A Casual Flutter (Tunic) & Papercut Pattern Giveaway Winner

or One Good Flutter Deserves Another…

I’ve worn my rayon Flutter Tunic several times and was even stopped this week by a lady who asked “where did you get that amazing dress?” I was wearing it with my beloved black Avani boots as blogged – plus opaque black tights, a white scarf and long red wool coat.

And one good Flutter deserves another… yes? So I decided to try a more casual look…

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Front view.

Yes those are crazy OTT vintage cowboy boots… they inspire deep hatred or love. I don’t mind either way – they are fun to wear and make me smile. Although the lower front boot cut makes my legs look longer (or tunic shorter!) than my styling of the first Flutter dress!

Yes, it’s short but you only live once, my new boots (in transit) which I planned to wear with this, finish closer to my knee – which means less legs and the tunic doesn’t look quite as… frisky… I’ll wear this with tights in winter – it was such a beautiful winter afternoon I couldn’t be bothered. All the headlands and beaches were packed with people, walking and watching for the migrating whales. We saw a whale breach near the lighthouse – I still get excited by that stuff!

This Casual Flutter was inspired by Kirsty of Top Notch – she blogged her gorgeous frocktails Silk Flutter last week and mentioned she’d like a denim one. So when this paisley denim fabric threw itself out of the stash on Saturday afternoon shrieking it needed to be a Flutter, I made it – in less than three hours. I’m not the only one who has a chatterbox fabric stash am I?

I’d like to make another in plain denim with feature stitching and pockets. Pretty sure that might happen soon.

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Side view.

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Side view. My more sensible (flat!) Flore Duo Boots.

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Back view.

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Back view. While the tunic is loose, I don’t think it’s shapeless.

I used readymade bias binding for the neckline as I felt the denim would have been bulky. It worked beautifully.

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Neckline binding

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Neckline binding

I overlocked/serged all the pieces before I sewed the seams. I don’t usually do this for fear of warping or stretching the edges – however denim is quite stable to work with. I find the 1cm seam allowance is a bit fiddly to feed through my overlocker after sewing the seams so I decided the neaten the edges before I began.

Wow, there were a lot of entrants – over 120! Thank you so much for your interest and comments. I put everyone’s name in a spreadsheet to provide each name with a number. Then I used random.org to generate a number… and the winner is…

PIPS! of The Girl in a Teacup!

Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns. Front view.

Ahhhhh, those flutter sleeves… I love them! Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns.

Pattern: Flutter Tunic, Papercut Patterns
Fabric: Paisley printed denim, Spotlight
Boots: Flore Duo Boots & vintage American boots (obviously I suffered a severe bout of boot indecisiveness today)
Scarf: Cotton lace of forgotten origin. It is a paisley pattern though. Pure coincidence!

Note: Papercut Patterns provided this pattern for preview purposes. All opinions my own – I’ve made it twice just because I enjoy making and wearing it so much. No affiliate links in this post.

Oxley Beach, Port Macquarie.

Oxley Beach, Port Macquarie.

This post first appeared on http://www.sewbusylizzy.com

31 thoughts on “A Casual Flutter (Tunic) & Papercut Pattern Giveaway Winner

  1. This one looks great too. And I think the cowboy boots go perfectly with it! And if it makes you look frisky -and your legs longer -go for it. As you say, you only live once!!

  2. Love this! Such a simple chic outfit- great styling! And I don’t know how those boots could inspire hatred- but maybe that’s because I’m on the deep love side!

    • I guess those sorts of boots are fairly uncommon where I live so when I wear them they are sooooo obvious.
      I think this tunic fits straight into my wardrobe so styling was easy as it’s very ‘me’ in colour and vibe. Thanks!

  3. Very nice ! And I don’t think it looks particularly frisky, you can certainly carry it off.
    Love the reference to chatterfox fabric – mine certainly has a lot to say to me too (although when I asked the stash who wanted to be playsuit I didn’t really get an answer, so I had to make some fabric “volunteer” 🙂

    • I find my fabric very distracting, especially when I have to sew something else… the rest of the stash gets jealous and starts trying to convince me to pick them instead!

    • These simple shapes are so easy to wear! I love this beach, it’s right in town but not a ‘swimming beach’ as it’s unpatrolled. Just across the road is a cricket oval, complete with a picket fence & Norfolk Island pines.

  4. I am thinking my chambray that has been begging to be made into a Grainline Alder may now be destined for something similar for spring? You have me thinking! I love your latest version!

  5. I’m a lot older than you and I still love my cowboy boots. I don’t think I will ever throw them out. You look great, love the dress.

    • There is nothing like a good pair of boots – I took an old pair of black motorcycle-style boots to the cobbler to get re-heeled… he said “I’m sorry I just don’t think it’s worth trying to save them”. I laughed and said “thanks for your honesty… but don’t judge me, just fix my beloved boots please”

  6. hi Sew Busy Lizzy I was wondering if you use any online fabric shops? I live in the same corner of the world as you do, and struggle a bit sometimes finding what I want at the local shops. Thanks Barbara From: Sew Busy Lizzy To: b.mede@yahoo.com.au Sent: Sunday, 5 July 2015, 20:36 Subject: [New post] A Casual Flutter (Tunic) & Papercut Pattern Giveaway Winner #yiv4121956488 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4121956488 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4121956488 a.yiv4121956488primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4121956488 a.yiv4121956488primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4121956488 a.yiv4121956488primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4121956488 a.yiv4121956488primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4121956488 WordPress.com | sewbusylizzy posted: “or One Good Flutter Deserves Another…I’ve worn my rayon Flutter Tunic several times and was even stopped this week by a lady who asked “where did you get that amazing dress?” I was wearing it with my beloved black Avani boots as blogged – plus opaqu” | |

    • Mood Fabrics send me fabrics so I’m spoilt there.
      However in Australia I have purchased from Tessuti, The Fabric Store will send you samples if you call up & tell you the sort of fabric etc that you are after. I’m also friends with Renay at Joys Fabrics in Geelong and Susan (of Measure Twice, Cut Once blog) who also works at Pitt Trading. They both send me photos of fabrics that I’m interested in.
      Pitt Trading does have an online fabric store.
      Darn Cheap Fabrics in Melbourne is also quite good online & their fabrics are not too expensive.
      Stitch 56 online has some lovely linens etc as well. That should get you started!
      Whereabouts are you based?

  7. This looks fabulous on you (as did your previous version). Love it styled with both pairs of boots and think the fabric is perfect. The Flutter tunic didn’t really call me when I saw it on their website (not my kind of sleeve) but love your versions.

    • I didn’t think it was my kind of sleeve either but I was curious… turns out I was wrong – happily so. I’ve just cut out my third Flutter! I can’t seem to stop. I often make things three times so perhaps this is my last for a while.

  8. Omg I love both of your versions!! That print is gorgeous and looks fab with your boots. If you are going to make one in denim I recommend tencel/lycocell denim, which I am currently in love with. Do you think this pattern would work well with linen? I am in a heat wave right now…..

  9. I am so jealous of your boot collection! Especially those vintage cowboy boots. This dress pattern was made for you I think. You really do it justice every time.

    • I knew you’d appreciate them! I adore boots, I often joke my legs belong in winter and my head & heart in summer! I’m working on my third… it’s different again… not sure if it’s going to work!

  10. Love the tunic, and you have the legs to wear it too.
    So jealous of you being able to be outside in winter without tights. I’m wearing tights, and we’re supposed to have summer… I should migrate.

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