MARIA DENMARK – day to night top… 5 STARS

Maria Denmark - Day to Night Top. This pattern is SOLID GOLD. Easy and looks fabulous.

Maria Denmark – Day to Night Top. This pattern is SOLID GOLD. Easy and looks fabulous.

OMG I love this top and and I love this pattern. It’s MariaDenmark’s Day to Night Drape Top. I made it this morning and wore it today. Seriously, it’s that quick and easy.

Two pieces to cut out. Elastic for the back neck line and armholes and you are done.

“Oh no it’s a PDF pattern” I hear you cry. Yeah… get a grip. If you are clever you just have to stick six pieces together for the top and six pieces together for the back – if that’s too much of a challenge I can lend you my 7-year-old, she’s a whizz with scissors and tape. Trust me, it’s not one of those enormous jigsaw puzzles that gets completely out of whack by Sheet 30. And these patterns do not have a lot of ink on the page so that’s no excuse either.

Maria Denmark - Day to Night Top. The 'day' shot, back view

Maria Denmark – Day to Night Top. The ‘day’ shot, back

PDF patterns can be a mild challenge but so can wrestling fragile tissue paper back into an envelope. It’s just a different challenge. Get outta that comfort zone I say!

I’ve also got smart about these non-seam allowance patterns. I have a little two pencil tool which I use to trace around the pattern. I then cut out from this second line – so I don’t have to think about it as I cut and sew (cos I am a bit of a dunderhead when it comes to that!). Easy peasy.

seam allowance tracer

seam allowance tracer

This is an amazing top. I love love love love drape necklines.

Did I mention I love drape necklines?

I usually have to wait for them to be in fashion or buy them via mail order. Now I can make them whenever I want!! Hooray.

This took me about 90 minutes to sew. And that was mainly because I had never used my new overlocker to sew stretch and I had never used invisible elastic – so I had a few tests on scraps before I tackled the ‘real thing’.

Maria Denmark - Day to Night Top. The 'night' shot

Maria Denmark – Day to Night Top. The ‘night’ shot. My fabric is a little sheer in this light!

Could not be happier with this project.

And it’s about $5.50 on Craftsy at the moment. Stop reading now and go and buy it. Consider it a Christmas present to yourself.

And if you think I am high on Christmas spirit – well Scruffy Badger is too. Either we are both mad or just switched-on stitchers. I’m going for the latter – how about you Winnie?

Winnie has put sleeves on her’s – clearly my current weather doesn’t require sleeves. But if you have Maria’s Birgitte tshirt – the sleeves from that fit onto the top. Genius.

I used invisible elastic on my top. I could only find white or black foldover elastic at ‘my local’. I tested the technique on a scrap before I sewed the ‘real top’.

Maria Denmark - Day to Night Top. The daytime top beach outing - that's me!

Maria Denmark – Day to Night Top. The daytime top beach outing – that’s me!


78 thoughts on “MARIA DENMARK – day to night top… 5 STARS

  1. Lol. I’m also either very obedient or highly suggestible cause I just went over to craftsy and got that pattern at exactly the point you told us to. It looks great on you! I’ve even got some stripy stash fabric that would work with it. It was meant to be. This is why I love sewing blogs. So great for inspiration/to discover awesome patterns. Thanks (as always) . 🙂

    • Oh I am so bossy aren’t I? I can’t wait to see your version. You make such beautiful things.
      My fabric is very soft with a lot of drape. A bargain buy from The Fabric Store. I can’t wait for my next Sydney trip for another spot of indulgence there….

  2. I might have to get this one (I currently am holding a sleeping sick child or I would already have done it!). I have some animal-print stretch jersey that ended up being much different than I expected and unsuitable for my planned project but would work well for this! And the PDF patterns don’t bother me, though they are admittedly not my favorite. I seem to be reading a lot of whining about those recently…

  3. My Goodness. I couldn’t have gotten better advertisement if I had paid for it! You made a great top – that I want to copy now. Will have to go hunting for lightweight striped jersey fabric next time I’m at work! I absolutely love your version!

    • Thanks Maria and I absolutely love you can legitimately search for fabric while working. If you were not so far away I would get you to find me some fabric for my Winnie’s LOL – personal fabric shopper… now that sounds like a dream job.

    • It is lovely here – most of the time. It’s very summery at the moment with temperatures around 30 degrees.
      I think I’ve got some more suitable fabric for this top and might make another quick one today!

  4. Oooh, I just finished putting the PDF pages together for this top (as well as the Winnie trousers). It looks really good, a nice drape on the neckline can’t wait to make it up now!

    • The good news is it is super fast to sew and enjoy it! I so want to make another pair of Winnie’s. I’m just searching for some suitable fabric! Easier said than done… I think I’m going to make another Day to Night top today. I’m completely addicted!

    • It’s a very very light knit, it almost appears slightly ribbed and when it stretches it’s almost an Aero Bar in appearance. I was going to make Tiramisu but decided it was too lightweight. I’m thinking about doing another in the same fabric but with 3/4 sleeves. Gotta make a Kimino – have the pattern!

      • Might have to ruffle through my stash later to see if there’s anything else suitable. The kimono top is the most comfortable summer top, it’s going in my top 5. I wear it to work tucked in, with a summer skirt at home. I’m a maria convert!

  5. Yup an absolute winner. Love the cut and the draped neckline – I’m so going to make one of these!
    And I love your seam allowance tracer even more than the magnetic thing you stick to your scissors.

  6. OK i am sold. this looks great and you made it sound like a worthwhile investment and I just happen to have a polka dot jersey I need to use up! back in a bit hopefully with a new top! 😀

  7. It is a lovely top. It has two of my favourite things, stripes and a cowl. I won’t be buying this particular pattern though as I already have a couple similar.

  8. You rock, same day couture….say what? I’d still be doing the jigsaw bit….but hey if I got the tape out I might actually finish my wrapping. I should go do that. Looks fantastic.

  9. That is truly a great top! I have a similar pattern from one of the Big four pattern companies that is my TNT. Like you I love drape tops so I do have a few of them. I don’t have a beautiful striped one like yours though! Great job!

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  14. Hi, I am very interested in your two pencil tool. Does it have a name or can you tell me where I might be able to find one, it seems much more efficient than using a ruler to mark the seam lines. I am a Burda pattern fan, so PDF patterns and adding sea lines doesn’t bother me, but anything to make it faster is great.

    • I live in Australia and I found this at Lincraft in the patchwork section – very weird as patchworkers don’t use 5/8 seams! It was called a seam tracer. It didn’t really have a brand name. It’s sold out in my store but when it’s restocked I will get some more as I’ve had quite a few enquiries. You just insert new pencils as you go.

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