Happy Twirling Whirling Skirt

Miss 7 road testing the Happy Twirly Whirly Skirt

I’m quite amazed at how excited the girls get when I make something for them (probably because I was such an ungrateful little monster to my mother – I now realise that – sorry Mum!). Miss 9 has told me that the best clothes are homemade. Yes, she’s quite brilliant.

One afternoon Miss 7 requested a skirt. So we used a pretty little cotton which we had found on the $3 clearance table at Spotlight – but we had no pattern. Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing came to the rescue, her Gathered Skirt Tutorial is just brilliant.

The only stumbling block was we had no zipper. So instead I just extended the waistband at both ends and it ties up at her waist in a little bow. It’s not very fancy but it works!

Unfortunately I measured her tummy after lunch – so by late afternoon it was a little droopy. I’ve since made up another skirt in the same fabric (it’s so pretty!) – using zipper and a button. I should have put the zipper closer to the waistband but it’s just an experiment – and fortunately the lab rat is oblivious to the minor flaws and wears it with pride.

She’s given them quite a workout in the twirling and whirling department – and I’m thinking that I might try making up a circle skirt. It’s great having girls, I can make up mini-version of things and experiment!

The end result of the Happy Twirly Whirly Skirt is happiness. And surely that’s what sewing should be all about? Purely unadulterated joy?

All the Twirly Whirly Roadtest images are here.

In the meantime. Still no Colette Patterns or pattern sheets. 😦 My poor little mailbox.

Lisette Itinerary Dress - the fabric

Lisette Itinerary Dress – the fabric

However I have stopped moping about and cut out not one but two projects! Hooray! After some advice from MyStitchnBitch about sizing on the Lisette Itinerary (thank you CJ!) I’ve finally taken to the lovely linen with some scissors. I’m using a Japanese cotton for the contrasting yoke and obi belt – which seemed like an appropriate choice. I’m going to be interested to see how this turns out!Being a former patchworker I am very happy to have a large cutting mat and a rotary cutter. I don’t use it often for cutting out my patterns but the Lisette Itinerary Dress has lots of long straight edges and I cut it out in no time!I’ve also cut out another version of the Vogue Tardis Skirt. I picked up a black and silver upholstery fabric for $6. I’m picturing it with black leggings and boots this winter… it could be a complete disaster though!!

Off to get a new haircut and colour – it takes a lot of work to cover blonde let me tell you!

Fabric: Tardis Take 2

Vogue 1247: Tardis Take 2

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