Drop Waist: Take 2, Papercut Saiph inspired Burda 7056

So while the jury is out on SBL vs the drop-waist look. I decided to try another ‘Saiph inspired’ make. Yes, another drop waist and a circle skirt.

I wanted to try out another drop-waisted look, this time with a more fitted bodice.

So I turned to my bulging pattern & fabric stash to see what might be a contender.

Burda 7056

Burda 7056

I chose Burda 7056, described as “No-frill dresses for the confident woman, being the focus. All slightly flared, fitted at the back waist, shoulders left exposed“. I liked the more fitted but slightly a-line shape, with fitting provided by bust darts and back fish-eye darts. I added this pattern to the stash quite some time ago, I love the maxi version, and I also love the combination of high neckline and cut-away shoulders. There are not too many blogged versions out there – except for the lovely new-to-me blog bernie and i who has made it several times!

The fabric is a cotton sateen from a Spotlight bargain table for a princely $3 a metre. I adore the vivid blue & white. The large regular pattern is fun but not easy to sew with as you will see later!

Here’s what happened…

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification.

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification. It was blowing a gale on this day we had to find a headland out of the wind (almost impossible to get out of the wind anywhere some days – so the dress looks slightly distorted in this picture and my bra strap has popped out – that’s life. And yes, it’s TOO SHORT! My waist is at the ‘ellipses’ travelling horizontally around the dress.

I cut the dress pattern off at about ‘Saiph’ bodice length. I sewed the bodice together, attaching the facings, which are great and don’t flip out at all due to the style of the dress, and put in the zip. The zip is a long centre back invisible zip.

To draft the circle skirt piece, I measured the finished bodice circumference. I then simply googled ‘circle calculator circumference, find radius’. Low and behold a little box popped up and I was away. This provided the radius & I used my daughter’s school compass to draft the dropped waistline of the circle skirt piece.

I simply pulled out the Saiph skirt pattern piece and used that as my guide for the outer hemline. I know, string, fishing line, makeshift compass, la la la – the pattern piece was there and a circle is a circle is a circle.

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification.

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification. Not sure if it’s looking ‘hippy’ possibly yes. or if the cut-away shoulders help balance it out.

Now clearly it’s a little short. Actually no. It’s a lot too short! Despite the ‘frisky’ length I’m pleased with the make. It was an interesting process… and that’s why I sew, to experiment and have fun. I could have not blogged it due to it’s length – but it’s part of my current obsession with shifts, shapes and more – I’ll just run the risk of you thinking me a ‘tart’. At some point I’ll reach the caboose of this sewing journey so forgive any hints of SBL caboose in the meantime. It’s part of the success/disaster of sewing.

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification.

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification.

Apart from the length, I’m not in love with the only front bodice shaping being the bust darts. Probably because this is a slightly heavier cotton sateen, I don’t like how the dress lies between my bust and the skirt – which you can also see in the white feather hem version on the pattern envelope. I don’t want this to be super fitted all through the length of my body but I think some waist shaping at the front of the bodice around the waist would be nice. That said, I think it’s great as is if it made up as just a shift dress, in fact I think it’s rather a terrific pattern for a shift.

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification.

Burda 7056 with Saiph-inspired drop-waist and skirt modification.

If you are wondering about pattern placement… with a pattern this big it was always going to be challenging… and probably why this fabric sat in my stash so long. I love the vivid blue of this fabric but those ‘flowers’ and ‘leaves’ were challenging. I actually attached the skirt, removed it and reattached it… and I think you will agree the second try was much better!

Pattern placement = hilarious.

Pattern placement = hilarious.

so pleased to have provided a moment of mirth for you…

Like the Saiph, ELH rather likes this dress . He said “I think you should wear that dress… a lot”.

I’m now planning SBL & the Drop Waist No.3… why not… I’m having fun!

Oh and I forgot to mention last post… we have a new addition to the family… meet Midge…

Midge - the new bubba. Yes that's a Chihuahua.

Midge – the new bubba. Yes that’s a Chihuahua. Yes he is the same colour and has the same markings as Banjo – he’s twice as feisty though!

I’m betting you have now forgotten I made a dress. LOL. This post came so fast after the last post because I was pinned to the lounge by the sleeping puppy (he’s a genuine lap dog this one) so typed it up on my iPhone and read Japanese sewing books!

And here is a beach…

Photos taken at the northern headland of this gorgeous beach - Shelly. One of my favourite places and views in Port Macquarie.

Photos taken at the northern headland of this gorgeous beach – Shelly. One of my favourite places and views in Port Macquarie. Many of our beaches are ‘in town’ yet you don’t see a house – I love that.

Pattern: Burda 7056 with Papercut Saiph inspired modifications.
Fabric: Cotton Sateen from Spotlight (about $5 worth of fabric here!)

28 thoughts on “Drop Waist: Take 2, Papercut Saiph inspired Burda 7056

  1. Yes, much better!!! Let’s just get it out of the way – really, really cute puppy! OK, this certainly looks more “you”, and it is more flattering. How about a bodice with some french darts? I think you might like a bodice that is more princess shaped. Or, maybe a long fitted sheath that is cut off and the flounce added. You will figure it out, I know. But you are certainly getting there! I love this fabric; it’s a shame it was so challenging.

  2. I love this one on you and to me it doesn’t look to short .although if it feels too short that’s a different matter.
    I’ve just made a Burda skirt from the sept issue with a deep yoke and circle skirt like this and the swishy skirt bit makes it great to wear. It feels lovely. Skirt with a swirl – you can’t go wrong.
    Looking forward to your next version. I love your experiments we should all push our boundaries

  3. Ooo I love this one so much more. Not sure if it’s the style, shaping, or colour. I love blues…in all shades, it really suits you. You can certainly pull off a shorter length too!

  4. PIPSQUEAK (the dog, not you)!

    I really like this style of dress on you – both the baggier one, and this more fitted one. I think they’d look great with flat sandles for a casual summer look too.

  5. Thanks for the latest news on your sewing projects. I am new at this sewing business and I am looking for a place in Port where I can find good material at a reasonable price. Shall head to Spotlight and see what I can find. Have been following your blog for awhile and look forward to keeping up with your future endeavours. Lorna

  6. Are you kidding?! You look FABULOUS in this, Lizzy! I think if you’d gone any longer it could risk looking a little unbalanced. I know it probably feels a bit foreign wearing something in a length you’re not used to but I hope you follow your husband’s advice & continue to wear it. I really love the flounce paired with a more fitted bodice, this is killer!!

  7. Love this one – I’ve been on the fence about Saiph just like you (just because of the sack-ness) but this is just great. All the flounciness and cuteness without so much blockiness. And I love the length. You can do it so why not?

  8. I think it’s lovely. If you’d added more darts, honestly, I don’t think it would have been worth it–too much disruption of the fabric pattern.

    And the puppy is adorable, but you already knew that. 🙂

  9. The first one was OK, but I really like this one! I remember seeing it on Instagram, and instantly loving it. 🙂 Personally, I think what makes it is that it *is* more fitted. You’ve got the kind of figure to pull of a sack dress, but why would you want to when you can have something like this? 😉

  10. hahaha, that skirt pattern placement is very funny indeed. Glad you went for version 2! I have to say I really like the drop waist look on you, both this and the other version. Curious to see what version 3 will be like.

  11. You totally have the legs for this! The fabric is gorgeous. blue and white is a winning combo. And that pattern placement = gold!

  12. Great dress. The fabric is great. I’m glad you adjusted the skirt placement. Looks way better after 🙂
    In pictures it doesn’t look too short, however if the length isn’t working for you and your way of moving then it’s too short. Perhaps you can add a hem band to add some length.
    Cute pup 🙂

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