Misses, reflections, goals (not) & thank you…

Once again – if you aren’t into these posts… that’s OK, I just find them interesting to think about… so I blog them for me.


I think these two are the most obvious misses, I was not pleased when I blogged them – and time has not improved them.

McCalls 6696 - no amount of naval gazing will save this one with me.

McCalls 6696 – no amount of naval gazing will save this one with me. Just not me.


Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Checking out my own legs...

Named Patterns: Jamie Jeans. Just can’t like these at all.

Some things I’ve worn more than others but I don’t rate my clothes as misses if I’ve learnt something from them. Sewing for me isn’t always about ‘the wearing’, a significant part is about purely creativity, experimentation and escapism.

You can see all my makes on the Made-by-me 2014 page which I’ve just created.


Professionally, I’ve worked relentlessly this year and I’m exhausted. I’d love to say in 2015 I’ll find a better ‘life-work balance’ but I believe there is no such thing.

I’ve actually edited the heck out of this post and decided not to say much ‘personal’ at all. It’s not for here.


I’ve decided I’m not really a sewing goal type. I prefer to listen to my squirrels as that’s where the inspiration lies.

There are some things I’d like to sew but if I don’t, I don’t. That’s ok.

I’d like to sew a proper tutu for my daughter. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.

I’d like to try swimwear. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.

I’d like to find the time to exercise again – I started out the year fit & strong… and along the way work and life consumed me. I want to be back there again, I miss my figure, my strength and my legs (vain but true – I’m ok with that too). Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.

I’m not going to chain myself to any goals or beat myself up about them if other stuff comes along. It doesn’t matter. That’s life. I don’t think the future of humanity depends on it. That’s ok.

Merry Christmas & a happy and safe New Year to you and yours.

Thank you to the amazing people in my life and the fabulous people that have come into my life via this blog.

37 thoughts on “Misses, reflections, goals (not) & thank you…

  1. It’s hard to get the right balance of personal but not too personal sometimes on the blog, isn’t it? I often go back and edit things, imagining how I’d feel if the parents of my class or my principal were reading what I wrote! I wish we could just go for some coffeee and catch up without the whole world having a record of what is said. (Well, that’s what we have local friends for, i guess! 😉 I hope you have a great, GREAT 2015!!!
    If you get time, would you share a link to your lists on my post here? https://craftingarainbow.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/share-a-link-to-your-top-5-of-2014-posts/
    I really like having a record of who participated, and I always go back and read old lists each year! 🙂

  2. I think your approach to goals is sound. Not wise to feel guilty about not doing things – no “shoulds or oughts”! I know you have had a rough year in some ways, but you have created a lot of wonderful garments. I hope you have a lovely holiday, get some rest, and have a great start to 2015. After all, once the year sinks it’s teeth in, who knows where it will go! Thanks for all the instructions and allowing me to gaze into your sewing life.

    • Ah well life has its ups & downs – things never last and if you just keep going there’s an end to it & sunshine around the corner!
      Thank you for being interested on my sewing life, I am always grateful & inspired by my readers!

  3. oooooh I like how you made up your own rules! Maybe I could do that too. I like to make “goals” but they should more appropriately be called DAYDREAMS! because I love coming up with all these plans, but never really have the time to do much follow through. Did you rip up your jamie jeans? can you sell them or donate them? I think they are great and I know a few chicks that would rock the heck out of them. If I did these reflections (which I’d like to, I love reading them, but I think work has too much on my plate right now) I already know my misses are totally style related. I make stuff because I love the way it looks on other people even though it doesn’t fit my body or personality at all. I donated those items earlier this week (it was super hard) but I do think the right person will absolutely LOVE them, and that made me feel awesome! If I ever found some handmade clothes at the goodwill I’d be so excited! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas and happy 2015! I can’t wait to see what you create next!

    • Life is filled with pressure & demands – so I always remember to keep my sewing joyful.
      I do donate my clothes if they aren’t going to be worn – and quietly hope someone will enjoy them.
      I’m looking forward to 2015!

  4. I’m sorry that this year was hard on you. 2014 was not kind to me either, but I hope we can find a good balance for 2015. Just adapt to coming things. I really wish you a wonderful 2015.

  5. Love your goals – i’d like to sew this, maybe I will maybe I wont. Sounds a lot like me. Its so nice to think maybe I will, maybe I wont. I like to sew whatever takes my fancy at the time too. Have a great Christmas.

    • Lol, well I am my own worst enemy. I’m in a different role within my organisation (higher up) for 9 weeks – then back to my job & straight back into my job at a busy period. No rest for the wicked!

  6. I look at goals the same way. Thats why I make “goals” and not “resolutions.” Resolutions just seem so definite!

    If something’s not you, it just won’t work no matter how nice the pattern. Some of my misses fell in this same category. Hope 2015 is a little easier on you!

    • I agree – both those patterns are great but not ‘me’.
      I’ve decided not to stress myself with sewing. I love it & it’s important to make sure the joy is the most important driver.
      It’s been a tough work year. Rewarding & professionally great but these things come at a price, especially when I won’t give up doing things at school or the ballet school. I want to be there for the kids – they deserve my time, love & attention.

  7. You’ve always got lots on your plate and as a creative person you’ll always have some ideas that are great to follow up.
    I hope 2015 gives you some room to be creative and a fabulous Mum too.
    Merry Christmas and enjoy the break.

    • Apart from the presence of an ‘on-call’ mobile – I will enjoy my week off work!
      I think I’ve struggled with the working mum life this year. I still do lots of things for the school, ballet school as I think it’s important to be an active & visible part of my kids’ lives. I never blog about these things as I know people see it as ‘humble bragging’ – it’s not, it is just being a mum – but it probably explains my exhaustion. I see parenting as particpation – not just watching from the sidelines. I want my kids to count the times I was there – not the times I wasn’t. I look forward to seeing you in 2015 Maria xo

      • We’ve spent this week catching up with family and friends and after seeing all the ‘babies’ grow up to be strong young teenagers, your girls will benefit from you participating in their lives. You are doing a wonderful job and it’s just ‘being a Mum’ but it’s the best thing in the world.
        See you in 2015 xoxo

  8. I’m with you on the exercise front! It’s a distressing truth that when life is stressful one of the things that falls by the wayside is looking after yourself. I think we’ve both had hard 2014s, Lizzy, and I am sending you much love and hugs. I also totally agree that goals are fine when they’re fun. Otherwise, I have enough deadlines in my life. Here’s to 2015 and making it through 2014 still blogging!

    • Deadlines are monsters – especially when they rule your work life – deadlines for reports, events, printers and the list goes on. Projects that inspire are the best kind and I always try to keep in mind that is why I sew – for relaxation and happiness. Love and hugs to you Karen and may 2015 be kind to you and bring you much joy (and Ella of course!).

  9. A belated Merry Christmas Liz and all the very best for 2015. None of us are super woman; we can only do our best and our best should be for our health and our family. And you do that always. Take care and simply enjoy your beautiful sewing talents.

    • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you Marjorie – hopefully we catch up again in 2015. I am tough on myself, always pushing to achieve more, be a better mother, work harder, always more, higher, faster. Sometimes I just need to slow down and enjoy the scenery life has to offer. xo

  10. Just wanted to say I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your talent displayed, you are very inspirational.
    Thank you so much for posting the video of that beautiful peace of music and singing about my Lord and saviour, Jesus.

  11. Hi Sew Busy Lizzy,
    I have been following your blog for maybe two years now and never commented. But I want you to know that I really enjoy your blog and look forward to *whatever* you are posting. I get a lot of inspiration not only from the fabulous clothes you sew, but also from how honest and real you are. Who you are is OK and what you are doing is good enough!
    I hope you have a much easier year this year, and can remember how much joy your sewing and blogging efforts bring to your fans.
    Janet in California

    • Hi Janet, that’s so lovely to hear. I see blogging and sewing as a reflection of who I am – for better or for worse. Life isn’t always perfect or easy – and nor is sewing. I have so many ideas in my head – I just wish I had more time to sew and write. Unfortunately work and life has other ideas some days!

    • Thank you 🙂 that comment made me smile. I often write and then edit, rewrite so I don’t overwhelm people with my words. When I’m at work and edit other people’s writing I always say “learn to say more with less”. It’s a bit of a life motto for me I think.

  12. You’ve done and achieved so much and I know we only see one facet of the gem you are on this blog. I hope 2015 brings you opportunities to learn and most importantly enjoy life; the sewing and all the other aspects. It’s a privilege to count you as a friend.

  13. Happy New Year! I know it’s not possible to have a perfect work/life balance, but I do hope you’re able to carve out some more time to relax and reflect next year. I had a massive change at work this year (from 80+ hrs/wk to part-time) and while it was a difficult adjustment, I didn’t realize how completely and thoroughly exhausted and creatively drained I was until I’d been off the roller coaster for a while. I hope you’re somehow able to find a little time for yourself as massive burnout and stress is really unsustainable over the long haul.

    • That’s so very true. I find sewing helps me stop work & family commitments completely defining me. Although in 2014 I did find the exhaustion overwhelming & the urge to write was hard to find.
      Hopefully 2015 will be easier… once I get back to my ‘normal’ job as I’m currently ‘acting’ in a higher up management role until mid-February. I’m my own worst enemy!

  14. Happy New Year to you – I hope you are enjoying your break. I did wave at you yesterday (yep really) assuming I got the right town of course – all very confusing up in the air!!
    I love your attitude to your goals and plans for 2015, it is always good to be relaxed about these things and take each day as it comes instead of beating yourself up. You achieve so much with work and your family, sewing is for enjoying and letting those squirrels come along 🙂
    Love to you and your family – mwah!

  15. I hope that in 2015 you do manage a balance of sorts – whatever it needs to be. It’s always a joy to see what you are sewing – I feel very lucky to have been able to meet you and your family!!

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