More fabulous presser feet


Sorry, I’ve been AWOL. School reunion this weekend (out of town – boarding school girl – loved it), horrible work deadlines and just general horribleness. But I am plugging away a seam at a time at Lisette Itinerary. I’m in love with my presser feet. It’s kinda scary. I’ve used three so far and there is no zipper!
Yes you can use the edge of the foot to measure (or eyeball) a distance but this little puppy makes it a snack.
Love love love.
I’m HOPING to finish this dress by Thursday.
I think work may interfere. Oh the misery!
I’m so tired I’m doing this post on my smart phone. Tragic.
I’m very happy with this dress so far – cannot find page 2 of instructions so it might be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants affair.
Watch this space!

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