.

Yes it doesn’t have the shape of my McCalls 6844. It doesn’t have the cute peplum. I’ve deliberately sewn it in something with much more drape than pictured or suggested. It’s not a vivid colour…

Vogue 8780 - back view. A more softer flared shape than the deliberate peplum of McCalls 6844

Vogue 8780 – back view. A more softer flared shape than the deliberate peplum of McCalls 6844

I don’t care, I love it. I love its lack of deliberate shape and gentle soft flare. I love its neutral tones…

Vogue 8780. Soft gentle colours...

Vogue 8780. Soft gentle colours…

It’s quiet and easy. I could own a million of these… and it’s very easy to make…

Perhaps the only issue I have is a raw seam is visible where the collar rolls over (which you can just see in the back view image above). If I made this in another lightweight knit (I desperately want another in merino but will have to wait for my next city trip which should be soon), I would probably French seam the collar – it’s a short seam and would improve the finish. A French seam would clearly would not work with a heavier fabric which is why it’s not suggested. With my long hair, it is not a big deal but I do notice it (#OCD).

I made this ‘small’ as I didn’t want such a lightweight knit clinging to my arms. The sleeves are slightly too big… but I don’t really mind. I tend to shove my sleeves up, I’ve just pulled them down for the pictures. The fabric is so light it would look odd too fitted I think. I made the shorter version. I didn’t want to morph into Casper The Friendly Ghost… Although he’s kinda cute…

The only things I did differently was 1) use an overlocker for everything and 2) the hem on the neckline and sleeves. I simply didn’t hem them. I took my queue from one of my favourite RTW brands Metalicus – which often finishes its lighter pieces with a very simple overlock rolled hem. I also finished the hemline with a rolled stitch. I just dislike raw edges on my clothes. I know – I can be a bit precious.

no 'hems'. I dislike 'raw edges' so I finished the edges with a rolled hem on the overlocker

no ‘hems’. I dislike ‘raw edges’ so I finished the edges with a rolled hem on the overlocker

This merino was so light that I felt a hem would look clunky and stop the fabric from floating and settling around me. It’s rather wispy and cloudlike. I love that.

Vogue 8780

Sorry can’t see much of the ‘make’ but I love the stillness and natural tones in this shot.

I’ve paired it with a latte-coloured lace singlet. I don’t often wear such muted colourways but I think I’m falling in love. I’d love to wear this barefoot with a silk bias-cut slip dress in a soft floral print… that would be so pretty…

This is one of my favourite places. It’s right in town, a tiny secluded beach nook which is always sheltered and calm. I feel peaceful here.

One of my favourite places...

One of my favourite places…

I have a type of anaemia, it slays me some days – it’s a mystery what causes it and I no longer really care. The treatment manages it well enough. I suggested marking my medical file with #notbuilttolast or if that was too harsh #special would be fine. I suspect it makes me more susceptible to the cold which I am really struggling with this year. And also more vulnerable than I like to be – I don’t deal with that well… at all…

Fatigue can be insidious, it just quietly slides up, wraps its arms around you, steals your breath away and whispers in your ear. I guess that sounds like a rather bizarre description of how I view my fatigue but it feels like a creeping shadow that I never quite escape. Generally it’s fine but you have moments when it rules your life – I had several moments in Brisbane were I wondered if I’d have to catch a taxi because walking back to my accommodation was so daunting – but I always manage because like a fitness trainer once said ‘The day you turned up to bootcamp I thought, “man she’s a delicate one”. But you get this ‘look’ on your face and despite everything we throw at you, you just keep going… a tiny mouse that roars like a lion…‘. Physical limitations are annoying, mental fortitude is everything.

I’ll be OK. I’m always OK eventually.

Thank you all so much – I’ve had so many emails, messages, tweets and comments. That’s really the best medicine. Knowing there are people that want to put you back together. xo

Pattern: Vogue 8780
Fabric: cream NZ merino jersey from The Fabric Store, Sydney (it was a 2m remanent for just $19 – major score)

… and did you see that McCalls Pattern Company have a new blog?


42 thoughts on “Not such an ugly duckling… Vogue 8780

  1. You are so right about the will power trumping the physical, but I feel so blue today that I could just crawl into bed and stamp out any last vestige of will power trying to spur me on! But be that as it may, your posts are delightful and real because you don’t let us believe that your world is a fairy tale above and beyond our own life struggles. When the will power knocks on my door again I might just sit in my sewing room again and escape into that world of creativity.

    • I’m so sorry you are blue – it’s such a pretty colour but not a pretty feeling. I often find that even when I desperately don’t want to do something the best colour to fight blue is ‘green’ as in ‘go’.
      I often debate with myself whether to put parts of my life into my posts… but I put myself into my sewing and I figure it’s part of the process and if me ‘putting myself out there’ helps someone else – then what better things could I write about.
      I hope you find that willpower and go and immerse yourself in some creativity – there is no better feeling. xo

  2. I completely get the fatigue thing. I’m basically always tired because I do more than what my body really wants me to do. Last year it was really bad and after months of feeling like crap and total misery it turned out I had a vitamin D deficiency. I think that type of fatigue is similar to what you get with anemia. I woke up tired, not understanding why I was tired and resting didn’t help one bit which made it all the more frustrating. I hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

    • I also have a vitamin B12 problem. I just don’t absorb it so they inject it into me. Plus the iron issue. When it first started I was so tired I would fall asleep all over the place. It was so weird. And sleep all day on the weekends… and I finally realised that I was ‘more than tired’. It’s not a killer condition but you do have to manage these things or you end up with other problems. Hope you are feeling OK now!

      • Those pills are a bit like magic, it makes a huge difference and I’ll probably have to take them for the rest of my life. Ah well, there are worse things.

    • Ah the boots. I love and adore those boots. They are just perfect. I think it’s the little gathered effect at the cuff that just provides a little bit of visual shape to the calf. Everyone comments on them. I’m so glad I indulged. I need to get them re-soled to ensure they last as long as possible….

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful: the outfits, the post and your photos.
    You have great vision to see such a beautiful garment from that pattern photo!

    • Thank you!! I spent ages looking for a pattern & I just keep being drawn back to this one.
      I was just about to go to bed… So I’m off to sleep with a smile on my face thanks to you.

  4. I would look like I was wearing a bedsheet if I wore this, but you rock it! It’s a great look on you. You are so right about going green when you are blue. I try to get up every day and do the best I can no matter what, but some days that feels like climbing Mt. Everest. The only way to move forward is to do the work. Lovely post, as always.

  5. Love the new make, and as always, the scenery is to die for. So beautiful.

    I hear you on the fatigue and cold intolerance. While I am slightly anemic, mine is caused by thyroid disease. It can be so disheartening because while it’s not life threatening if I’m properly medicated, it still impacts quality of life in the littlest ways that sometimes add up to a lot. Every once in a while I get really down about it, but most of the time I just keep chugging on. Here’s hoping you feel better soon and keep on chuggin’.

  6. Wow – I really love this on you – the way it drapes is stunning! I’m so sorry to hear about your fatigue condition, it just doesn’t seem fair. But the way you keep on going, well, the expression that comes to mind is *she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ * I think you’re amazing!!

  7. I thought that maybe for the collar, you could put the seam on the other side, so the visible seam sits inside the collar when it rolls, leaving no visible stitching. And you could always tack it down with just a little stitch to keep i t from flapping up 🙂 i don’t love the cardigan on the model but it looks fabulous on you!

  8. I was wondering why you are wearing denims & boots while we are peeling off the layers and only crazy people wear boots this time of the year. It is flip-flop season…..until I got to the part about Brisbane etc. You are currently in the middle of “winter” or what passes for winter. My family in South Africa are complaining bitterly about the cold this year. When asked the temp I was told it was 4 degrees(Celsius). I just smiled – it seldom ever goes above that here in winter and more often a LOT below that (Canada).
    Anyway thanks for sharing this pattern and all your fabric & design considerations. Interesting that we all think along very similar lines – no matter what part of the world we live in.
    Keep sewing!

  9. I’ve been really into drape-y cardigans lately. Despite my massive collection of Vogue patterns, I don’t have this pattern, but I’ll have to look into it since you’ve made quite a lovely cardigan! Also, I’m not sure if you’re into taking vitamins and pills or not, but I’ve found vitamin D to be an essential part of my winter. One drop a day has a profound impact on my happiness and overall well being. Also, my anemia has responded really well to slow-release iron pills.

  10. beautiful cardigan! i love how floaty it is in this fabric, great choice of color as well! love your honesty, hope your energy amps up soon 🙂

  11. I love it’s floatyness! And yup would def have skipped over that one but it looks so different made up in something lightweight and I totally understand about those little details that you know are not quite perfect, like seeing the exposed stitching, and it’s all you think about when you wear the piece. But I think somehow we are the only ones who notice it! Just means we have high sewing standards 😉

  12. What a gorgeous layering piece – it would have been easy to pass over that pattern but you had the vision and saw it to its lovely fruition! Thanks for writing so eloquently on the fatigue and health issues. I had short term fatigue from some fairly intense events in my life – my adrenals were maxed out – and I had a small insight as to how real fatigue impacts on life. Someone very near and dear to me suffers with ongoing fatigue like you, and also pushes on valiantly like you as well. We’re all behind you!

  13. I love this pattern as well. I just wanted to say how I enjoy your postings, I read them all and you inspire me each time to getting cracking in my sewing room. Hope you are feeling stronger.

  14. Beautiful cardigan and really lovely and thoughtful post. I love the shape, color and airiness of this piece. I may have to give this pattern a try come winter after seeing yours! Wishing you the best 🙂

  15. Don’t you love merino in winter! This looks soft and delicate on you which might mirror how you are feeling so a good pairing. Sorry you aren’t feeling well 😦

  16. I have thyroid disease and also battle fatigue and cold, mostly cold feet. I think my meds are finally well adjusted now, but it was a rough 8 months or so. I hope you feel better and keep making beautiful clothes.

  17. My sister has MS and the fatigue is the worst. She manages with a morning swim 7 days a week which helps with both fatigue and stiffness. She still needs a restorative nap late in the afternoon after work. Yoga helps too. I had pneumonia 15 years ago and know what fatigue is like. I’m sorry to hear that you deal with that every day. That must also contribute to your bouts of depression. I’m glad to hear you’re under a doctor’s care. Hugs xox

  18. First of all your cardi is just divine and I love this softer look on you. Not that the other looks are bad at all. Nice to be versatile.
    I hope you feel better soon, I know you will push through – it is lovely to have so many well wishes from people all over the world who feel and empathize. *hugs*

  19. This is such a romantic looking cardigan. It’s lovely. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues and how that affects your mood. 😦 As my kids say, that sucks. Hope you feel better soon!

  20. I love your your very inspiring projects and all the lovely photos that you post. We all have issues these days. I can only tell you that I look forward to your posts and I find them truly inspirational. Hope your feeling on top again soon.

  21. I love the wispiness of the cardi. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. It’s a real drag (literally) when you are anaemic – I have a genetic blood disorder that is basically a form of anaemia but it is not an iron deficiency but when I had that and iron deficient anaemia I was really dragging my knuckles around. (It is important not to take iron unless you have it confirmed by blood test that you are deficient in iron as iron builds up in the blood and goes toxic if you don’t need it.
    Sometimes your body just makes you slow down. I liked your quote about appreciating getting old too! Hope you’ve picked up now.

  22. I love this cardi – it looks great! Fab outfit altogether and I can see why that spot helps you find calm. I’m really not a fan of raw edges either so I’d do the same as you – when I have saved up enough for an overlocker! 🙂 Sorry to hear you are struggling a bit with the cold and fatigue. Totally get your description regarding energy levels – I suffer from fibromyalgia and the pain varies but the fatigue is always there. Really gets on your wick at times but all we can do is listen to our bodies so we don’t overdo it entirely but also do our best to make the conditions live with us, rather than us live with them. Thanks for another great make and interesting post! xx

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