Getaway (at home) Weekend Blouse Liesl & Co

I’m blessed to live in the town of ‘getaway’. We have a multitude of beaches, waterways and hinterland to frolick about in on a daily basis. As result unless I’m at work, I dress like I’m on holidays… casual dressing is my forte.

After my happy experience with Liesl & Co Late Lunch Tunic (aka the beach cover-up) I wanted to sew another Liesl & Co… so I decided that the Weekend Getaway Blouse & Dress pattern was just the ticket.

Getaway Blouse

Getaway Blouse

Let me tell you THIS IS THE EASIEST TOP EVER to construct. You can read about my thoughts on the pattern at Stitch 56 and you can get the downloadable PDF here… and in the meantime here are some ‘frolicking in the sun’ pictures in my Getaway (at home) Blouse! And it’s more ‘mad Hawaiian’ in spirit

Lovely easy shirt to wear... especially in silk cotton...

Lovely easy shirt to wear… especially in silk cotton…

Liesl & Co Getaway Blouse - back view

Liesl & Co Getaway Blouse – back view

Liesl & Co Getaway Blouse

That’s me gloating about having a collar and sleeves with zero effort.

Dog bombed again!

Dog bombed again! Yes, he doesn’t enjoy his mornings at the beach much…

and finally…. I do appear to live in paradise… yes they are dolphins swimming by as I stroll along the beach with the mad whippet Banjo… life is tough…



Don’t you think a sewing weekend away in Port Macquarie is just the ticket? Think of the blog shots!

Pattern: Liesl & Co Weekend Getaway Blouse & Dress

Fabric: Silk cotton from Spotlight.

52 thoughts on “Getaway (at home) Weekend Blouse Liesl & Co

          • Be careful, Lizzy. I live in South Florida. My sewing room IS my guest room. When company comes, I pull out the inflatable mattresses – yes plural. there are 2 – Guests never seem to mind sleeping among sewing machines and fabric as long as they can go to the beach and/or pool every day from November until April or May. In the meantime, guess whose sewing gets slowed down to a crawl during these visits. I often let my guests know that I’ll be in their space while they’re out. That’s the only way to get some sewing done when company is around.

            I love my family and friends, but their visits do inhibit the flow of things in the sewing room. No doubt, you love yours too. Just be ready to put some of your sewing plans on hold… or at the very least significantly revise your schedule.

          • People swim all year round here… however both my kids have trundle beds… so I move the kids into one room & the guests get the other kids room… sewing room untouched!

  1. Hi Lizzy, I hadn’t been by for a bit and wanted some sunshine to start the day. Your corner of the world is certainly the ticket. Man oh man, we just got blasted with a winter blizzard and what I wouldn’t give to be on that beach today, especially with Banjo 😀
    I like the colour and tiny capped sleeve on your new beach wear, the silk cotton sounds really comfy too. You’re looking awesome as usual, cheers.

    • Hi there! I was thinking you had been a little quiet. Blizzard – that’s just beyond my imagining! I don’t even see a frost.
      I hope your winter is brief & your spring arrives early!!

  2. Yet another pattern that is sitting around in my stash! I keep seeing such lovely versions around the blogosphere so it may have to move up my list. I could use sleeves and collars with little to no effort!

  3. You definitely reside in a bit of paradise. Pretty beach pics! I love the “mad Hawaiian” print – The blouse LOOKS like it is going to be a button up with that neat collar- But it’s not!

  4. Your top turned out great! I often feel the same way about my city. It was rated the #1 tourist destination (I think in the US), 2 years in a row. Your home looks a little more “vacationy” than mine though. I would love to visit! I love how your dog always manages to sneak in a pic 🙂

  5. I love the look and fit of this blouse. Think I’ll go through my pattern stash to find one like it. I know it’s in there somewhere. Just been a little while since I’ve made that particular blouse. Thanks for triggering the idea.

  6. Lovely top! And the dolphins… What a beautifu place it is you live in!
    This pattern is definitely on my wishlist, thanks for the inspiration…

  7. I was searching for images of the Weekend Blouse, looking for inspiration, and spotted your beach one with the whippet – of course this caught my eye! I have Two mad whippets!! love your shirt too!

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