The Battle of Hazel: Part 2

Hazel and I are becoming wary friends at the moment.

Colette Hazel: Muslin Take 2

Colette Hazel: Muslin Take 2

This is my Colette Hazel Muslin: Take 2.Colette Hazel Muslin: Take 1 was a disaster of baggy proportions.So with much stitch ripping, pinning and tucking we now have Colette Hazel Muslin: Take 2.I think this is much better – still lots of little fiddly fitting to do but I’m much more pleased with this one.I took about an inch out of each side of the back and then angled the side seams in just a tiny bit at the top to help pull in the gape across my bust.

I also moved the straps in about half an inch on the front. They still don’t sit perfectly but they are not quite as scary.

The inside finishing on this muslin is less than spectacular. I have no intention of wearing this, it really is a muslin! I hate how you can see the pockets and the facing through the fabric. I can be picky about weird things. I want pockets but I want them to be my little secret – this probably explains my love of the Tardis Skirt.

I have not bothered with the hem – this little number is just about finally conquering a Colette pattern!

I was quite stupid and did not think to take some fabric out of the back skirt to reflect the change in the bodice back. I think the back of the skirt is too full. So I have a slightly puffy midriff and a much puffier bottom! I’m wondering whether this would work with more of a pencil skirt, then I would need to install a back vent so I would walk properly and not ‘mince’. I might just be making life hard for myself – because if I changed it to a pencil skirt I would insert a band at the midriff with stripes moving in different direction just for ‘fun’ and to have the skirt starting closer to my natural waist. Or maybe more of an a-line skirt?

And then it really would not be a Colette Hazel any more, would it?!

I really didn’t like the gathered skirt. I felt that the bodice was quite short and the gathers kinda ‘puffed out’ over the rest of me. So I experimented and put four pleats in the front and back of the skirt. It’s still puffy but I think it’s an improvement on the gathers. Ever Lovin’ Hubby pointed out perhaps the pleats should be pointing the other direction and that might minimise the puffiness over the stomach area. Perhaps darts?

I’m still not thrilled with the dress but I do think it would look much better in a fabric with a more drape, this cotton is a little stiff for the job. I would also prefer a slightly darker fabric as well. I have seen a nice striped shirting fabric which would work…

I’ve always just thrown patterns aside and written them off a loss if it doesn’t fit straight off the machine. However this little battle with Hazel has taught me…

  1. that is it possible to tailor sewing patterns to fit you better.
  2. unpicking things and sewing them back together is loads of fun in a very weird way.
  3. I love hand sewing at night.
  4. I have more confidence to tackle the Colette Sewing Handbook patterns now. After this little battle with Hazel, I think I can make Pastille into a very cute wearable shift and I have a lovely cotton sateen for the job!

I think I might make a skirt next rather than launch another attack on Hazel, although I do hope that this battle concludes as a successful trilogy!

I’ve very tired (three hours folding clothes for the school fete second-hand clothing stall will do that to you after five days at work). So it will be either Simplicity 2451 in view D if I’m too tired for anything more challenging or Rachel Comey’s Vogue 1170 if I think I can manage it. This is all dependent on waking up with more energy tomorrow to start tracing the patterns – unfortunately I do have to spend the day manning the second-hand clothing stall at school and packing up (and all the clothes are hideous, people donate such rubbish – or just have bad taste I guess!)…

Argh, horrid photos. I am so not a morning person… excuse some of the puckers and whatnot, I was standing very lopsided on our very steep front garden in very stupid shoes.

Colette Hazel - back (Take 2 muslin)

Colette Hazel – back (Take 2 muslin)

Colette Hazel bodice: Muslin Part 2

Colette Hazel bodice: Muslin Part 2

10 thoughts on “The Battle of Hazel: Part 2

  1. WOW, sooo much better, you should be proud! It’s going to make a very flattering dress. I vote for shortening the top of the skirt to match the length of the finished bodice. I’m not too sold on the pleats. Unless you are considering a softer, drapier fabric for the “real” dress? But the stripe work is so cute! Perso, I’m waiting for all the Colette patterns to go e so I can do some damage to my credit card, LOL!

    • Yes I gave in to a few Colette paper patterns as the packaging is gorgeous. But I’m waiting for Jasmine to go ‘e’ to buy it!
      So do you think I should do away with the gathers/pleats altogether?
      Thanks for the tip about the bodice too – I used that one you probably noticed!

  2. I like the pleats. I’ve only made one dress with a full, gathered skirt and I thought it looked frumpy on me, I don’t know whether I’m just not used to that look on me, whether it’s a style that doesn’t suit me or what (I’m considering changing it to small pleats). Me? I’d be wearing this dress – I think it looks great as is.

    • Thanks! Given the weather has gotten chillier I don’t think I’ll have to decide for a few more months about its ‘wardrobeability’ merits. It’s been great fun to amend the pattern – which surprised me!

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