Another day of crushing disappointment?

I’ve been waiting for weeks for my Colette Sewing Handbook, now I’m just waiting for the delightful publisher (note this is not Colette Patterns – who have been most helpful) to dispatch their delivery man in a canoe across the oceans to my humble mailbox.

I’m also waiting for three patterns from Colette.

I’m wondering if today is going to be another day of crushing disappointment with nothing but a mailbox bulging with bills to welcome me home – and not a pattern sheet in sight…

We shall see…

3 thoughts on “Another day of crushing disappointment?

  1. Aw it’s ok, the anticipation makes it that much more exciting when you finally do get to start your project. Which Colette patterns are you waiting on? I just got the new hazel dress, I’m going out of town the next 4 days but I’m dying to tackle it when I get back

    • Wow, were we seperated at birth or do we just have very similar style! I’m waiting on Hazel too! I know I could have got it as a download but I love the packaging so much… and I also wanted to make Ginger and Chantilly so it made more sense to order them all together.

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