I work at a cultural centre called the Glasshouse (theatre, gallery, heritage displays, visitor information centre, shop and whatnot). Yes very cool. It also provides me with a rather more relaxed approach to office wear. Some days I’m quite corporate, other days I’m a bit more ‘arty’.

Anyway I’m in the middle of organising a ‘best dressed’ competition for August when Opera Australia’s Oz Opera presents Mozart’s Don Giovanni at our place. We figure everyone loves an excuse to dress up and given the opportunity for going OTT is fairly limited, we decided to provide one.

Now I can’t win the competition but it’s a lovely excuse to sew something ‘fancy’. And it’s very important to set a good example don’t you think?

Don Giovanni is the bad boy of the opera world. He is naughty naughty naughty. And this production has been set in 1950 Italy. Sexy, stylish and decadent. So I figure it’s time to go to town in the ‘dress stakes’.

Here’s the current ‘hero’ shot for the production.

Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni

I had thought to make up this 1950s Simplicity retro pattern. The era is in keeping with Don G

Now I’m thinking I might get a bit lost in all that fabric and end up looking like a matchstick in a marquee.

So I’m thinking more along the lines of…

I like how the blouse combines with the dress and jacket! This pattern is a retro 1930s Vogue, pre-dates the setting of the production. So chic though, I think it’s gorgeous!! But would be turn me into ‘stick girl’?

or circa 1950…

but not in green – I think I would look like a slick of snot if I did not get the right green so it would have to be a different colour. I love love love how this coat is reversible!

I think this is quite simply smokin’.

The more I look at this one the more I think it might create some curves and highlight my waist – which helps the rest of the curves look curvier. It’s ‘advanced’ which is scary but I’m pretty competent handsewer so perhaps a muslin or two might pay off – and some practice sleeves. Also prefer this in one colour. Several dresses on Pattern Review have been done with contrasting sleeves but I like the simplicity of one colour with all that detail – not red though as I am sallow and red turns me yellow. Not such a good look. Perhaps if I made it a tad longer or the skirt was a little neater around the calves? Will need a wrap as August nights are cold and our foyer is vicious on a chilly night.

Love this coat but what to wear underneath?

Found this cute little coat pattern on eBay that I think I could turn into an ‘opera coat’… but again… what to wear underneath?

And I spotted this on ebay… amazing… too big (and expensive) for me but wow!

Vintage Opera Coat & Dress on ebay

waaaaay too expensive!

Are you as bamboozled as me?

Ideas anyone??

Other patterns suggestions welcome too!

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