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I was curious when I first read about hacci knits, so when I happened across some in the online Mood Fabrics Designer Fabrics store I decided to take the plunge and see what the fuss was about.

If you haven’t heard of this type of knit, the following is how they are described on the Mood site:-

“For those who are not familiar with hacci knits, they are a newer type of small denier knit that utilises a weft knitting technique which results in little to no torquing (a force that tends to cause rotation in the yarns). Hacci-baby knits are characteristically lightweight and sheer. With a phenomenal 4-way stretch, use this ribbed jersey fabric for stylish, sheer cardigan sleeves, fabulous tees, draped dresses and more! This material may require a lining depending on the application.”

When I received this knit, I realised that Mood had not exaggerated it – it is indeed sheer. After much thought, I decided that I would not be comfortable wearing it as a single layer so set to finding a pattern with a layered feature. There are several options in the various in-store catalogues, however I really liked the hi-low and angled back feature of the Style Arc Kylie Top overlay.

Hacci knit from Mood Fabrics NY. Pattern: Style Arc Kylie knit top.

Hacci knit from Mood Fabrics NY. Pattern: Style Arc Kylie knit top.

I was conscious of how delicate the fabric was – so I decided to use a lightweight fusible knit tape on all of the seams. I used my Bernina’s stretch stitch and followed it up with a narrow serged seam on my Brother serger. It might sound like overkill but as the seams are somewhat visible due to the sheerness of the fabric, I wanted them to be as strong and even as possible. I also used lightweight fusible knit tape on the neckline to make sure it kept its shape. The neckband is cleverly sandwiched between the layers and the sleeves are just a single layer of fabric.

Hacci knit from Mood Fabrics NY. Pattern: Style Arc Kylie knit top.

Hacci knit from Mood Fabrics NY. Pattern: Style Arc Kylie knit top.

The Kylie top features turned-under hems on the sleeves, overlay and body. I decided that I would use a narrow roll hem (using my serger) on the edges to achieve a delicate fluted effect. I also crossed over the overlay at the back – rather than joining them with a seam and then hemming the pieces. I felt the double or triple weight of fabric would be too heavy for the lightweight nature of the knit.

Hacci knit from Mood Fabrics NY. Pattern: Style Arc Kylie knit top.

The perils of beachside living – onshore breezes can play havoc with draped garment features!

I’ve sewn rolled hems on lightweight jerseys before and been surprised and pleased at how well they have held up over time.

This fabric is a really butter soft knit, composed of 97% rayon and 3% spandex. It is very stretchy but not difficult to work with. However I would advise you to be gentle to avoid your edges stretching too much during the construction process.

I ordered 1.5m in Ivory and while the Kylie Top requires 2m, I just squeezed this out of the 1.5m making a size 6.


I purchased this as a PDF from the Style Arc Etsy store. I’ve taken to taping my patterns together by using a large sliding glass door at the back of our home – the light behind the glass means that it is relatively easy to line the edges of the sheets together without the need for trimming (except when I need a pattern detail that gets hidden in the overlap – then I trim).

It’s no secret the Style Arc patterns are brief – and they are for this however if you have made a t-shirt before this is not a difficult make. The main difference is the neckband is sandwiched between the two layers of the top.

The under top is quite fitted but it’s nicely balanced by the looser upper layer.

I think you may risk quite a bulky neckline (four layers of fabric) and shoulders (two lots of shoulder seams) in a heavy knit but it’s perfect for those lighter knits.

Fabric: Ivory Hacci Knit from Mood Fabrics NY, 1.5 yards
Pattern: Kylie Knit Top – Style Arc

Note: for this post I received a fabric allowance from Mood to make something of my choice. I blog it over at the Mood Sewing Network blog, then on my blog. All opinions my own.

22 thoughts on “Style Arc Kylie Top

  1. I just made one of these last week! I like yours so much better 🙂 I used a fabric I wasn’t in love with because it was my first go with the pattern, so that could be why. But once it was done, I wasn’t sure I love the style on me. I do love it on you though – this is a winner!

  2. Hi, I’ve never heard of this fabric either. It looks lovely though – beautifully floaty, almost ethereal. I think in the hands of a less experienced seamstress it could be a nightmare – all of your little construction additions have made this a thing of beauty. Do you like it? You don’t actually say!

  3. I love it! The pattern is perfect for the fabric. And you can’t go wrong with a white knit top. Also, been meaning to tell you for ages that I got the book you sent me!! Like at Christmas time :)- Thank you so much, looking forward to making something for Jane.

  4. Beautiful marriage of pattern and fabric! I’ve used Style Arc T-shirt patterns and they are so interesting! It’s true they don’t include much in the way of instructions but I found the process rather intuitive and they do offer guidance on the pattern pieces themselves too which helps.

  5. I love the layers and floaty nature of the light as light fabric. Gorgeously simple and perfect for now as we start a hopefully gentle slide towards autumn. I am fascinated about the fabric and will look out for it. 🙂

  6. Cute, cute, cute! I love this on you, it seems to suit you right down to the ground. 😉 So what is the durability of this knit? That’s my hangup with a lot of these more sheer knits–they just don’t hold up for any time at all, and rayon (though I love it so) isn’t exactly a “durable” fabric for whatever reason.

    P.S. You’re making me wish I hadn’t replaced my sliding door with a vented sidelight door…almost. 😉

  7. I love your top and the sheer knit is perfect for the overlay! My experience with sheer knits has been with Rayon and bamboo, both were hard to control under the needle but looked great when the work was done, as does yours. Great easy look with your lightweight knit!

  8. Wow!you look gorgeous and the top is so pretty! I love the white, the high and low hemlines and it looks perfect when styled with your blue jeans. Your whole outfit is so very very chic,. Perfect in every way. I think I will have to check out this pattern 🙂

    • I am sadly one of ‘those people’ who imagines almost ever top styled with jeans… and while I think I should branch out… I do wear these sorts of tops quite a lot! Thanks so much!

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