Give the girl some Pendrellicin – she’s a Sewaholic (the Pendrell)

Note: I’m on holidays and typing this on an IPad and using the WordPress app (which is good but not perfect) so excuse any weird formatting ‘stuff’ – I blame the app – not Happy Hour.

Jungle January here I come!

Sewaholic Pendrell -when two wrongs make a right

Sewaholic Pendrell -when two wrongs make a right

OK. To be honest here is another Sewaholic pattern that I didn’t think was quite me. Too frilly, too… I don’t know, too something! Frills kinda scare me. Then I saw Trisha’s version in her Top 5 of 2012 and I decided to give it a try after all. Trisha’s didn’t look too frilly or fussy so I decided to give it a whirl.

And then for some reason I decided despite the fact I’m not into animal print at all either, that I would make it for Pretty Grievances, Jungle January.

Yeah Lizzy that makes sense, put to things together you are not horribly keen on and see if that works…

Sewaholic Pendrell front view

Sewaholic Pendrell front view

Ah yeah, in this case that old saying two wrongs don’t might a right? Grandma was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I think that situation was somewhat helped along by this nice rayon fabric that I dug up in Lincraft. It’s lightweight, lots of drape and not at all shiny. I fear shiny things.

What to say about Pendrell? That hasn’t been said already? It’s a lovely pattern – hello? it’s Sewaholic what did you expect Lizzy? As reported on the blogs here and there, it’s quite long – however given I had no intention of wearing this little number untucked that wasn’t a drama.

The construction wasn’t quite what I expected. It’s princess seamed. You sew back and front middle pieces together at the shoulders, then you attach the first set of frills – which are 100% cool as I was freakin’ out about hemming those little puppies. You fold the frills in half and then attach the frills to the central pieces raw edges together. Then you kinda sew the side pieces and attach the second set of frills, sew the side to the middles in what felt like the LONGEST seam in history… ARGH I’m on holidays… get the pattern, make the top and read the instructions people! Tasia needs to eat.

In essence the raw edges and whatnot are sandwiched between seams and binding making it quite a tidy little make. It’s like frills for cheaters! Or cheetahs in this case (pun intended… sorry).

I do admit I was kinda hating this during the making and thinking “argh this is sooooo NotBusyLizzy whatcha thinkin’ girl??”‘. I was exceptionally tired and headache-y and it was a battle of me and my prejudices. Then I popped it on and I was SoSurprisedBusyLizzy – it’s not too shabby at all. What the???? Could I have been wrong?? (don’t tell ELH… Argh! he’s a blog follower, my cover is blown!)

My neck bias binding looks like a drunk monkey stitched it on (or one with a seriously nasty headache and attitude). Unfortunately I cannot share this joyous sewing triumph with you as I forgot to document my shoddy work in all its glory – I’m in Tasmania and my top is in New South Wales (I uploaded these images before I left – hence no back view pictures either). Sorry darlings, you will just have to trust me on this one – sometimes my sewing does suck. The good news is it looks quite snappy on the outside and since I stopped wearing clothes inside out when I was about 3 years old I’m not too upset.

So what did I learn?

Yes, yes, I’m a confessed Sewaholic – that’s not news to anyone!

When I first started sewing Sewaholic was fairly new as a pattern company, I didn’t think any of them were very ‘me’. Ummmm yes, might have been wrong there….

The thing we all need to learn is… look past the line drawings, look past the company styling. You might think a pattern is not ‘you’ – but perhaps it is.

You need to find ways to make things/patterns ‘your style’, put your stamp on them. You don’t need to be Tasia to wear Colette, or Sarai to wear Colette – just be you.

Pick your fabric, choose your accessories and make it yours.

Haven’t you noticed that the most interesting person in the room is always the person who is completely themself, comfortable in their own skin and not quite like anyone else?

You can be that person.

Sew something outside your comfort zone.

Surprise yourself.

Life is short (and our pattern stashes large).

Sewaholic Pendrell - better leave this stuff to Bimble & Pimble

Sewaholic Pendrell – better leave this posing stuff to Bimble & Pimble

And have I worn the Two Wrongs Make a Right Jungle January? Yes ma’am! I wore it to work as photographed, pencil skirt and heels. And this photo shoot was totally Jungle – I was munched by v.hungry mosquitoes with every snap of the camera. Ouch!

Thanks Anne for dragging out my inner cheetah. xox.

80 thoughts on “Give the girl some Pendrellicin – she’s a Sewaholic (the Pendrell)

  1. Love this post – on lots of levels! I have a Pendrell pattern – as yet unused – and some animal print fabric – as yet unused. So maybe I should follow your lead? Two wrongs have definitely made a right for you!

    • Thank you 🙂
      It was one of those patterns that I got and then thought I’d had a ‘brain fart’ moment. It’s great to realise that most things can work, it’s a matter of finding the right combination isn’t it? A great pattern can look horribly wrong in a bad fabric choice or a brilliant fabric with a bad pattern match.
      My advice with this – one is a fabric with too much body could result in footballer shoulders 🙂 there is a lotta frill going on. The cap sleeves could also be a challenge in the wrong fabric.

  2. I love this! Animal print scares the whatsit out of me too, but I’m definitely warming to the idea now I’ve seen you take the plunge. The top is floaty and gorgeous – and I don’t give two hoots about the inside 🙂

    • Yes the innards of a cheetah are best left well alone! I’ve got some of this stuff to line my up-coming Watson jacket. Sometimes it’s just the right fabric with the right pattern that makes the magic happen. 🙂

  3. Great shirt and great post Lizzy! Since I’ve been sewing, my small comfort zone expanded and became bigger and bigger. And its still growing. And I’m becoming more ‘me’ because I can wear the things I like and don’t worry (as much) about what other people think of it. It’s really one of the best things about sewing! Oh, did I mention I really like your shirt?

    • I think sewing does increase your self confidence. It also makes you more aware of how things look on you and I think that helps a lot x
      I’m glad your confidence is growing – it should!

  4. I really love how you just push forward to make something you’re not entirely convinced of! It’s a great attitude, and once again I’m considering following your example. Like, make that dress … not a specific one yet, just A.Dress.
    Either way, the blouse turned out great, and the animal print doesn’t look silly or grandmotherly at all (I don’t know, but often animal print to me looks like too old ladies trying desperately to look too young – if that makes sense?), but quite fab! Yay for unleashing your inner sewaholic cheetah!

    • I always like to try things before I dismiss them completely because you never know. I wear lots of dresses as I find them easy wardrobe choices – no coordination required. I often tell people that say they can’t wear dresses that they haven’t found the right one, once you find a style that works it is addictive – good luck. I’d love to see you make A.Dress 🙂

    • Yes! I think anything with too much body the frills or cap sleeves might be too much. Lots of drape required for this one in my opinion.
      I almost gave this one pattern away, glad I didn’t!

  5. Love your post and love your Pendrell! I was the same way with the Cambie, believe it or not. Didn’t think it was for me, but I changed a few things and used a cool fabric and I love it so far! It’s so important not to shy away from experimenting with patterns/fabric because you may discover something you love or maybe you find out it’s not for you. Important information to have. It’s truly amazing how you can change the look of any pattern with fabric choice/accessories or simply tweaking a design element or two. It’s tempting to see only the color photograph on the website/pattern envelope, but to look past that and see it as yours is an art that I think we develop over time. But, if you can do that, a whole world of patterns opens up to you that you may have thought wouldn’t work. But hey, that’s the fun of it right? 🙂 Hope your holidays are treating you well! I used the WordPress app too, and it’s ok, but as you say, not free of bugs.

    • Totally agree, it didn’t think Cambie was my cup of tea at all but decided to give it a go – and apart from its lovely finish, it’s my beloved and favorite dress… In fact I wore it yesterday and felt fantastic!
      I really enjoy taking patterns that I’m not sure are ‘me’ and turning them into ‘me’, that’s the real joy of making something, it’s unique but it’s also a reflection of me and my style.
      Holidays is lovely so far, nice and quiet. Plus having a break from the machine means I have time to think. The Gingermakes parcel from Christmas is forming in my mind! V.excited now, I can picture the outfit and it’s going to London!

    • I like to write in a similar manner to how I talk, I’m fairly laid back and irreverent (very Australian qualities!) and I think people get the fairest impression of what I am actually like in real life. So thank you for that!

  6. OMG, I think I feel a fever coming on!! I have sewn a couple of Sewaholic’s patterns and LOVE THEM…. but… sometimes I have to warm to the other ones. I think you just tipped me over the edge and I’m going to have to buy that pattern too! Looks great on you and I think I’m loving frills more and more! Well done!

    • I got this pattern simply because I’m a true Sewaholic, then didn’t know what to do with it. Sometimes you just have to wait until the right fabric comes along! This is a great top for work for me, lovely with a pencil skirt – not being a fan of button-up blouses this is a great option.

  7. Your top is great! Pendrell never floated my boat either but I may have to give it a try sometime. Though I’m having some fit issues with my first try at a Sewaholic pattern — they’re just not drafted for my body type. Makes it hard to dive into too many of them when Colette and Megan Nielsen fit so well straight out of the envelope.

  8. Rawr! This is a gorgeous blouse, drunken monkey stitching and all! 🙂 I thought I was the only one who thought “I’m just not sure these patterns are me”, but then wanted every single one of them after seeing everyone else creating beautiful clothes with them.

    • Yes, I find Sewaholic patterns take me a while to warm to – then its love. I didn’t like Alma much but then saw end which made me change my mind and it’s one of my favorite patterns of all time!

  9. Love your Pendrell, and love that you made it your own! The leopard with a simple black pencil skirt looks timeless. I feel honored that I inspired you to give the Pendrell a try… and now you’re inspiring me to look through my stash for another fabric that might work well with this pattern!

  10. I love that skirt, it’s so flattering (on you anyways). I like that there’s no waistband. I wouldn’t usually like frilly either but the pattern on the fabric is a good buffer….ying-yang….so it totally works and look how cute you are in the jungle, ha 😀

  11. I can see you have not only taken the Pendrell to a whole new level but the Sewaholic jokes as well. I am not an animal print wearer really either but I would be converted by this. I am just sorry I got rid of my version of the pattern before even making it up.

    • Yes my Sewaholic jokes are dreadful but it seems to have become an essential part of the blog post 🙂 I almost gave mine away but then it just seemed perfect for this Jungle January challenge.

  12. I have actually never heard of Pendrell patterns, will have to look them up. But, I really like the layered cap sleeves. It gives it such a lightness and a dressy flair!

  13. This looks so cute on you! You’ve conquered the animal print and the Pendrell! So adorable! I’ve had zero interest in the Pendrell pattern, and I don’t like frills or anything, but this really does suit you. Way to look beyond the obvious with the pattern and find the Lizzy in it! 🙂

    • I’m a frill hater from way back. For a long time I just wore black head to toe – hard to believe but it’s true! Life is too short to never shake up your wardrobe, it’s fun to surprise people – and yourself!
      I’m in Tasmania at the moment, a long way from my sewing machine and the break is great, I totally know what I’m going to do with your Christmas package and how I’m going to wear it! I love that!

  14. I loved reading this post.. Your right, if you get the right combo of fabric and pattern it’s gold. Grrrrrrreat top x

  15. I’m not confident enought to try animal print yet, but it looks fab on you! Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for some awards. I was given some awards and wanted to share the love. You know where to find me 😉

    • Don’t be scared, it’s just a fabric. While you might look wild, I’m pretty sure it won’t bite 😉
      Thank you for the awards! I will have to do some more blog posting when I return from holidays. My Internet connection is rather spasmodic at the moment.

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