Wrapped in stars – Vogue 9251, a wrap dress

Vogue 9251 - woven wrap dress in viscose crepe

Vogue 9251 – woven wrap dress in viscose crepe

Another blast from the post-injury ‘go slow’ phase. This is Vogue 9251, view A.

They say not to wear wrap dresses on windy days but I did. These were taken in my lunchbreak (my workplace is about 200m away from this spot) and it was ridicolously windy. So the dress in turn clings and blows out in these photos – sorry but at least they are ‘real life’ photos!

Vogue 9251 - taken on a windy day!

Vogue 9251 – taken on a windy day!

I’ve made this as a work dress but I do really love the style and considering a floral maxi as a casual dress.

I love wrap dresses in summer. Easy care and easy to wear.


I made view A with the flutter sleeves and shortened it by 2 inches.

I used purchased bias tape on the neckline, to hem the sleeves and skirt. Depending on the fabric weight, I sometimes find this makes for a much neater and flatter finish.

I used my Prym Turning Set to turn the ties… these make turning your narrow fabric tubes SO much easier!


I love the sleeves but do dislike how you can see the wrong side of the fabric and the sleeve hems, likewise with the skirt… but the dress is lovely and I can live with that. My fault for not choosing a fabric with a less obvious right/wrong side.

In these photos there is a wrinkle at the shoulder – which is not there when I’m looking in the mirror… the risks of walking and moving your arms I guess!

Vogue 9251 - side view

Vogue 9251 – side view


I think I need another of these… lovely pattern.

It is slightly big, despite making the smallest size available, I wish I could pull it in that little bit more. I might try raising the neckline a tiny bit.

The skirt is a generous wrap and reasonably ‘breeze friendly’.

Vogue 9251 - a generous wrap for windy days

Vogue 9251 – a generous wrap for windy days

Pattern: Vogue 9251, size 8
Fabric: woven Italian viscose crepe ‘Star Gazer’ from Ruche Fabric. Seriously lovely stuff, doesn’t crease badly and is lovely to wear. Purchased on holiday in January.
Also See: Emily Hallman Designs, Brittany J Jones, Sewing Pomona, Sewing Pattern Review

I’m doing OK. Not much to say about anything as my lifestyle is fairly restricted – hopefully things change after my November review. I’m deliberately being conservative as I figure it’s more likely to heal with less drama. I’ve had enough of medical drama for this lifetime.
I miss running. However I volunteer every week at Parkrun and am treasurer of a local running club so I’m staying in the mix and praying for a return to the pavement sometime soon.

29 thoughts on “Wrapped in stars – Vogue 9251, a wrap dress

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  2. I really love this wrap around dress. It looks lovely on you even with the wind blowing! Hope you continue to get well but don’t leave your sewing. I love to keep up with what you are bush doing in the sewing department.

  3. That is a beautiful dress! Hope your healing is fast and you have many more sewing wins. Keep your faith and determination up! Better days are coming. Blessings!

  4. This is beautiful on you! Thanks for the update. I can totally relate to having enough medical drama to last a lifetime.

  5. Very lovely dress! I never looked twice when this pattern was released. Your version just made me realize how much I am influenced by fabric choices–you nailed the pairing of pattern + fabric with this one. Good that you’re taking it easy… You know what they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Best wishes on your continued recovery! May you switch over to sewing up joggers soon 😉

  6. If you’re able to walk in those heels you must be healing! That dress is absolutely lovely on you, one of the prettiest you’ve made.

  7. I agree those heels with this dress are glamourous! Beautiful dress – thank you for that referral to those Prym turners – I have a set by another company but they don’t work the greatest – these look more effective so I’ll give them a whirl.

  8. Your dress is lovely, and it looks fab on you. I’m kind of all about wrap dresses at the minute. Also, I’m very glad to read that you’re keeping well.

    • I’m all about wrap dresses too! This is a particularly lovely one, the skirt has a nice flare without being ridiculously full. I’ve been really enjoying your coat posts and reading them avidly as I’ve got a few coats I’ve been planning to make for… ahhh… a couple of years!

  9. Lovely dress–it looks fabulous on you! So glad to hear that you are doing okay, even if that means you’ve had to give up something you love in the meantime. Best wishes for continuous improvement on the health front, and a good report in November! ❤

    • I’m volunteering every week at Parkrun so I’m still doing things with my running friends, just not running. At least I had diverse hobbies so I’m seeing more than I have in a long time. That’s not such a bad thing.

  10. This is a beauty! You are a beauty! This one pinged on my radar while digging through the pattern books at Spotty a while back, but of course, it wasn’t in the drawers. Must put it back on the list.

    • It’s one of my husband’s favourite dresses.
      I have no idea how the injury is healing, it’s a very strange thing to have. I’ll know more towards the end of November when I return to Sydney for scans. Fingers crossed.

  11. Just started reading your blog. What a freakish accident you had. Amazing that you are still here. You have handled this really well with calmness and fortitude. No “poor me”. You are definitely a glass half full girl. Sometimes we just need to take time and be still for a while, take stock and decide what is important. Trust you can make a complete recovery and go back to your running.

    Maureen Blair

    PS. love the things you make. Going to try the Kyrie Top.

    • Thank you. I decided early on I needed to focus on moving forward & not where I suddenly found myself. I had a few moments when I felt scared and very sad… but I refused to give into those feelings. And I realized they weren’t productive or helpful. At the end of the day, I was exceptionally fortunate and lucky to escape with as little damage and drama as I did. I’ll be forever grateful for that.

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