(more than just) a Late Lunch Tunic: Liesl + Co

As you know… I go to the beach… a lot… it’s what happens when one lives in a town that is littered with them. You just sort of dawdle along and splat… you find yourself on the beach again with sand between your toes and saltwater drying on your skin. It’s a tough life but I’m coping well. Here’s one of my favourite beaches… Nobbys (aka The Dog Beach)… it’s a friendly beach where everyone says hello and you can let your dog off the leash, a rather fabulous feature when you own a whippet… it’s rather rocky but that’s what I love the most about it. It’s just magic at Nobbys.

The ever-beautiful Nobbys

The ever-beautiful Nobbys, Port Macquarie

It’s springtime here. Sun protective clothing, hats & sunnies are indispensable again. I decided I needed something new to throw on over my swimmers on the dog beach mornings (I’m tired of daggy old sarongs)… what to make?

When the Liesl + Co patterns were released I was underwhelmed. They looked big, shapeless… not ‘me’ at all… especially the Late Lunch Tunic… I’ve never even owned a ‘tunic’. Seriously.

I’m the girl that bolts down a meal and skips onto the next thing on my ‘to-do’ list. Food is merely fuel to keep the SewBusy machinery operational. So the Late Lunch Tunic held no lifestyle appeal – and it looked… so boxy… then I saw Sown Brooklyn’s Tough as Silk Tunic… and I went back to the patterns and had another look… and with a couple of clicks it was sitting in my inbox. Oops!

Hello Late Morning Beach Tunic…

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic SewBusyLizzy

The Beach edition of the Late Lunch Tunic (and my Michael Jackson moment). Please note I AM wearing swimwear under this. I’m a nice girl.

I’ve always had a penchant for sheer shirts, not fitted ones but soft, billowing sheer shirts that just hint at what lies beneath, modest but not dowdy – I adore them. I’ve been wearing them since high school.

This is made from cotton cheesecloth in the palest pink. It’s easy to care for, light and cool to wear and so so easy to sew… not to mention I paid about $12 for the fabric – all 3 metres of it. I also adore the crinkle of cheesecloth… let’s just say I like ironing when I’m sewing but ironing laundry is not my gig.

Now even I don’t go to the beach all the time (it just seems that way) and prance about in swimwear… (in fact I think that’s the first time you have come close to seeing me in swimwear on the blog). So how would I wear this out – if I was so inclined to sit around all afternoon and eat?

The Late Lunch Tunic when you actually want to go out and eat lunch...

The Late Lunch Tunic when you actually want to go out and eat lunch…

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic - back view

The more demure way – with proper clothing… & an ‘up do’ because I’ve got Beach Hair going on…

I’ve paired this with skinny jeans, heels, earrings and a nude lace cami. The yoke has a double layer of fabric which creates a bit more ‘coverage’.

I can imagine wearing this in plaid/flannel with leggings & flats in winter – dead cute, comfortable and warm! that would make me look as short as I actually am… I’ll have to think about that…

My handsome (but v.stoopid) whippet Banjo decided this was THE day to photo bomb…

Photo bombed!

Photo bombed!

and again…

Photo bombed by the hound

Photo bombed again by the hound

and sometimes I admit I’m not always so keen to get wet at first…

It might be warm - but the water is cold until you get used to it some mornings!

It might be warm – but the water is cold in spring/summer until you get used to it some mornings!

STITCH 56 – a new blogging gig

This is my first project with Stitch 56 – I’ll be blogging some of my makes over at Stitch 56 and some tips on how I finished my makes. Stitch 56 has a really big range of sewing accessories, patterns, digital patterns, patterns for clothes, homewares, hats, bags and more – go and have a look!

I want my blog to continue SewBusyLizzy style – it’s my little creative playground and I want to keep it that way. Strangely, in this virtual corner of the world I discovered a new way of looking at life and feel part of a worldwide bunch of beautiful generous people who have become my sewing circle and life. My blog is a bit like a butterfly, I don’t want to touch its wings…

At Stitch 56 I will be exercising some of my more serious craftin’ muscle (not too serious – I’m not I’m capable of that) and write some instructions, tips and reviews. I’m a former craft editor – I have a formidable arsenal of skills – from interviewing, writing, editing, technical writing, freelancing, photo shoots (not in front of the camera – I’ve always been camera shy – go figure) and broad knowledge of ‘craft’… I’ve turned my hand to many crafts – including wood carving and turning, folk art, bear making and silver jewellery, crochet, knitting, patchwork, embroidery… yes, I am bona fide creative machine, you can read more about that here.

So subscribe to the Stitch 56 blog for more product reviews, sewing pattern reviews and more SewBossyLizzy sewing tips… I’ve written more about the Late Lunch Tunic over there today… and I’m writing up another post for Stich 56 which is just some of the techniques I used to make the tunic this week as well… it’s nice to have somewhere to put all that extra information that might be of use to others!

I’ll be sewing a wider range of things at Stitch 56 – which is interesting to me. Helene has been good for broadening my horizons… I’m interested in things like sewing for tweens, hats and what not. So things like that will be popping up over at Stitch 56 too and I’ll let you know when (I would have made an excellent lollypop lady).

So if you are curious – yes, I purchased this pattern and bought my own fabric. And yes I do really love it.

I thought long and hard blogging for Stitch 56 and decided that I didn’t want to accept cash for my posts. I blog what I like, I sew what I love and I say what I think – that’s going to happen here and over at Stitch 56 – because that’s the SewBusyLizzy way 🙂 Helene at Stitch 56 has provided me with patterns that interest me and a discount – and I have purchased quite a lot of patterns LOL – hello Thread Theory! I see it as a mutual sponsorship.

I’m still going to be sewing plenty of Big 4 patterns, independent & free patterns at SewBusyLizzy just for you guys because *shuffles feet* I have a lot… and I like sewing my own crazy stuff and sharing it with you – it’s the highlight of my sewing projects!


  • Next week I’m going to blog my first Minerva make (25 November) The Christmas Skirt of Happy Happy Joy Joy. And it is – I had so much fun making, wearing and photographing that skirt – buckle yourself in for sewing fun!
  • I’m sewing up the new Lolita Patterns Gunmetal top – I had rather an epic journey in getting it printed (I’ve learnt my lesson, now I’m just avoiding my local Officeworks printing department whenever possible, hello Xerox) so I’m behind the blog release schedule. Patience people! And there will be a giveaway.
  • I was also selected as a tester for the Thread Theory Goldstream Peacoat so ELH is finally going to score a treasure from the sewing room.
  • The sewing room is almost re-organised. Oh it’s sooooo much better! Pictures when I’m done.
  • I’m waiting for By Hand London Georgia Dress pattern to arrive and Papercut Patterns Bellatrix Blazer… I’m so impatient. Australia Post is horrifically slooooooow….
  • Finally… I’ve nearly finished My Hot Mess Birthday Dress… which is TOMORROW!

Sorry can’t stay and talk… must sew more…

Pattern: Late Lunch Tunic by Liesl + Co from Stitch 56 pssst… it’s a download so you can start right away! Great pattern, great instructions and great finish.
Fabric: pale pink cotton cheesecloth from Spotlight.

Stitch 56

Stitch 56

54 thoughts on “(more than just) a Late Lunch Tunic: Liesl + Co

  1. I am so pleased to see this review. After wavering back and forth for a week or so, I finally purchased this pattern this afternoon. Will be taping and trying it for myself this weekend. Thanks for the gorgeous background sceery too!

  2. Looks fab Lizzy – Cheesecloth beach tunic is ideal. I might have to make myself a winter version for my big christmas dinner… plenty of room to stretch that belly!

  3. I was somewhat surprised when you said you were making this pattern. I love and Oliver & S brand but I had the same thoughts as you about the new womenswear range from Liesl.
    BUT….this looks perfect!! It’s really flattering and fab as a beach cover up and even looks great with skinnies. How did you find the sizing??

  4. This is so cute! I have to confess that I felt the same way about the Liesl & Co patterns– they seemed more suitable to older ladies than myself. But I really like your version and I really liked Wanett’s (stop tempting me, ladies!!!!!). This makes a fabulous cover-up and totally transitions perfectly to lunchtime! Seriously lovely fabric choice, too. 🙂

    Also– HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  5. i love how you used a sheer, it totally keeps it young and modern. very cute! and i thought i would be reading a post about a tunic and then BAM! all that awesome news! have fun with the new blogging gig, i’ll add it to my ever-growing list of reads! and happy birthday!!

  6. Love this tunic on you. Just goes to show that creativity can make almost any pattern suitable. This is a great pairing of pattern and fabric. Good luck on all your ventures! I don’t know how you do it all.

  7. So exciting to hear about your new blogging gig! I am mostly a lurker *cough, shuffle*, but seriously you are an inspiration to me with all your mad sewing skills! You make me willing to stretch out of my comfort zone sewing-wise, and I am so much happier for it. Thank you, and Happiest of Birthdays to you!! 🙂

  8. Sewing World domination to you Lizzie!! Congratulations on your new gig – I will certainly follow it. Just make sure you don’t neglect that drunk monkey of yours – I love reading about him!

  9. You are very busy indeed! Congrats on spreading your wings a bit and it will be nice seeing you in other parts of the web… BUT I am very happy you will sticking around here as well- (I love WP blogs because they just magically appear in my reader- No hunting around!) Love the tunic- and the pale pink gauze makes it perfect for beaches and late lunches! I had never heard of Stitch 56 OR Leisl and Co but am off to check them out! ~Laurie

  10. Ahh summer’s coming! Time for beach cover ups 🙂 love it and so pretty in the pink semi-sheer…also I am super excited you bought the Bellatrix! 🙂 I am hoping the mail man has been today, so excited for new patterns

  11. Such an amazing version of this pattern!! I love the soft pink!!

    And you have SO much coming up, soon! Isn’t it awesome to stay busy doing what you love?!?!? Looking forward to all of your upcoming posts!

  12. I kinda felt the same way about the new pattern line, but the more I see them on the more they are growing on me! Your tunic looks great! Perfect for where you live!

  13. Happy Birthday Ms Lizzy!!! I do love that soft petal pink in a fabric. And cheesecloth really is the bomb for hot summer days by the beach – stylish and sunsmart. Looking lovely!

  14. I love this version. Another pattern to add to my wish list… I’ve been going through my UFO pile today and feeling inspired – it’s part of the clean up of the sewing room in preparation for moving. Children jumping off furniture here. Must go an supervise…

  15. I love this tunic on you Lizzie! I think it’s summery and breezy. Not sure why everyone thinks things have to be fitted. Ive never heard of Stitch 56, going to check them out later today.

  16. Wow! You are such a busy lady! How fantastic that you get to do even more sewing & chatting about craft! Congratulations! I love the tunic (& Im totally with you on tunics – I was very unconvinced until I made a Wiksten Tova…!) & that fabric looks like a dream in hot humid weather! And your dog is so sweet! I hope Banjo gets to photobomb again…!

  17. You really are sew busy lizzy!! Congrats on the blogging gig. I absolutely love your late lunch tunic. Sown Brooklyn’s version made me want to try the pattern, too, and you may have just pushed me over the edge!

  18. Here in the UK it is cold and damp and misty and dark at 4pm. Imagine how longingly I linger over pictures of beaches! Banjo is adorable and looks far more sensible than my Carter! The tunic is far more stylish than I’d ever imagined and that last photograph of you is simply amazing!
    Congratulations on the Stitch 56 gig, too. They are lucky to have you.

    • I’m happy to being some rays of sunshine into your world! I’ve been thinking I should make an effort to take pictures that channel some warm & sun to my northern hemisphere friends!

  19. Never thought to make this as a beach cover up but it’s perfect. Love the fabric you’ve chosen. My you are going to be busy with all those projects on the go. Hope you had a lovely birthday.

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