Not a Fashion Star… just me in a cute jacket… & McCalls 6611 giveaway

So begins The Year of the Jacket…

McCalls 6611 - Fashion Star

McCalls 6611 – Fashion Star

Nothing like starting 2013 with a little bit of reality TV – hello McCalls Fashion Star, 6611.

McCalls 6611 - side view

McCalls 6611 – side view

I’m still on holidays but I was missing the blog so decided to write up this post, while sitting in the holiday house in the central Tasmanian highlands (well when you live at the beach where do you go for holidays!?!).

This jacket started when Suzy Bee Sews blogged her version of this jacket. Her’s was not a happy story – so much so that she gave away the pattern. And I won it. After sewing so many indie patterns, it didn’t occur to me that the pattern would not be in my size. Doh! I must be really perverse, as despite Suzy’s tales of woe and not having the pattern in my size, I immediately became obsessed with making this jacket.

Next time a BMV sale came around I took the opportunity to get the pattern (and maybe a few more…) and when walking through Spotlight one day this gorgeous cotton sateen literally threw itself off the rack and into my arms, pleading to find its moment in the sun as McCalls 6611, who was I to say no?

McCalls 6611 - back view

McCalls 6611 – back view

So the outside of this jacket is a floral cotton sateen. I used a contrast cotton sateen for the drape lapels and peplum lining, the body is lined with cotton batiste and I used bemsilk for the upper sleeves (to make it easier to slip on) and the contrast sateen for the lower sleeve lining (more on that in a minute). Yes it’s a bit of a hodge-podge on the inside, partially to do with the fabric stash offerings and my alterations.

This is a simple jacket to construct. I only made a few changes to the pattern.

I cut the back as one piece. It’s supposed to have a seam down the centre of my back, however I didn’t want to cut up the pattern more than necessary.

McCalls 6611: inside jacket back

6611 inside jacket back

I serged the front lining seams and then decided to top stitch these seams… just because I felt like it 🙂 I also serged the jacket front shell seams as I didn’t want them shifting about. I simply neatened the back seams, clipped and ironed them open as directed by the pattern.

I cut the lining slightly wider around the armholes as I thought it would allow for more movement up and around the seamlines. A while ago I saw a blog tutorial on Sewaholic, A Fashionable Stitch or perhaps Grainline’s blog on how to alter pattern pieces for a jacket lining. I wasn’t quite so exacting, i just recalled the post as I was cutting and I just did it by eye! When I get home I’ll look up the tutorial and amend this post with a link.

I also set the sleeves in flat… this is the easiest (and happiest) way to put in sleeves. I learnt this from A Fashionable Stitch during the 1880 sewalong. Great technique – try it!!

6611 inside jacket lining

McCalls 6611: inside jacket front

McCalls 6611: inside jacket shell front

While this was an easy jacket to construct, I spent quite a bit of time pondering the sleeves. They felt overwhelming in the floral print. I almost chopped them off to 3/4 length. However I’m a girl who likes to keep her options open, so I decided to leave the length but use the contrast cotton sateen for the lower sleeve lining. This way when I roll the sleeves back, the sleeves match the lapels which I think looks nicer than seeing common-as-muck bemsilk. I think I’ll always wear this with the sleeves rolled back – I love the informal look – but the option is there for full length if I like or an evening turns chilly (I am now too old and sensible to shiver in the name of fashion).

To my eye the cropped jacket length is better balanced with cropped or slightly shorter sleeves, particularly in this busy print. I considered cuffing the ends but I love jackets with the sleeves shoved or rolled up the forearms. It appeals to my casual sense of style (…that’s if I have something you can call style).

While this pattern does not call for lining fabric, it appears you use sateen or something similar throughout, I think it would be very stiff hence the use of bemsilk and cotton batiste instead (which came from the stash).

I love the peplum as it gives me some shape. I do think the jacket would be great with a button closure, maybe a button and loop, as the lapels don’t really ‘drape’ and I like the look of it closed with the contrast lapels, they don’t look so great flopping around as they are rather pointy than soft and floppy.

Do I feel like a Fashion Star. Nah, not so much – I’m only 5 foot 4!

McCalls 6611 - lapels

It will pain you to know that we took these pictures in my lunch break. This location is our Town Green (riverside) and is all of 90 seconds walk from my desk.

…and one bad hair day shot for laughs… I’m waiting for that sponsorship call from a shampoo company…

McCalls 6611 - bad hair day

McCalls 6611 – back hair day

OK finally what you have been waiting for sooooo patiently, reading my rambling and skimming over my pictures….

Want to be a Fashion Star too? As you know the start of my journey to make this jacket began with the wrong size. I’ve been emailing Suzy and she is cool bananas with the giveaway (thanks Suzy!). So if you would like to join the McCalls 6611 congo line please let me know in the comments below. The giveaway is for size range 14-22

Suzy also sent me a sensational little package of vintage patterns – I’ll blog them when I’m home again – thank you Suzy I love them!! I’ll be home again soon enough.

92 thoughts on “Not a Fashion Star… just me in a cute jacket… & McCalls 6611 giveaway

  1. I didn’t look twice at this pattern online, but now I can see it’s full potential! I might just need that size 14, so count me in! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. I’ve sent you a little pressie to enjoy on your return! Oh the suspense…

    • I saw the envelope pictures too and thought it was horrid – think it just needed the right fabric. It’s got a lovely simple shape which is quite flattering.
      Thanks Anna! I’ll be sprinting to the mail box 🙂

  2. I love your jacket and the fabric is fab…I love it when it leaps off the shelf like that…meant to be! I agree with the cropped sleeve/cropped length correlation, makes the jacket much better proportioned. But I never thought of just rolling them up! Now you have more options…SoSmartLizzy!. Put me on the list for the pattern…it looks great and it’s just my size! Cheers!

  3. You’re finally coming round to the crazy photos, I see! That is totes an 80s hair metal action shot towards the end 🙂 Loving the jacket and would like to pop my name in the draw 😀

  4. Oooh! Count me in please! The jacket looks perfect with jeans and the floral fabric is fun.

    Love the photo shoot location – 90 seconds from work for me is a concrete jungle in downtown Calgary. Oh, and don’t forget the snow . . . . . . !

  5. The jacket looks awesome. I think we’ll go a long till me see another quite so good. Please put me I the drawer. I only started sewing clothes last year and wanted to learn to make something with a lining and after seeing your version, I want one! Please

    • Thank you! I actually think this is a great lined jacket to start with. The construction is quite straight forward and there are no buttonholes, zips or pockets to worry about.
      Good luck.

  6. Please don’t count me in for the giveaway, lol!
    It looks fantastic on you and you don’t have the funkiness I got around my sleeves/armscye which leeads me to believe the wierd shape was from me not the pattern!! I’m glad the other patterns got to you, hopefully all the pieces are there (I have to admit I didn’t even take them out of the envelopes when I was given them).
    Love the pics too, you have a real gem in your hubbie, I’m just happy if mine doesn’t cut my feet/head out of pics and find my daughter takes better shots or its easier to use the tripod!

  7. Cute jacket! I love the print–I always shy away from them because I always scared the print will be wearing me instead of the other way around, but you’re only 1″ taller, so I should stop hiding behind that excuse!

    • I totally forgot. I set mine in flat and cut the lining slightly wider around the top of the armholes so it would sit better. Better amend my post – holiday brain!
      Suzy also had issues with the armholes etc. you should check out her post.

  8. Oh I love it! I totally agree about folding the sleeves back- I think having them match the lapels really brings the whole jacket together. I’m sure this will end up being a very versatile make.

    By the way, don’t put my name in for the draw, it’s not my size & I know myself well enough that it wouldn’t get re-sized :-P. Must keep my eye out for it during the next pattern sale though!

  9. What a cute but stylish jacket, and with the attention to detail, lining cuffs and all you’ve made yourself something special. Looks great with jeans- fab idea to use such pretty printed fabric. I’d usually steer towards a solid for a jacket so it’s great to see there are other ways that work!!
    Please don’t enter me for the draw though, sizing s wrong. 🙂

  10. this jacket is so great! love how it drapes and the look does look like fashion or rock starry teamed with jeans and heels! 😀

  11. It looks amazing Lizzy! I love the last mad hair shot too, please don’t put me in the draw though as I don’t have anything appropriate in my stash to make this with and I’d hate to see it languishing when someone could actually use it! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday.

  12. While I’m not here for the giveaway (I am avoiding obtaining any patterns until I work through my own!), I just wanted to say that I LOVE you in this jacket – the fabric is perfect for it, and it can be dressed up or down. I really love that te sleeves coordinate with the lapels when they are rolled up – it adds a great contrast to the floral 🙂

  13. Love your jacket! Every time I read your blog I ooh and ahh over your pictures- not just the lovely clothes you make but how you wear them and the background!… It challenges me to TRY and do better with my own sewing and photos… but I am a loooong way off! Thanks for being an inspiration… and count me in on your pattern give-away! -Laurie

  14. Gorgeous jacket…and location!
    When I was back home (Portugal) I used to work 5mins from beach. I had 2 hrs for lunch break so would always go for a swim. Miss that but then it’s never hot enough here to make me want to dive in the sea, lol.

  15. I’m pretty sure you are getting tired of my comments that start with “I love your…” but I just have to say it again: I love your jacket! It’s cute but not cutesy, and smart but not too business. Just perfect! That said please don’t enter me in your giveaway, I already have too much patterns 🙂

  16. A great looking jacket! I’ve been slack with comments of late, but have been reading! And I’d like to jump in on your ‘Year of the Jacket’ theme, if I may…I too, am in need of a few great jackets. My black Minoru has been fantastic but I need more styles – like this little beauty of yours! I’ve got the Sewaholic Cordova and an assymetric Vogue in the pipeline. Love your photoshoot on this post too!

    • My husband is a huge help in the photo department, all credit to him 🙂
      The more the merrier in the year of the jacket, I’ve also got Cordova planned. Watson might be next though.
      I might set up a Flickr group, jackets are always interesting projects to look at.

  17. Very cute, and the print looks lovely with this design. Please don’t enter me in the draw though as I have the Cordova and Anise already planned!

  18. Ok as I cannot chat in the office I am stalking your blog……whilst you have been away I have left some lovely Scottish wool fabric on your desk…would make Another cute jacket!

    Naomi has turned into a crochet queen and is turning up with all these great arty projects That she has made. Belinda wants to attend stitch and bitch and as the cafe is trialling opening until 9pm on Friday’s I think they want us to sort it out! B says she has wool ready to go and wants to crochet.

    Hope you are having a great holiday and enjoying a rest,
    PS love the jacket!

    • LOL well the good news is I’ve nearly finished Giselle’s cardigan already so I’m starting another cardigan for me for London. 🙂
      Methinks a fashionable stitch n bitch is just what Port Macquarie needs! And we might be just the ladies for it…
      Hmmmm wonder how much material there is… could make a lovely little cape…

  19. You look so cute! Nicely done! I love a casual, rolled-up blazer look, too. I think that reads “fun” more than “office”. Speaking of offices… THAT’S THE VIEW FROM YOUR OFFICE?! I do think I hate you just a tiny bit…

  20. My new year resewlution is to sew more outwear and I need a pattern. Your version is lovely, I would love to stitch my self one too.

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