Top 5 Inspirations

Top 5 of 2013

Top 5 of 2013

My writing at the moment is a little brief. I managed to throw my spine out of alignment (merely by stretching after my morning coffee!) on New Year’s Eve.

Don’t fret I’m much better, still stiff and sore but on the road to recovery.

Top Inspirations…

I’ve changed a lot in the past year of sewing.

I’m sewing more to the beat of my own drum. I know what I like, what suits me and my lifestyle. More and more I just sew ideas that pop into my head. I am forever browsing the internet, watching people in the street, examining garments in-store, I love clothes in ‘action’.

I guess my top Inspirations would be.. (sorry just four today – I clearly can’t count this year)

Sewing blogs & twitter
Without a doubt seeing what everyone is creating and how they are doing it is a Number 1 inspiration. Keep sewing & blogging people!
I’ve recently discovered Beaute J-adore and Jolies Bobines. Fabulous sites with great makes, photography and styling – check them out.
I love twitter – love it. I get lots of ideas, inspirations and solutions from my twitter friends – thank you – love you all!

I love new pattern releases – whether it’s the Big 4 or indies. I find all new patterns thought-provoking and inspiring. These days I like to look beyond the styling and create my own version. Recent examples of this are my Late Lunch Tunic (which has been worn a lot!) and my Vogue 1351 for Minerva Fabrics. I’m currently working on my Lolita Patterns Gunmetal and it’s really sweet and very different in feel to the other Gunmetals floating around out there!

I’m very driven by my fabric choices. My husband said to me one day – “it’s a peculiar gift – you walk past a bolt of fabric, pat it and say… ‘wow that would make a perfect halterneck dress/shirt/trousers/jacket etc’… I just see a bolt of fabric – you see what it could become.”
This is probably why I struggle with sewalongs. I can’t make something unless I can find the right fabric for a pattern. I’m a little obsessive on that score.
So fabric stores and online shops I can spend hours in, dreaming about my next make…

‘Not’ shopping
I love to wander around shops and browse online. I very rarely buy these days – instead I’m forever snapping images on my iPhone and filing away ideas for another sewing day.
I’m very driven by my lifestyle. Fortunately I have a need for casual wear, corporate wear and cocktail dresses in my life so I have diverse sewing projects to tackle. I like to make things I will actually wear. It’s fun to sew things for the sheer challenge – it’s more fun to sew things that you wear frequently!

Still got my 2014 Goals to go – I’ve been thinking hard about this one!

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Inspirations

  1. I do the same thing- Take pictures of clothing that inspires me. I have a nice little collection of pics together! I am an incessant people watcher as well and when I see someone wearing something I like I have to make a quick sketch (dont want to freak them out by taking a pic of them!). My favorite places for inspiration are blogs and instagram. I love reading blogs! Thanks for the 2 you mentioned. Had not seen them before and I love the look they convey. Happy sewing in 2014 and I am glad you are feeling better! First time I ever hurt my back I was doing something pretty random- picking up a toy. (dang kids!)

  2. Hey! Hope you get better soon. Love the post. I have been thinking lately about making better fabric choices than I currently do. I’m a bit too “oooo, pretty”, which is why I have a large stash of fabric which I am likely not going to use. Unfortunately Sydney sucks when it comes to fabrics.. I need to be a bit more creative and see beyond the fabric.

    Pinterest is where I put my inspirations and would like to makes. Twitter? Still trying to get my head around it. And blogs, goes without saying..

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your back! I hope you get better soon.

    Thanks for the roundup as there were a couple links to sites/patterns/blogs I haven’t come across. I love finding new places to browse online 🙂

  4. Hi Lizzy, I hope the back is feeling better! Just wanted to say that one of my main inspirations is you! Your enthusiasm, creativity and generosity with posting, make for an enjoyable blog! Thanks 🙂

  5. Hahaha, had to LOL at your hubbies comment regarding fabric – my hubbie says the same thing about me. I see a bolt of fabric, I normally see a specific garment at the same time. It is a gift. I honestly believe fabric choice makes ALL the difference.
    Happy 2014…Look forward to seeing what you make this year x

  6. I agree that the right fabric for a project is essential. I just started sewing last year, and feel handicapped that, despite living in the 8th largest city in the USA, we do not have even one decent fabric store. Thus, I am obliged to buy online, without the opportunity to assess feel, drape, etc. I am sorry to say that last year I was seduced by tens of bright, cute quilting cottons, but have found that they are not so appealing when made up. In fact, they look like house dresses that Ethel Mertz might have worn in the 1950’s. This year, I am determined to drive as far as necessary to find a good fabric store, and see if the bolts will talk to me, as they do to you.

  7. This is a really great post. It’s so interesting to find out what inspires people. I particularly like your point about finding the fabric and knowing what it should be. I regularly struggle to find the “right” fabric, but maybe I look at it the wrong way about? Perhaps I should start with fabrics and then match them to the pattern? Something to think about. Thank you!

  8. I’ve just discovered Jolies Bobines as well! Spent ages looking at her stuff last night.
    Agree on seeing others makes as inspiring, it is certainly getting my brain into overdrive although my lack of fabric is still woeful!
    Hope back gets better soon mate x

  9. Taking photos is a great idea. I suppose I would use it more for construction than for style since I mainly sew costumes. Still, I love different combinations of color and pattern. Thanks for the idea!

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