A Summer Dress – Lisa Dress from Tessuti Patterns

Aka the Little Big DressLisa Dress, sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

Old Banjo makes his blog return

This is one of those patterns that seems to have been floating about in my head forever. I loved it when I saw it but spent…. years… wondering if it would be too shapeless on me. It’s safe to say, I like to make well considered decisions!

The best way to figure this out is to try it. Thankfully Tessuti Patterns are mouth more affordable than many independent pattern companies so I threw caution to the wind, along with $12, printed off the A0 sheets at Officeworks and got sewing.

Lisa Dress, Tessuti Patterns, side view

Lisa Dress, Tessuti Patterns, side view

It’s debatable if this is flattering when I am standing still – but what is flattering anyway? It’s such a subjective concept. Garments that showcase our curves? I don’t think they always need to ‘nip in’ at the waist etc. I think we should all consider our clothes as how they sit on our bodies and how they move against and with us when worn. I believe this is where ‘sack dresses’ come into their own. When sewn in a lighter fabric with some drape, sack dresses hint at what lies beneath without clinging to curves. And as a result, loosely fitted, feminine dresses will always have a place in my wardrobe.

Lisa Dress, Tessuti Patterns

Lisa Dress, Tessuti Patterns

I topstitched all the seams – with the exception of the waist seam. I did topstitch it, decided to it looked odd and then unpicked it.


  • I like the cut of the armholes.
  • I like the neckline and the loose fit of the bodice.
  • The high-low bodice waistline is cute.
  • I like how Tessuti sew their pockets, it’s neat and also helps the pockets hang forwards, rather than flapping about.


I cut 4 inches off the length – it would be have far too long at the drafted length. For reference, I am 5 foot 4 or about 164cm tall.

I didn’t make any other modifications, however I would like to make this again and I would pinch out at least 1/2 inch in the bodice as the bust darts are crazy low.

Depending on my future fabric choice, I’d consider shortening the skirt again and adding a deeper ruffle to the hemline. Both Kylie & The Machine and Lisa of Tessuti Fabrics have done this.

Lisa Dress, Tessuti Patterns

Lisa Dress, Tessuti Patterns


It’s a loose summer dress. Perfect for those long steamy summer days. An added bonus is you will also have plenty of room for lunch!

Pattern: Lisa Dress, Tessuti Patterns

Fabric: Tencel denim, Spotlight Australia (from the bargain table, fabric cost $12)

7 thoughts on “A Summer Dress – Lisa Dress from Tessuti Patterns

  1. I love dresses like this! “Flattering” doesn’t always have to mean “skin tight!” As long as a garment isn’t hanging shapelessly, or far too large, there is nothing wrong with it being loose, airy, and comfortable, and this looks fine! I will have to look for this pattern-I live in a beach town that gets hot and humid in the summer, and these dresses would be perfect!

  2. I like it! It’s hard to find that perfect dress that is loose and comfy without looking like a sack. This is perfect! I will have to check out this pattern; thanks for reviewing it because it is not one that I have seen before.

  3. Tessuti dress patterns are always slightly oversized, but they really comeinto their own in summer. I’ve made the Lois dress and my favourite is the Eva dress.

  4. I love this dress and it looks great on you! The fact is – the top of the dress is where the shape is but it’s not making a big thing out of it. The rest of the dress, the flowing part, is feminine and lovely. It makes you look cool, together and comfortable. What more could one want from a dress! Would love to make this one for myself.

  5. I’m so glad to see you and Banjo are sewing and showing. I like your dress for a casual hot summer day. The dress clings lightly as you move and is billowy when you stand still. I believe sometimes the best things are just that, if left to the imagination!

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