Top 5 Goals 2013

Yes I know… SewNaughtyLizzy. It’s day 11 of 2013 and I still haven’t committed to my 2013 goals – and five of them! Eek!

Top 5 of 2012

Here we go.

My sewing room is horrendous, fabric everywhere, books everywhere.  Some things reasonably organised, I do have patterns in plastic envelopes and fabric in plastic tubs, it’s just the patterns and fabric that are not in the tubs that are challenging me.
I’ve started tidying up but I just need to finish. However everything I go into my sewing room I start patting fabric, looking at patterns, making something and well…. the tidying bit is so boring!


I have a stash accumulated over many many years. I used to be a craft magazine editor so I have a legendary amount of magazines. I also have craft notions for a range of crafts. I have patchwork fabrics, books, teddy bear supplies… really you name it, I’ve done it and experimented. However I really think clothes are my niche and I’ve decided to stay right here. It’s where I am happy – inspiration and ideas never fail me. Bliss. So I shall get rid of the things I do not need or want. I shall eBay some things, I shall donate others and others I may giveaway on my blog. I feel good about eBaying some things, it helps support my fabric ‘habit’…

In 2012 there was a lot of talk about ‘cake’ and ‘frosting’. I think of my sewing wardrobe slightly differently. I have:-

Bread: the everyday items that you need that are not terribly exciting but practical, tshirts, singlets, basic skirts and the like. To me these are not cake. Cake is a treat in my world. So I call these things ‘bread’.

Cake: the pretty dresses made from voile, cotton sateen, poplin and more. The pretty things which I can wear anywhere and everywhere, the beach, BBQs with friends and down the street.

Frosting: the ultra fancy stuff that you just can’t wear everyday. The Gertie dresses of the world, fancy fabrics, boning and more.

Condiments:  Then there are jackets… ah how I love jackets… and I think of them as condiments. They are not the only form of wardrobe condiment but they are a great example. What is a condiment Lizzy?
Condiments: an addition to your outfit that can completely change your look. Think of a basic steak. Top it with tomato sauce – basic improvement. Then instead of tomato sauce top that steak with mushroom and peppercorn sauce. Now we’re talkin’.
Jackets are a staple in my wardrobe. They are the simplest way to change your look without getting changed. Wear a pair of jeans, throw on a dressy jacket and suddenly you have a smart casual look. Wear a fancy frock and throw on a denim jacket or a funky leather one and it changes your look entirely. I always consider jackets an excellent investment of time and money.
So in the world of SewBusyLizzy I am celebrating 2013 Year of the Jacket. I can’t wait – I have at least four planned… including the Watson (fabric organised), the Cordova, a Burda bolero (fabric organised) and I’ve just finished the McCall’s 6611 – will blog very soon, we took pictures today in my lunch break. I looooove this jacket, it’s so cute!

I think the above is fairly self-explanatory.

Get out of bed early a few mornings a week to read and comment on blogs – using the laptop. Some of you may have noticed that I am not commenting on your blog quite as much – I am still reading them!
A few months ago commenting on Blogger blogs became near impossible on my iPhone and iPad, hence my commenting stopped. I used to do this when waiting in queues, on the lounge at night, in my lunch break etc. I don’t/can’t use my work computer for personal reasons and they do track everything we do and look at. Not worth the trouble and I just don’t have time in work hours. So I did a lot of blog reading on the run. I can still comment on Blogger blogs with Disqus. However some Blogger blogs are clunky to load and sometimes Disqus compounds this issue as it has to load too.
I have a family and I can’t sit down every night at the computer to read and comment on blogs using a ‘proper’ computer. I certainly don’t want to sit down after 8pm and do it, I want to have a rest on the lounge. I hope the issue is sorted out sooner or later and I can go back to commenting on my iPad and iPhone. I only use the laptop to downsize and insert images into my blog posts. The rest is all mobile. It just suits my lifestyle better.

Sorry for the lack of pretty pictures. I’m working on two more posts as I am off on holidays shortly (Tasmania) and there will be no sewing (yes you read right NO SEWING) for an entire week!! Argh!!

64 thoughts on “Top 5 Goals 2013

    • I’m definitely a dedicated reader of them – in some cases thank goodness for Twitter, I just don’t like to sit for hours in front of the laptop in order to comment, if it’s not mobile friendly for me it makes commenting very difficult. Alas!

  1. I’m too disorganised to make commitments! Yours are both sensible and interesting – it sounds like you are planning a good year, and I can’t wait to see what you sew!

  2. Go the year of the jacket!! I have plans to make one at least, but have two or three others I’m keen on as well. I might be over-estimating my abilities but it is a whole year to achieve it… perhaps it could happen! AND I LOVE how you’ve called it “bread” instead of “cake” because really, you’re so right. Bread is a staple and that’s what we need to sew more of… not very exciting but a necessity nonetheless. I’m going to refer it as bread from now on. 🙂

  3. Very interesting goals! I’m totally with you on the year of the jacket: I’ve started to trace a Burda one (10/2007 number 103 to be precise) and this is going to be a lot of work for me 🙂
    We’ve had some great discussion over commenting on Blogger and I too hope some kind of solution arrives in the near future!

    • I’m sure my comments have upset some Blogger bloggers but until I had a little whine on twitter it seems no one had dared to let anyone know. There seems to be a conflict between the two platforms Blogger & WP. However I don’t think it’s got anything to do with that as much as Blogger being so mobile unfriendly. Alas! I do read all the Blogger blogs in my reader it just commenting is logistically too difficult.

  4. I’m in the process of getting back into my sewing room. Today, I managed to clear a path to the cupboard so that I could put the towels away. You will probably understand how good that made me feel! I love the notion of the year of the jacket and look forward to seeing your makes. And, oh, we will miss your posts while you are in Tassie but you will have a fantastic holiday and that’s what counts.

  5. I must tidy my room, sigh. I’m gonna redo the zip on my Peony and hem that sucker first though. It’s been hanging around my sewing hovel far too long. So that’s tonight and this w/end sorted then!
    Can’t wait to see your coats. I’ve got Lady Grey in my collection but I’m a bit scared of it but I can put it off until 2014 as I have nothing suitable into stash and can’t buy anything! Hee hee, sometimes self limitation is a gooood thing!

    • I’m surprised at my restraint, I love Lady Grey but haven’t given into the urge to purchase it! I think Watson & Cordova will keep me busy enough! I scored 1.5m of mint wool & 1.5m of emerald green wool at op/charity shops this week. yay!! Perfect for some little coats….

  6. Lizzy, the whole blogger comment issue drives me bonkers! I read blogs on my mobile devices also, waiting in lines, etc. so many time I want to comment only to be frustrated when it does not work. :-((
    Looking forward to see your jacket makes!

  7. I like your wardrobe categories since cake does seem more special and not basic to me. I have a Cordova jacket in the Sewlutions jar so I can join the year of the jacket too! I’ve had the same issues with Blogger blogs. Have a fun and relaxing vacation!

  8. HA! Condiment…love it! It’s so true though, I think you’re the first to come up with that one 🙂 I like your “year of the jacket” goal. They really do change your wardrobe in new and exciting ways. As always, I eagerly look forward to your progress! Keep havin’ fun 🙂 xxxx

  9. Your goals sound so yummy – especially the cake! One can only do so much especially with children at home. They are top priority. I am truly amazed at your productivity and enjoy your sewing -bread, cake, condiments and all! Like you said, “Have fun!”

    • I’m a mad crazy optimizer of my time, I guess I have to be otherwise my life would be just about being a ‘working mum’ and the sheer grind of that didn’t make me a very happy person. Sewing has given my life an amazing happy dimension and I’m very happy I can find the time for it.

  10. Jackets are wonderful! I’d love to make one this year too but so far the fitting has me a little scared. I have the Colette Anise pattern. And organization — I’m so there with you! Great goals!

    • I’ve got Anise but due to my other Colette fitting issues in scared too! If I get to it it might be needing a muslin first. I’d love to make it so I could do bound buttonholes!

  11. year of the jacket! yay! i dove into outerwear last year (made 5 pieces!) and for some reason i was surprised that i could actually make these things. silly, i know! they require extra time and patience, but really it’s just sewing. can’t wait to see what you make! and yeah, i really need to tidy up my sewing room as well; it looks like a crime scene. which is wrong because i’m a chronic organizer!

    • Maybe sewing is where you relax so being messy is a good thing 🙂
      I agree jackets are no harder than anything else, yes a little fiddly but not overwhelming difficult. I’m so looking forward to making mine.!

  12. I just love your analysis of the wardrobe and yes absolutely jackets do so much more than any other “accessory” to change an outfit…

    Hope you have a fun year and I’m looking forward to seeing your jackets

    Commenting – I find only wordpress blogs easy to comment on I must confess

  13. I keep trying to lure people away from blogspot over to wordpress, but they don’t seem to take the bait. 😉 I have trouble commenting on blogger too, especially when 3rd party cookies get turned off by accident…:oops: Or when OpenID is in a snit. 🙄

    It sounds like you have some excellent goals for 2013, they seem pretty manageable, though the thought of doing so many jackets would terrify me! The sewing room cleanup is a very noble goal, and it’s not really so bad once you get started, I promise. I finally got my rubber bands and started rolling up my scraps/slippery fabrics last night, and now I’ve got room for more fabric! You will surely find the same. 😈 Good luck in your goals for the new year, can’t wait to see them turn out!

  14. I’m so excited to see your jackets! So fun! I bet you’ll feel amazing once you get your sewing space organized! I really, really, really need to do that, too. I’m feeling so overwhelmed! I need to sell a piece of furniture and buy at least two new ones… blerg…

    • Oh I feel your pain. I’m getting rid of a bookcase and I’m thinking of getting rid of my Horn Sewing Cabinet, now I have a room I don’t need to pack everything away. Which means I need a table/desk…. which I will probably want to paint… argh the list goes on!!!

      • UGH! My machine sits on a vintage Singer treadle machine (Man Friend got it for me as a gift, intending it to be a desk), but it’s not really a good height and my leg cramps from using the pedal (since it has to be outside the treadle area), so I think I need to sell it and get a different table. Ick! I also would like to replace my card table with something sturdier. Hopefully I can find a table or something big enough to accommodate the machine and a cutting area, but small enough to fit my little room.

  15. Great post, as always. Love your goals. It is definitely the Year of the Jacket. I’m about 35% done on my Anise, and I think it’s going to be a keeper. As for commenting, I’m in the same boat as you. At work I can’t use the computer for internet so I rely on my iPhone, but in our building the signal is weak, making the connection hopelessly slow, especially in the afternoon. I wish I could comment more on others’ blogs and reply more thoroughly to comments on my own blog, but I simply can’t make it happen. I am definitely reading and admiring though! All of that being said, you are one of the world’s best and most encouraging bloggers, and we so appreciate it. Hugs.

    • Thank you, that comment has put such a smile on my face! Do you have the WordPress app on your phone. I’ve found it soooo helpful at writing posts when I have a spare minute, responding to comments (in fact I’ve just woken up & am lying in bed responding to comments right now! It’s also great to read & comment on other WP blogs – plus it’s free!
      I’m looking forward to your Anise! I have that pattern but am a little nervous, simply because I’ve had so many fit issues with other Colette’s… that said I’ve been thinking a jacket is quite different to a dress with a fitted bodice….

      • I do have the WordPress app, but due to the slow connection in my windowless room it is just as slow as (if not slower than) regular surfing. The swirly thing just goes round and round, and nothing happens. It is handy for quick posts, though.
        Anise should be pretty sweet, fingers crossed, but I’m reallllly taking my time with it. Instructions are clear, especially with the Colette sewalong posts and the Anise Companion, but it’s just something I’m content to look at haunting me from its temporary WIP home on the back of the rocking chair. It would be nice to have that chair back…
        Glad I could make you smile!
        Take care.

  16. I share your love for jackets, coats, outerwear of any sort. I don’t think I can ever have enough – and yes, I have several jacket/coat projects planned for my year, too! Good luck to both of us!

  17. Oh, please do a detailed post on your sewing room! It would be fascinating to see all the craft things and your stash, and honestly, we don’t mind the mess 🙂 I had to move the ironing board out of the sewing room this week as the husband kept standing on all my fabric, carefully laid out all over the floor. Inconsiderate much?
    You should ebay them all and link to it so your fellow crafters can help ou destash 🙂

  18. NOW I know why I can’t comment on blogger blogs from my iPhone! (Thought it was me…) I love how you described the condiments of a wardrobe. So true! The Watson jacket is divine… Looking forward to seeing it… Happy sewing in 2013! ~Laurie

  19. Ugh, stupid Blogger commenting on iPhones. Especially infuriating when there’s that word captcha thing that jumps out of view when you go to type it! I found that when you tap around in your comment using your iPhone, the box will freeze, but if you click out of it then back in it, it works again. Anyway, I don’t blame you for avoiding it altogether!

  20. Your goals look good! I havn’t made a Top 5 List or anything like that, but I saw on Pinterest somebody had made a vision board where you put pictures, quotes, inspirations, fabric swatches, words, etc. etc. of things you want to accomplish and/or be involved in for 2013. I am going to try and make one of those and see how it goes.

  21. MY adorable iphone (loved only for it’s Minnie mouse cover) just refused to let me comment on this post- I didn’t do goals this year- I thought I’d let other people fire me up and your post has- I love Year of the Jacket. I’m copying…

    • I love copycats 🙂 weird you are a WordPress blog too… did you try to comment via the WordPress app or Google Reader or Blog Lovin’
      I can’t wait to Jacket Up My Life. It’s going to be fun!! Hooray for 2013 Year of the Jacket.
      I have one coming soon…

  22. love this whole site. Found it by mistake, was googling vogue patterns and your site popped up so had to check it out. Your a funny one, make me laugh. Also love how everyone feels the need to be organised. I have an old kitchen cupboard, turned to face the wrong way, it’s a perfect sewing room organiser. I got some boxes from a cheap as chips sorta shop and all my heavenly bits & pieces are in them, on the shelves. The cupboard sits between a wall and a boxed in old fireplace so there’s another half wall at the other end. I have fabric stacks at each end, about 3 foot high ( yes I still talk imperial) and a curtain rod along the top, so I can hang stuff. I just have to work my way thru the stacks of fabric now so I can have an excuse to replace them.

    • Hello – nice to meet you!
      Your sewing room sounds great! I am in the middle of a serious war in the sewing room. Things are EVERYWHERE and I was starting to despair yesterday but I think I have reached some sort of truce. I think I might make it out alive!!

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