Welcome to the jungle… my third By Hand London dress… she’s a very sexy girl…

Welcome to the Jungle… one of my all time fave songs (forgive me, it’s a generational thing that I just can’t shake). That song screams in my head when I look at this dress…

Welcome to the jungle we take it day by day
If you want it you’re gonna bleed but it’s the price to pay
And you’re a very sexy girl that’s very hard to please
You can taste the bright lights but you won’t get there for free
In the jungle welcome to the jungle
Feel my, my, my serpentine
Ooh, I want to hear you scream *

Jungle Anna - when a good pattern goes wild...

Jungle Anna – when a good pattern goes wild…

My third Anna. I told you they were all very different didn’t I?

I honestly was hanging out to post this tomorrow – I fear I am clogging up your blog readers… but I can’t resist!! Jungle Anna was not to be contained in the draft blog post pile! She’s a wild one.

Every time I look at this Anna I think of Anne of Pretty Grievances. I hope I’ve done her proud going OTT on animal print! I swear she is the only person on God’s green earth who could have managed to convince me to sew an animal print fabric, she’s kinda irresistible is our Anne. I’m hoping I have enough chutzpah to carry this dress off!

I know, it’s not a dress for shrinking violets…

Jungle Anna - it's a bit of a statement...

Jungle Anna – it’s a bit of a statement piece…

While I was sewing Anna Blue, I had the idea spring into my head – a snake-skin Anna Dress, a MAXI slithery snake-skin Anna… something super slinky & sinuous… the idea defies logic as I have a very real fear of snakes…

Anna can be sweetly sexy as Anna Rose, a darling day dress as Anna Blue but can she go va-va-voom?

Jungle Anna - there's that wild thigh slit... I finished it a little higher than Anna Roses...

Jungle Anna – there’s that wild thigh slit… I finished it a little higher than Anna Roses… cos Jungle Anna is a wild girl… the only thing I don’t like about this dress is how light the fabric is on the reverse (underlining it would have ruined its slithery drape – I will just need to be ladylike and not strut quite so much…)

This time I interfaced the neck facing pieces. I wanted to see how it would sit with a firmer facing piece behind that slash neck. It does sit nicely, albeit with a tiny bit of a ripple – which I think is more about my scrawny upper body than the pattern. *sigh* when will I ever grow a proper body?… I think the interfacing has also make the slash much more of a V-neck. I actually prefer the softness of the Anna Rose’s neckline, even if it does flip out a little, although I think the severity of the V-neck suits this Anna dress. She’s not a ‘softly softly’ kinda gal. I am Jungle Anna – hear me ROAR! lol.

Jungle Anna - a v/slash neckline

Jungle Anna – slash neckline (bra strap popping off the shoulder – Jungle Anna is no dainty miss…)

Yet again, another fabric from Lincraft. They have a small selection of rayons – almost all animal print though these days! I love these rayons, they have drape beautifully but have the comfort of cotton.

Once again I put in neck darts, on both the back bodice and facing pieces. They sit about two inches in – three inches long from the raw edges to the dart tip – and I also put these on the facing pieces.

Everything is French seamed with the exception of the front slit seam.

Rather than folding the fabric in half and cutting out the pieces, I cut out everything flat (except the front bodice and front neck facing). I did this to ensure the black line of the print ran up each skirt panel towards my waist. I think it makes the dress look darker, moodier and more dramatic. Yes it took much longer but I think it was worth it. With such a busy print, pattern matching wasn’t realistic however the line does run from the centre of the slash neckline to the hem – I think that’s enough!

Jungle Anna - the back view

Jungle Anna – the back view

Note I’m only 5 foot 4 – so if you are a shortie like me – you can carry off a maxi – stop thinking you can’t (Note to self: you are being bossy again).

Oh yes, and there are legs aplenty…

Jungle Anna - hanging around waiting for Tarzan

Jungle Anna – hanging around waiting for Tarzan… or feeling slightly concerned there might be a creepy crawly under my foot… eek…

I did a lot of hand sewing with this one. Being a rayon like Anna Rose, I invested the time to hand sew that long long slit, the facing to the shoulders and also the hem. So the dress slithers along beautifully – as it should!

Just hanging around in the jungle with my Anna.

Just hanging around in the jungle with my Anna.

I think this would look great teamed with a cropped, fitted, weather-beaten denim jacket. Or a fitted grungy black jacket… She’s not the prim sort – she’s my wild girl Anna.

So there you have it – the three faces of Anna… I have no doubt I will discover many more aspects of Anna – after all… we are BFFs remember… Anna Rose, Anna Blue and Jungle Anna.

I’m thinking it should be The August of Anna – why not farewell your summer in style or get ready for a sultry summer… I know you want to… heck I might even make another if you do! The By Hand London girls say there will be a sewalong soon!

Have you seen Karen of Did You Make That? she looks smashing in her maxi Anna. It’s gorgeous!

Pattern: Anna from By Hand London (Aussies can get it from Sew Squirrel)
Fabric: Rayon from Lincraft.

Also see: Anna Rose | Anna Blue

PS. I promise the next thing I blog won’t be another Anna dress (it would be hilarious you have to admit) – it’s a Vogue dress (Miss 8 reckons I look like a Barbie doll!). Yes, I have been OTT SewBusyLizzy this week!

PPS I’m not sorry about bombarding you with all my Annas… it’s been fun!

PPS a big thank you to ELH who was very busy photographing dresses all day!

* Lyrics: Welcome to the Jungle by Axl Rose, Saul Hudson, Duff Rose McKagan, Izzy Stradlin & Steven Adler.

149 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle… my third By Hand London dress… she’s a very sexy girl…

  1. Wow!! Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous! Jungle Anna is my fav. Lizzie, you have made the most fabulous dresses, I love them all.

  2. Scary, I don’t like snakes and don’t think I could wear anything that resembled snake skin :-/, but Jungle Anna is wild and very sexy, and you look absolutely wonderful stunning. You’ve chosen a fabulous location for your picture shoot too.

    Thank you for showing us three different sides to the Anna pattern. Please make up some more, it really should be the August of Anna.

    • I’m terrified of snakes, that location is right behind my house – I only wear gumboots in the backyard because I’m scared I’ll tread on one! I haven’t seen one in my backyard but I’m sure it’s a matter of time.
      There will definitely be more Annas…

  3. Oh this is definitely my favourite of the bunch!! The fabric really works with the style perfectly. The linear pattern and maxi dress were made for each other! i love the tone on tone colours as well, it’s not too busy for such a long dress. and I have to say I really like this neckline, it looks very crisp and professionally finished. It somehow seems to fit you better than the roses dress. I have to agree, I don’t like how it is light on the underside. Is it possible you could paint brown dye on the underside, let it set and rinse? Rather than dyeing it all and risking ruining the snakeskin print.

  4. Oh Anna’s how do I love thee? Three ways? Shna na na na na na na knees knees… yep, you’re right, I can’t get Welcome to the jungle out of my head… Three very different, very lovely makes – Thank You for showing the versatility of the pattern! But…. which one is coming to Melbourne? all of them, or … the fourth??? 😉

  5. Too much Lizzy, your machine must be in need of a service with all this shameless sewing, do you never stop?!! I think you should pop ELH into a ‘quickly run up loin cloth’ and show us the man behind the camera … that sounds so wrong, sorry! Love it (but I think no.1 is my fave) xx

    • I did go a bit nuts!
      ELH is social media shy, I have threatened to sew him a onesie & blog it when hes being cheeky about my sewing. He’d look like a giant lean Telly tubby, would be hilarious!

  6. Gorgeous! You’ve completely sold me on this pattern (must make multiple versions pronto). I absolutely loved the Anna Rose and the more sedate Anna Blue, but this Anna is my favorite. Oh how I wish I had the legs to pull it off! I really loved seeing your versions back to back showing how one pattern can look so different.

  7. This is totally my favourite, such a cool raunchy look, love it, it’s bringing out the animal in you. In the Rose you are so much more demure. Funny how they bring out different sides when all the same pattern.
    Btw, that song is one of my faves too and is stuck in my head now 🙂

  8. Wow, this is my favourite of the 3 Anna dresses so far!! I love the snakeskin print and it looks beautiful on you, as do they all. I have waited to see your creations before cutting mine out, I am trying the midi length first with a black multi-coloured spotted crepe and I am off to start it this very afternoon 🙂

  9. I don’t have a favorite version of Anna, they are all so different. I think they are all perfect in mood, and it’s a great pattern to be able to interpret it that many ways, but it was your creativity that accomplished that. Lizzy, these dresses are the bomb!

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  11. wow! this is one sexy dress and I love that you went for snake print even though you are scared of snakes! They do all look so different! I am in love with this pattern! And I need to try out rayon fabric! it looks so sultry and lovely!

  12. Totally outrageous!! But you know I’m screaming along with you ( in a rock chick kinda way) and your serpentine blog post with what have to be the most film set pictures I could ever imagine!! I have been mesmerised. The dress is fab, and you carry it off beautifully! I need to see Anna blue now….

  13. This is definitely my favourite of the three – and love the contrast of this with your Rose version too; it’s like Anna Rose got lost in the jungle and emerged all wild and sexy!

  14. This is amazing- just shows how the fabric can be so key to the design. I’m just amazed at the different personalities you have created in the dresses… I’m not even sure which is my favourite!!
    And I’d quite happily see a fourth… 😉

  15. i don’t know why i feel the need to pick a favorite out of these three STUNNERS, but jungle anna is making me woozy!! gorgeous!

    as a 5’3 gal i find i have to shorten my BHL skirts (god bless the legs on those dames). was going to take 4″ off at hem, after shortening thoughout the pattern proved dicey… did you take off any length?

  16. Oh wow! Think Jungle is my favourite, but they are all fabulous. That’s another pattern on my to do list!

  17. This is such a great dress, that slit… Oh me oh my! Hot momma! I love this version, naughty yet not too over the top. It is very wearable! And hats off to you on hand sewing, I used to hand sew a LOT so I know how painstaking this one must have been. Awesome job on this dress!

  18. thank you so much for posting all three of your Anna dresses! I’ve been wondering how these look on the body and it was great to see totally different versions. I might need to get it!!!

  19. Loving the jungle Jane look. I kept expecting Tarzan to swing out and whisk you away! What a great dress. I love the fabric choice! It is quite amazing to see one dress go from demure to Amazonian just by changing the fabric!

  20. Wow, your third Anna has not disappointed. I am so impressed that you have created three stunning dresses, each completely different to each other, yet you have only used the one pattern. Just goes to prove how much influence the fabric choice has on the end result. I love all of them. I’m just so impressed with your blog posts too…so entertaining yet informative at the same time.

    • Thank you so much, I do tend to chat a bit but I try to be helpful. I don’t see myself as a sewing guru. I think my skill is interpreting patterns & having fun with them.
      I love to get a new pattern, I always think “how do I make this look like me?”. That’s my gig!

  21. This one is my favourite! And it may be the thing that convinces me that there is a place in my life for an animal-print maxi…

  22. all three dresses are lovely, but this one… I wouldn’t want to cross you in this, super sexy, super fierce in the best possible way – perfect for jungle adventures and the catwalk!

  23. I found your blog recently when I was thinking about making the Cambie (and came over to see your different versions – all great!). This series of Annas is terrific! (You look great in all three.) You’re tempting me to make a version myself.

    • Thank you – I do love Cambie, it’s a fabulous pattern. I’m actually working on Cambie 5.
      It’s so much fun experimenting with a pattern and seeing how it can change with fabric choices & styling.
      I must say Anna must be my all-time favourite pattern. I adore it!

  24. That really highlights how versatile the pattern is, to see it in the three so very different fabrics. I’m so not into jungle-print so I’d never have thought to use something like that in a dress like the Anna, but wow, that is just stunning! And you’re very talented 🙂

  25. I was just going to say… have you seen Karen’s version? I really need to get on the By Hand London bandwagon. I’ve been reading about their new jacket and this dress all over the place!

  26. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I love you in a statement dress! Too, too fab!

    As a sidenote, my college friends and I used to have a weekly Saturday afternoon dance party that always began with “Welcome to the Jungle”. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I used to dance to it in the window of my dorm apartment… oh, college girls… ridiculous!

    • I loved making this one, it’s so different to my usual makes & it’s fun to challenge myself like that. Strangely I think I’m more comfortable in a statement maxi than a short or fitted dresses, I just shuffle around feign awkward in those!
      And I totally would have danced in the window too!

  27. Well, I think the number of replies you’ve received speaks for itself 🙂
    It looks absolutely gorgeous Lizzy – words completely fail me. It’s sexy and sophisticated all in one, a real stunner and you carry is beautifully.
    You may have sold me on maxi dresses (I’m only 5’2″) too!!

  28. What a coincidence – I had just ordered the Anna and your blog popped up with not just one but three Anna dresses. I don’t know what I am most impressed by – your productivity, the gorgeous dresses you have made or the fact that you can walk barefoot on the beach in the middle of winter!! My boss is over in the UK from Melbourne at the moment and all he is bragging about is how it is only 5 degrees warmer here than home!

    • LOL we do have lovely winters, it’s usually over 18 degrees during the day and at the moment it’s often 21 or 22 degrees – and sunny.
      I’ve loved making my Anna dresses, the pattern has bewitched me!!

  29. Jungle Anna is fantastic as well… I think I am envious! Ha, I know I am envious! They are all 3 marvelous and I WANT one. Or three… I love how they all have different personalities. I could continue to gush but I feel silly. Just know I am very impressed and in awe of all 3… 😀 ~L

  30. Hi Sew Busy Lizzy, what a fantastic dress! And the jungle catwalk-like setting you chose for your photos is perfect! I love your other versions of the dress as well. Well done! I’ve just ordered this pattern and have very high hopes for it but you’ve set the bar very high – it’ll be very hard to better yours!

    • Hello Christine!
      Thank you – is ‘jungle’ is just over my back fence, we have koalas rather than leopards but it looked perfect for Jungle Anna.
      It’s such a lovely pattern to sew I’m sure you will love it!
      Lizzy x

  31. Hi Lizzy I’ve just started following your blog this week and…I’ve bought the Anna pattern from Sew Squirrel! Would not have considered it until I saw your versions. You look absolutely gorgeous! By Hand London should really use you as the model they would sell out. Now to decide what Anna mood I’m in 🙂

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  34. OK, this Jungle Anna is HOT as well as Lizzy wearing it 😉 You managed to create a special mood for all of your Anna dresses: foamy sea-side Anna, dreamy blue Anna and sexy Jungle Anna! For a moment, I compared you to Jane from Tarzan stories 🙂

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  36. Wow three very very different Anna’s and I do understand your love of this pattern. Gorgeous all three …. I don’t know which is my fave. All of them? Yip.

    Thank you for the tips on constructing in soft rayon and how hand finishing the key edges helps drape. I didn’t know that and doubt I could have figured it out on my own!

  37. This is so beautiful! You’ve inspired me to make my own maxi version of Anna! It’s amazing how different it looks with the slash neck – totally a whole new dress!

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