Christmas Skirts for my Girls – Burda 9489

I’ve always wanted to make something for my kids for Christmas and this year, despite being busier than ever – I managed it!

Burda 9489 Christmas Skirts
Christmas Skirts for my girls

I chose Burda 9489.

Burda 9489 - skirt & dress

I really love the Burda catalogue for kids. Their designs are modern and not too cutsie. Once your kids get to a certain age they are really not interested in wearing frilly, flouncy princess-style dresses.

Not much to tell you about this skirt. I made View B. It’s got curved hip yoke pockets with contrasting fabric trim. The skirt is gathered onto a waistband with a back zipper closure. The waistband has belt loops.

I made a size 7 with added length for Zoe. Zoe is 10 but tall and very lean for her age – just like her dad. Zoe’s is the owl skirt. It’s a quilting weight cotton, trimmed with red polka dot poplin. She was VERY cranky the afternoon we took photos so I don’t have too many of just Zoe – she’s a gorgeous tween when she’s not scowling LOL. I fear she is going to be a heartbreaker…

Burda 9489 - Zoe Rose
Burda 9489 – Zoe Rose

Giselle is my youngest daughter, she’s 8. I cut her a straight size 10. I added some lace trim out of the stash to her hem and got a piece of grosgrain ribbon for her belt – she has been dying to star on ‘Mummy’s blog’ for ages! We took some photos late one evening in town under the big Christmas tree. The light was not great but they do capture her personality beautifully, she’s a funny little soul with an old-fashioned air about her. So here she is… my little Giselle Violet…

Burda 9489 - Giselle Violet.
Burda 9489 – Giselle Violet.
Burda 9489 - back view
Burda 9489 – back view
Burda 9489
Burda 9489

They have had lots of compliments and I’m so pleased to managed to squash these into my sewing schedule.

Burda 9489 - my gorgeous girls!
Burda 9489 – my gorgeous girls! Big Sis and Little Sis as they call each other, such different little personalities but great mates.

Celebrate your Christmas with the joy of a child…

Giselle - my crazy little munchkin
Giselle – my crazy little munchkin

Pattern: Burda 9489, view B
Fabric: Christmas prints from Spotlight

I’ll be back on Monday with my Minerva make!

33 thoughts on “Christmas Skirts for my Girls – Burda 9489

  1. Oh, aren’t they gorgeous! Love the skirts – what a great idea!
    As I scrolled down I thought Zoe was you, Lizzy. How exactly alike. Have a Merry Christmas – it looks like it’ll be a hot one. 🙂

  2. Your daughters look like kids I’d love to know! Zoe looks soooo much like you, and Miss 8 looks sassy and friendly and sillly, which is an awesome combo! What a lovely family. I really hope you get time SOON to relax with them!!

    • Funnily enough I often think that my girls and you would get along great. Giselle is extremely funny – marvelous sense of humour and very loving. I’ve always called her my Bubbalicious for that reason.
      Whereas Zo is a thoughtful child, serious, diligent, studious – a model student – the sort of child that makes you go ‘wow. She’s mine’

  3. My 10 year old has that long lean thing going on as well. It makes it difficult to get clothes to fit….yay for sewing! Your girls and their skirts are lovely.

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