Top 5 2012: Reflections

Top 5 of 2012

So here are some of the thoughts that have been buzzing around my head about as I reflect on 2012, the year I returned to sewing…

Sewing makes me happy
Yes, this might seem logical – why do it otherwise? However I like to keep this front of mind. I sew because I really think it’s good for my soul. In 2012 I found much personal satisfaction and happiness in rediscovering my creative side – both sewing and blogging/writing.

Me’ time is important time
I’m in a phase of my life where I have many not-negotiable commitments in my life. I have two children, a husband a full-time job and more. It’s physically draining and time-consuming. It’s easy to let these things completely rule your life. This year I’ve learnt to celebrate the fact that despite all of this, these demands do not define me. That sounds simple but when you have so many people depending on you and needing you, it can be difficult to remember just who ‘you’ really are, to take time out and relax. Sewing is my yoga, my mediation, where I find my sense of peace.

I’ve ‘met’ some of the best people I have never met
I’m sure we are all surprised at how many lovely people we all now ‘know’ through blogging, tweeting etc. I certainly never expected this as an outcome of blogging. I marvel at how connected the sewing blogging community is. This is one of the most amazing niches in my life, the friendliness, support and kindness that is part everyday blogging and tweeting life is amazing. We all should be proud to be part of this. You guys are amazing, the smiles, giggles and colour that you bring to my life is to be treasured.

My style is evolving
Now I’m not sure I’ve got ‘style’ but my personal approach to my wardrobe is evolving. I’ve become much more critical of buying new clothes (in fact there has been very little of that in 2012!) and how RTW is constructed. In 2012 I’ve become more aware of exactly how clothes look on me and what suits me ­– and what I prefer. The whole blogging process is enormously helpful in this area – the pattern & fabric selection, the construction, the photography, the written review –the process of building a wardrobe becomes much more thoughtful and rewarding. It’s not just about instant gratification at the cash register – which seems even more hollow than ever before.

I married to a kind, generous, thoughtful man who supports and encourages me. I’ve nicknamed him ELH (Ever Lovin’ Husband) on the blog and it’s true. This year he’s cheerfully endured my mad pattern and fabric purchasing, got a new camera so my blog pictures are better, driven me to fabric stores, read my blog (and others so he knows that I’m prattling on about) and taken endless photos of me. He’s a gem.
I often joke that we have been married for so long because I’m nearly 14 inches shorter and he just can’t hear me ranting and raving. Now I am also buried under a pile of fabric – but I suspect he could just be my soul mate 🙂

This Top 5 series has been inspired by Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow

PS – I haven’t forgotten about the Pattern Pyramid or the awards I have recently received. Christmas has just got in the way – I think it will be a Boxing Day announcement! Hang on people!!


27 thoughts on “Top 5 2012: Reflections

  1. aww this is a lovely post and I like your emphasis on sewing being your yoga and not letting ur commitments define u! Sounds like you do have a soulmate indeed! 😀 Mine would have to be a ELP (ever loving partner) as we do not plan on getting married! 😛
    merry christmas to you and your family!

  2. It’s great to reflect, and I feel privileged that you share them with us. Looking at all your project photos I’m in awe. You’re not joking when you call yourself sewbusylizzy! Happy Christmas to you and yours.

    • Thank you so much Anna, that’s a beautiful thing to say. I’m quite a navel gazer in real life and I enjoy the chance to ponder/blog my thoughts, even if I do ‘out’ my husband as a genuine old-fashioned nice guy! Merry Christmas to you and your family. x

  3. I started sewing when I realized I had no hobbies other than family and work. My ELH bought me a sewing machine this year and fixed up our spare bedroom for me to sew and it’s been great. I’ve loved discovering the sewing blogs and agree that the sewing community is so giving. I love my new hobby! Look forward to seeing your makes in 2013. Merry Christmas!

    • I think I came to that realization too. Then I was on Amazon and came across the Colette Handbook purely by accident and have been sewing ever since.
      It appears sewing & ELHs go hand-in-hand!
      Merry Christmas and may 2013 be filled with much joy, happiness and sewing!

  4. Hear, hear! I agree with all your reflections and feel the same way. And I think the most important thing to remember is the first point- sewing makes me happy. I think this coming year with a brand new baby, I am going to have to make it a point to carve out a tiny bit of me-time and sew (teensy, tiny bit at first, I’m sure!). I love this post!

    • I’m glad to hear you intend to keep sewing as you have a great eye. It’s too easy to ALWAYS put the baby first, yourself last and stop doing the things that make you ‘you’.
      I found knitting really good with my first as you can pick it up and do a little bit. I taught myself to crochet with my second. Any hand sewing is good, it’s quiet and relaxing – and portable!
      Enjoy your 2013, it will be challenging and filled with so much joy xox

  5. I love this post! I’m so glad you’ve been able to carve out some time to express yourself and make things in the midst of a crazy schedule (especially when you’ve got so many people that need you and so many commitments)! It’s so easy to ignore our need to create instead of nourishing it, but I bet it makes you a better partner and mom to be feeling more fulfilled.

    • Yes it’s all too easy to be ruled by your commitments and then use them as excuses for being miserable and frustrated. Sometimes you actually need to stop and say ‘hang on – I matter too!’ and you are right – it does make me a better person.

  6. A beautiful post and you’ve put a lot of work into your gallery of finished projects, which is much appreciated – a great resource and recap of all your fab projects. What can I say but that I relate to every one of your points. Sewing makes me happy too and is my ‘meditation’, as you put it so well. I know when I’ve gone too long without it! My husband is also super supportive, which makes following my passions so much easier and nicer. My style is evolving too – I used to think it was ‘confused’, but now I call it ‘evolving’ – and hey, that’s just great. Staying the same is boring and confining. And yes, our blogging community is so supportive and caring. I just love it. Thanks for doing what you do and have a great and very happy holiday season (and sew lots, but I don’t need to say that) 🙂

    • I think your term ‘confused’ is perfect. I’ve always been quite eclectic in my wardrobe choices, however now I sew I tend to focus on certain style elements that I know work for me. I guess the time that goes into sewing means that we want to invest that time in a good result.

  7. I do love reading posts like these (and the comments, too–so inspiring!).
    You’re so right about the sewing and blogging community. I’ve never “met” a more generous, supportive, and kind group of people anywhere else–in real life or on the web. It’s sort of spoiled me for any other type of blog reading 🙂
    You’ve made some truly amazing things this year–well done!

    • Thank you Jenny! I think we have all created amazing things in 2012. Perhaps the most amazing thing that we all create together is this little niche in the world that brings us so much joy 🙂

  8. I definitely also have an ELH. I can’t tell you how many times he’s circled the parking lot of a fabric shop so I can get what I need. That’s when kids were tiny. Now he stays home while I go fabric shopping. 🙂 And, yes, a great community.

  9. What a year for you!! It’s been so nice getting to know you, and I look forward to seeing what you create this year 🙂 I agree with you; sewing is helping me develop a style too, with the knowledge I gain from trial and error in style and fabric – it’s definitely a good journey! 🙂

    • Thank you – it’s been lovely getting to know you too.
      I agree it’s certainly a journey well worth taking! I have lots of plans and goals for 2013… watch this space…

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