More obsessive sewing.

I did mentioned I had made another Grainline Alder and here it is. I’ve worn my first Alder so much that a second one seemed sensible. If it works for you – sew it I say! I’ve worn by McCalls 6696 just once, it’s lovely but I feel at home in my Alders.

I’ve sewn View A again, this time in a border print (or more like dip-dyed, marbled) rayon woven fabric.

Another Alder, more beach and whippet photos... a typical Lizzy weekend.

Another Alder, more beach and whippet photos… a typical Lizzy weekend. I love this beach, it’s not too busy. Lots of space of a whippet to run,

The sewing

As the graduation in colour ran from selvedge to selvedge, I cut the Alder on the crossgrain. I also didn’t have quite enough so I shaved about 1 inch off the side seams. It was frugal cutting at it’s very best and I had the tiniest pile of scraps you can imagine when I finished… and I was very conscious not to make a mistake as there was nothing left to cut another piece – not even a pocket piece!

Grainline Alder, view A. Side view

Grainline Alder, view A. Side view

Pockets: I moved the pockets up about 1/2 inch. I think they could move up more next time.

Hem: I hemmed it. I wasn’t pleased with my finish. So I hemmed it again. Then I took some photos and thought it was slightly too long. So I cut off the hem, slightly increased the curve at the side and re-hemmed it.

Grainline Alder, view A - wide view. The hem is even - it's just windy (as usual) and I like to leave the bottom button undone as the dress moves better as you walk.

Grainline Alder, view A – wide view. The hem is even – it’s just windy (as usual) and I like to leave the bottom button undone as the dress moves better as you walk.

Buttons: I got some lovely buttons that were a perfect match. I made the buttonholes… started sewing on my buttons… decided the buttons were slightly too large. Fortunately I had not cut the buttonholes! I found more buttons, unpicked the buttonholes and re-did the buttonholes. I want to unpick the buttonhole on the collar (which I haven’t cut fortunately) as it is slightly too low.

Grainline Alder, view A. Back view

Grainline Alder, view A. Back view

The Fabric: this is a marbled, graduated rayon fabric from The Fabric Shop in Robina. It’s just a hop, skip & a jump off the freeway on the way to Brisbane. It’s got parking out the front, a refreshing change from Brisbane which can be a parking nightmare, especially around The Fabric Store in Fortitude Valley!

Despite vowing not to add to my fabric ‘library’ on this trip, I succumbed to some blue fabrics – which seemed to be in plentiful supply in this shop! There were lovely piques, sateens, embroidered cottons, Japanese fabrics and a range of fabrics that Maria (the owner) imports from Madrid. I loved the white cotton broderies – which I’m still wondering why I didn’t buy as they would make gorgeous summer tops… then I look at the size of my fabric ‘library’ and remember why that’s a good thing!

This fabric was the end of the bolt (I think it was about 1.5m) and Maria slipped it into my bag when I bought the two fabrics below… clearly I have a thing for blues – thank you Maria. The Fabric Shop does have similar fabrics to this one – I just got the last sliver of this one – sorry!

A cotton pique and an imported embroider cotton eyelet

A cotton pique and an imported embroider cotton eyelet

Pattern: Grainline Alder, view A. Purchased by me.
Fabric: An ‘end of the bolt’ piece, woven rayon from The Fabric Shop.

I’m on a Grainline binge at the moment. I’ve also just made the Hemlock tee (the free Grainline pattern) with some striped cotton knit from The Fabric Store, Brisbane.


The following photos are for those who love to see Banjo on the blog.

There are quite a few whippets in Port Macquarie now. None of them seem to love the water quite like Banjo does. He will spend more time swimming than running if the family are in the water and he attracts a lot of attention as whippets are not famed for their love of swimming… although no one has told Banjo that…

Yes, my whippet even enjoys body surfing!

Yes, my whippet even enjoys body surfing!

I love this shot, he's such a happy handsome hound

I love this shot, he’s such a happy handsome hound.

Banjo - my favourite water rat.

Banjo – my favourite water rat.

27 thoughts on “GRAINLINE ALDER and a WHIPPET…

  1. Hi Lizzy, The rayon has come up beautifully in your dress. It was so popular that I actually bought a bit more plus some other colours….. as if we didn’t have enough stock in the shop already! It was lovely to meet you and look forward to your next visit. Regards, Maria, The Fabric Shop Robina.

  2. I am so tempted by the Archer, but I have a very similar pattern from the 1970s so am trying to resist, although yours is so beautiful. Banjo is a very handsome boy indeed and that last shot of him is amazing.

    • I do think the fit across the shoulders and upper chest of the Alder is fantastic. I’ve had such fun sewing these shirt dresses that I’m going to go back and sew the Archer again soon. I love button-ups

  3. Anther lovely Alder! And the fabric is just beautiful. My pocketbook is often thankful that theres not a Fabric Store where I live and that there’s no online shop!

  4. This is lovely! The dip-dye effect, especially in blue, makes it really perfect for the beach! Having just come in from a winter morning dog walk, well, I wish we were at the beach! 😀

  5. Another perfect Alder! Such a great pattern. Love the fabric you used also. I noticed that I have a thing for blue fabrics as well… just about all my recent fabric purchases have some amount of blue!

  6. I don’t know what I love more! Your dress, Maria’s customer service or Banjo! You have excellent choice, all the fabrics are gorgeous, but I have a thing for blue too, so I may be biased!

  7. Your two recent Alders will probably boost Christmas sales at Grainline Studio. Complete with dreamy beach backdrop and adorable doggy, both dresses are impossible to resist!

    • LOL I’d love to say yes but I think my fabric cupboard might explode! I love that this one isn’t a hard border/ombre print, the graduation is gentle… and the ‘print’ is good for hiding creases!

  8. Another lovely Alder! This pattern really suits you. It is perfect for your beachy lifestyle too. I must try the gathered skirt version, I love the one you have made but I just know it won’t work on my physique dammit!

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