Simplicity 1463 & WIPs…

Yes, I’m bored of my tshirts too – however I tweeted I was making this… there was interest… so here it is! Evening light was fading fast – we photographed this top, this top and these tops at the same time. I made them to wear with shorts, skirts and jeans so I just snapped them all at the same time, this is how I wear them – everyday casual wear.

Simplicity 1463, View A. Front View Simplicity 1463, View A. Front View. Bit fuzzy – sorry!

I’ve made Simplicity View A – the least fancy – and I like it. It’s comfortable & easy to wear. I know… it’s a complete mimic of the pattern cover. I wanted a neutral top & this was ‘in the stash’. I do want to try View B in a deep blue DKNY lyocell I have waiting.

Simplicity 1463 - Pattern cover Simplicity 1463 – Pattern cover

After the Simplicity 1589 top and the masses of ease, I decided to make the smallest size. While the fit of the top wasn’t too bad, I found the sleeves too snug. Fortunately my daughter Giselle loved it. It’s too big for her but she loves it anyway… she even wore it to Santa photos. That’s her wearing it on the right… I know lovely fabric (remanent bin find at Spotlight, rayon knit)

Giselle is on the right wearing Simplicity 1463 Giselle is on the right wearing Simplicity 1463.
Is that the smallest Santa in the history of Santas???

There’s not much to tell you…


As mentioned above, I found the sleeves snug so be aware that if your fabric doesn’t have much stretch that may impact on ‘sleeve snugness’. The other thing that I have found just a little annoying is the sleeve sits in just around the nook of my elbow. So after I’ve been wearing it for several hours I get ‘wear creases’ in my elbow and they don’t drop out and it bothers me… I know that’s a bit OCD of me but the strangest things annoy me – perhaps that’s why I got a deportment badge at school?! I generally only dress sloppy when I drive long distances, my car isn’t very judgemental…

If you like stripe-matching…

Simplicity 1463, View A. Side view Simplicity 1463, View A. Side view

My fabric is quite lightweight but does not stretch much so I found fitting the sleeves to the top slightly fiddly as my sleeves were difficult to stretch to fit the top. I just pinned/eased the pieces and with patience I got them in neatly. If your fabric is lightweight it makes it slightly more fiddly as the sleeves are sewn as a doubled over tube so there are three raw edges to think about when attaching the sleeves to the top. You might perhaps like to overlock the raw edges of the sleeves together before attaching them to the top. The good news is: no sleeve hems!


The neckband is two pieces. I attached this with the overlocker & used my Bernina to stitch around the neckline to hold the binding seam in place. I like the scoop in the neck, it’s enough but not too much.

I finished my hem with my coverstitch machine. I have a Janome CoverPro 1000 & I’m glad I have done several knit projects in a row as I’m becoming more confident with multiple uses.

Simplicity 1463, View A. Back View Simplicity 1463, View A. Back view

It has a high-lo hem but it’s not exaggerated, it’s a gentle swoop rather than a massive leap from front hem to back hem. The front is also a generous length which I really like.


Just mind the snug sleeves & due to the size of the top I would think it’s best sewn in a lighter weight knit but that could be just my preference. It’s rumored I’m into draped styles.

It’s loose fitting without drowning you and I think the length/hem shape is flattering.

Once you get used to sewing knits, tshirts are a fun project. I had not sewn many knits in my first couple of years of garment sewing. The Drape Drape books made me take a leap & challenge myself. I’m glad I did.

Fabric: a mystery knit from the Spotlight bargain table. $3 a metre.
Pattern: Simplicity 1463


I haven’t sewn in my sewing room since New Year. I’m back at work. Work is all consuming for a while & my brain feels like Swiss cheese at the end of the day. I suspect I’ll be a bit a preoccupied for a couple of months. I cancelled my 2.5 weeks holiday this January and therefore also the Tasmania holiday. That’s life, just means holidays later this year instead. So I’ll sew at night instead… I know, surprised?

Alabama Chanin: I’ve just hand sewn the funniest Alabama Chanin test tank with different seams, threads, stitches – so I could see what I like and what I needed to consider before leaping into hours and hours of hand work. It’s mistake ridden – which was the point of the exercise. I now know what works and doesn’t!
I’ve been fascinated by this for ages… and it was on my Wish List for Christmas and my sister-in-law gave it to me… so now I’m indulging myself with hand sewing, something I used to do a lot of. I’m loving it.

In the name of sewing... excuse the selfies, blue bra etc... I was excited In the name of sewing… excuse the selfies, blue bra etc… I was excited late at night when I finished HAND sewing this. The armhole error has nothing to do with the stitch used – it’s to do with how I attached the binding. I also figured out my neckline problem.

Edith: I have a new addition to my sewing room, she’s a sweet little lady and you will meet her soon!

My latest little friend... My latest little friend…

Ziggi: I have embarked on the epic Style Arc Ziggi Jacket. Wish me luck!

Style Arc Ziggi Jacket - 48 page PDF. No, it wasn't fun, Style Arc Ziggi Jacket – 48 page PDF. No, it wasn’t fun.


27 thoughts on “Simplicity 1463 & WIPs…

  1. I’m looking forward to meeting Edith – I haven’t named mine and I’ve had her for about 18months, will need to think about it now!! My husband thinks she should be called “Raffles”. Raffles??
    Your tops are, as always, gorgeous, and I got the Alabama Chanin book for my birthday and want to have a go at the hand stitching. I think the sampling idea is very clever.

    • Lol Raffles – sounds very fancy!
      I know I’ve churned out many tops lately but I’ve always loved the slow steady work of hand stitching, I’ve made a couple of hand-stitched quilts over the years.
      I had been missing something to sew at night so this is a good project.

  2. Wow I am impressed by how fast you get your garments out there. And they are impeccable. Wow that Style Arc jacket sounds like a lot of work already and that’s just the taping of the pattern! I will avoid printing and taping patterns where I can. I now sit and stick the pattern pages together in Illustrator onto a an A0 or A1 sheet ready to take to Officeworks. Probably takes as long in the end but less stressful for me (I must sound very impatient – yikes!)

    • Now ive mastered them my tshirts take somewhere from an hour to two hours to make – except the woven top with the peekaboo back, that took much more time. The bomus with making them all at once was we just took a few photos of each all at once as well in about ten minutes or less on the way to a casual family dinner. The ultimate in time efficient sewing & blogging!
      I did think about using a design program to do just that but as I don’t have it on my home computer it would have waited another week. Adobe products are very expensive in Australia unfortunately.

  3. Tee looks great! And the hand-stitching sounds perfect for after a long day at work. I know I’ve always lost my sewjo in January, so I’m expected that same this year… It’s ok to take a break! That Style Arc pattern looks like a pig – why on earth do they make it one big block of taped pages? I love how on the ginger jeans, Heather made the pattern only 2-pages wide. So you tape one leg, then seperately tape the other legs, etc. So much easier to manage! I swear, it’s not the number of pages that matters with a pdf, its how thoughtful the designer was (or wasn’t!)

  4. I will never get tired of seeing your tops! Each one is inspiring, you really have the relaxed and elegant look down! I love the length of the sleeves.

    • Ah thank you, while I love sewing more complex things and pretty dresses… tshirts certain get a lot of wear for the small amount of time that goes into them. I rather be sewing garments that are worn a lot!

  5. I like this top – nice and simple which translates to easy wear – perfect!
    I am inclined to sew up a couple of knit basics at the moment – it will be a nice break from the fitting of work dresses.
    Good luck with the Ziggi jacket!

    • After Christmas, simple was all I felt like. Mind you, work is keeping me so busy that simple might be best for a while. Really enjoying Ziggi, I do enjoy fiddly makes… it’s just the time factor that defeats me some days!

  6. I admire the perfect stripe matching on sleeves, something I don’t master right now! And these pics of the sea… god, I do want to love snow. But it’s hard.

  7. Hi There,

    I also embarked on the StyleArc Ziggi over Christmas with some fabulous heavy cotton bucle from the Fabric Store….after building it up in my head that it was going to be a mammoth task it was surprisingly….easy. The Sew Maris posts on the zips helped, but otherwise I really didn’t look at the “instructions”.

    You’ll be right!!

    • That’s great to hear, I am using the Sew Maris sewalong for some parts as the instructions are rather sparse! I’m really enjoying it now the pattern is stuck together & the pieces are cut out… the cutting took forever!!

  8. We’ll have to get your Edith together with my Miss Kitty. I’m sure they’d get along swimmingly! And that Santa! I can’t focus on your make as I can’t take my eyes off him. That is a tiny Santa, not that I’m size-ist or anything 🙂

  9. I know that some are only “in” to fancy dresses, but personally I prefer reading about this type of project. The stuff that’s actually useful in MY wardrobe, and besides, who doesn’t love a good t-shirt variation? 😉 I like the lace back and shoulder detail on the other view of this one, if I find a sale I might have to pick this one and the last one you posted about up…

    • I agree. I find pretty much all blogs interesting but despite feeling some days that I might not be ‘complex’ enough… I remind myself I want to make clothes I will wear and unfortunately French jackets are not on my radar. I actually love complex patterns, hand sewing etc but I just don’t think it applies to my wardrobe.
      I think this is a good pattern, nothing fancy… but some interesting thoughtful details & very wearable outcomes.

  10. I really like the T-shirt, even if it isn’t the most exciting thing ever! The variations on the envelope are pretty cute… may have to add this to my list.

    • I thought do I really need another tshirt pattern??… but I’m glad I’ve got this one, it’s got a nice fit & I like all the variations…. I can’t see myself in the ‘pointed’ hem, it’s a little too… directional!

  11. Not boring at all, as a matter of fact I have this pattern, its very useful to hear about the tips ( all make sure I get a fabric with lots of stretch) and its so useful to see what a real person looks like with it on. Those pics by the pattern makers can be deceiving . I see I love it, definitely will be making myself one. Thanks!

    • It’s funny as I had no problem attaching the neck binding but the sleeves were fiddly… nevertheless I’ve worn it a lot, even though it’s summer, the lightness of the fabric & the loose fit make it very easy to wear.

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