SoSleepyLizzy – Sewaholic Tofino Pants

Sewaholic Tofino Pants

Oh look SewBusyLizzy – she’s awake!

Agreed. I’m a notoriously busy person. If I’m awake I’m working, exercising, reading, writing, knitting, driving ‘mum’s taxi’, cleaning (not so much…), cooking, talking, laughing,making exceptionally bad jokes, tweeting, facebooking, blogging… and of course sewing!

Every now and then I sleep. Yes really, I DO sleep. Sometimes.

I confess I do sometimes wake up & if I can’t sleep I check Twitter & Facebook… Clearly I find it very hard to ‘stop’. If I’m conscious, my brain starts whirring. I can’t handle yoga, mood lighting & candles horrify me, and don’t even start me on rainforest / whale-singing relaxing tapes.

Since I started sewing my brain has been happily whirring with colours, patterns, design ideas – which has been infinitely more happy to endure than work stress & other stuff. Sewing doesn’t make me sick with anxiety, if my brain is going to be busy – well sewing ain’t such a bad thing to be thinking about, yes?. These days my brain is blissfully happy with creative ideas in spare moments. No brainer right? Sew more people!

So when Karen from Did You Make That? launched the 2013 Pyjama Party I decided perhaps a little more sleeping was in order.

And we all know I like… (OK LOVE) Sewaholic patterns so it was necessary I join in! I jumped online and ordered my Tofinos from Sew Squirrel.

Ta da! Tofino pants!

Sewaholic Tofino Pants

Sewaholic Tofino Pants

These are black voile Swiss dot with pale pink piping. I opted to use a double-sided satin ribbon for the waist sash rather then fabric and I think it’s rather cute. I wanted something a little ‘fancy’, ‘evening wear’, ‘tuxedo’ style.

Paired them with my favorite old concert tshirt – (Chris Isaak, I still love you MWAH).

I had planned to sew a top to go with the pants but my old Chris Isaak tshirt seemed perfect. Can you believe this was sold as a one size fits all?? I guess if it didn’t fit, you could just use it to wipe drool from your chin while watching Chris Isaak perform… (Lizzy enough of the celebrity crush….! ENOUGH).

What can I say? It’s another well-drafted pattern by Tasia. It’s easy to sew. Goes together quickly. It’s got simple yet effective design features… mock fly front, piping to make your pins seem longer, little details to make your PJ bots more than just ‘daks’.

I like the impact of the pink and the black, it’s kinda girly, dressy, masculine all at the same time.

Sewaholic Tofino Pants

Me being a dork (this happens with all too frequently)

I did think about turning up the cuffs and hemming with more piping. HOWEVER! That piping makes stumpy pins look longer. So no external piped cuffs for me. Elle MacPhearson move over. SewBusyLizzy is in da house.

Sewaholic Tofino Pants

Sewaholic Tofino Pants – lotsa piping

I have a deep loathing of tracksuit pants – even if they are warm… however I’m seriously tempted to make these in fleece… somebody stop me!

Me likely. Tofino THUMBS UP. Thank you Tasia MWAH!


I know BEST.SLIPPERS.EVER. Sheepskin from NZ. Love

BTW. I’ve nearly finished Cambie no.4 & Cambie no.5 is in progress…

BTW2. My Abakhan fabrics 15 Pound Aussie project is also nearly completed. It’s cool! Watch this space!

BTW3. My By Hand London Victoria Blazer is also in progress (yes I’m a stitcher with ADHD at the moment) and its looking WICKED. Silk dupioni, vintage sari… patience people!

Thanks Karen!

53 thoughts on “SoSleepyLizzy – Sewaholic Tofino Pants

  1. I love the classic black with pink, very cool and I totally think making them in fleece is ok, because the piping makes them classy, yeah! 🙂

    I have sewing ADHD too,I loved seeing all your BTWs, my sewing list is like that too, always more than one project on the go, no guilt, I’ll pick up and put down what I want and when, keeps my brain happy, that’s what makes sewing fun!

  2. Very cute PJs! The Tofino pattern is great isn’t it? I made a pair for myself and another for my daughter and I can see a few more in my future! I can’t wait to see you BTW makes! Love those slippers too :).

  3. Great to see you back in action… Love the tofinos – very classy, madam! I heart that you heart sewaholic – I’ve finished cambie no 2 and have fabric ready for no 4. My sewing list is getting longer and longer…

    • I used to have the slippers in pink – but Banjo thought they were very tasty! I’m glad I managed to find the time to make them. They are a good contribution to the wardrobe – even if my eyes are closed when I’m wearing them!

  4. These are mega cute! I’ve been trying to be strong and not buy this pattern since it seems silly to pay for a pattern for pajamas, but it really does have a lot of nice details– I’m sorely tempted! I can totally relate to your busy, active lifestyle– there just aren’t enough hours in the day (but let’s be honest, if there were, we would just jam those full of activities, too!). ALSO. I’m too embarrassed to mention how many times I’ve seen Chris Isaak in concert (OK, it’s something like six or seven?). We even ran into him on at a guitar shop in Nashville once and tried to recruit him to act in our short film… ahhh, silly college kids…

    • I felt the same about buying it – but gave in as I like the side panels … and it’s Sewaholic.
      I LOVE Chris Isaak, how great are his concerts??? Swoon. Oh he’s just delicious….

  5. love them!

    and boy did i LOL at this: ” I can’t handle yoga, mood lighting & candles horrify me, and don’t even start me on rainforest / whale-singing relaxing tapes.” :p

  6. SO CUTE!

    Give in to the fleece pants. You know you want to. 😉 #fleecepantsforever

    (I also can’t sit still without doing something. Twitter or reading blogs is about as laid back as it gets. And YES, sewing it totally an awesome brain-balm.)

  7. These look awesome! I love the pink trim. Pink and black is such a perfect colour combo. I’m bummed I didn’t take part in the pj party this yea. There are so many cool pj’s floating around.

  8. The Tofino pants fit you perfectly! You know a velour would look great as well.
    I was waffling about buying the pattern since they are pj pants but like you I love the side panelling. I caved and bought the pattern and they arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to see the rest of your projects.

  9. Hi Lizzy – very snazzy pj’s and I second that celebrity crush…Chris Isaak just makes me bite the back of my hand with excitement! (so does James Reyne) Really enjoyed the chat we had at the Sydney High Tea…will need to check out the Spanish places you mentioned…!

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  11. PJs just in time for winter. And they’re good PJ bots. Definitely not daks, which in NZ are undies lol. I especially like the pink piping – very cute.

    PS no fleece trackies. Nope. Def. not Lizzy. 😉

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