SEWING SURPRISES SWOP (and maybe a new Cambie…)

I’ve been amazed at how frantic life has been since my return from holidays. I should have posted this when I got home – however it was so sweet and lovely I wanted to take lovely pictures… thank you Sparkly Super Nova for organising this! On the upside this post has been lost in the tidal wave of posts following a swop!

Sewing Surprises from Musings of a Seamstress

First up – check out these lovely hair bows that Sarah sent to me for my girls. I know – soooo cute. You can buy these from Sarah Etsy’s shop which will help fund her adoption project – please take some time to read about it here

Bows for Adoption

Bows for Adoption – my girls love these!

She also sent me this necklace which is just perfection. I love love love love it. I know – green with envy? I’m not sure where Sarah got this but it’s perfect and I love it. Even the chain is beautiful and dainty.

Sewing Surprises Swop - neckalce

Sewing Surprises Swop – necklace

And watcha wearing with that Lizzy?

Sewaholic Cambie - Little Skulls

Sewaholic Cambie – Little Skulls. Note to self: iron dress before photos next time Lizzy!

ummmmmm, it might be Cambie No.4…. OK stop laughing. Cambie 1, Cambie 2 & Cambie 3 are all much loved members of my dress family and they wanted a little sister. She’s a bit naughtier than the others… if you look closely…

Skulls Sewaholic Cambie

Skulls Sewaholic Cambie

I love the sweetness of the Sewaholic Cambie shape combined with the quirky little aqua skulls. When I started knitting the cardigan I had an immediate vision the Little Skulls Cambie with it.

There really isn’t much I can’t tell you about Cambie that I haven’t already. It’s a lovely shape, well drafted and by far the easiest full lined dress I’ve made so far.


Sewaholic Cambie - Little Skulls

Sewaholic Cambie – Little Skulls with Icecream Marion

Cute cardie… did you make that too? Yes I did! I’ve been a bit ‘knit obsessed’ this year. this delightful little monster is Marion by Andi Satterlund. It’s a new release and I just HAD to knit it as soon as I saw it. I adore the cables and I really wanted a longer sleeved cardigan as I wear my Whole Wheat cardigan a lot – cream goes with just about everything. When this cream Malabrigo arrived from I was a little disappointed with the colour. Fortunately as soon as I started to knit it up, I fell in love. The colour reminds me of icecream and hence I call this cardigan my Icecream Marion.

It’s perfection with Cambie as it finishes right on the waistband… and Tasia of Sewaholic fame is in fact also knitting this, I spied her over on Ravelry with Marion WIP.

Marion by Andi Satterlund - available on Ravelry

Marion by Andi Satterlund – available on Ravelry

I love the buttons, they are coconut shell. The shop only had one card of four buttons and the pattern said I needed five. Then I read the pattern (I know, novel idea) and I only needed four for the smaller size. If I knit this again (and I’m tempted to in red) I will just do three button holes.

At the Historic Cemetery

At the Historical Cemetery

It just seemed perfect to photograph this dress in our Historical Cemetery. It is no longer used as a cemetery but it is where the free settlers were buried in the early days of European settlement in Port Macquarie, the graves are scattered randomly through beautiful grass and trees, it’s quite serene (this from a girl that freaks out at the idea of serenity). It’s now a beautiful park at the end of our main street.

Dress: Sewaholic Cambie (purchased from Sew Squirrel)
Cardigan: Marion by Andi Satterlund from Ravelry. Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted from

I’ve been fearsomely tired this weekend with a crashing headache for two days. Not great pictures but hopefully I’m not looking so drained for my By Hand London Victoria Blazer – which is not far off being finished!!

And my hair is HORRID. Off to get that fixed this Tuesday!

AND! I went to the recent Sydney meet-up organised by Kristy of Lower Your Press Foot – you can check out all the pictures here at Little Betty’s blog… I felt like I cheated but my 1950 vintage lace dress just seemed the perfect choice for High Tea!

The Sydney Meet-up outfit - 1950s lace...

The Sydney Meet-up outfit – 1950s lace…

67 thoughts on “SEWING SURPRISES SWOP (and maybe a new Cambie…)

  1. OMG your dress is so naughty yet so nice! The colour really suits you! I’M SO MAKING THAT CARDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the naughtiness of the fabric with such a feminine dress. And that cardi… swoon. I’m a basic knitter and I’m terrified of cables. Must get over that phobia one day soon…

  3. love love love that cambie! the cardigan is also super cute! I am yet to blog my cambie number 4 too! hehe! 😛 it is just a great pattern!

  4. I had no idea that the dress had skulls on it save for the close-up!! How cool!! It is such a delicate, feminine colour and then, wham! Skulls. 🙂 Love the cambie and looks so nice with the cardigan.

  5. whoah, i adore the new cambie!! it is just perfect with the cardigan. the whole outfit is awesome! i have a fascination with old cemeteries, love seeing the old tombstones.

  6. I love your Marion! The colour is perfect. It will go with so much. I need to air myself a versatile cardigan like this too. I really need to buy myself the cambie pattern. Everyone makes such gorgeous dresses out of it. I feel like I’m missing out.

  7. Your vintage lace dress was gorgeous and it was so lovely to meet you. That is a cheeky Cambie and such a perfect fit. Love the caridgan, I have got the Agatha pattern waiting for her turn to be knitted.

    • Thank you, I’m glad I managed to make it down for the afternoon & meet some people.
      I’ve decided Agatha will be next, in red I think. Just need to finish Chuck first. The list never ends does it?

  8. Skulls!! Another lovely cambie. And a super cardi too now I think of it. Hope your routine returns to normal soon. Glad you’re still finding time to sew 🙂

    • Her patterns are brilliant. Miette doesn’t come in a small enough size for me – so I think I will knit agatha in red instead! I’m working on Chuck at the moment.

      • Sounds great – I’m really taken with Agatha, especially for winter over here in the UK.
        Oddly enough, I made the Miette for a friend – she’s a 35″ bust (I’m a 32″) and I tried it on before I blocked it and to be honest I thought it was OK. It didn’t look as if it had too much ease.

        • Andi’s patterns are very fitted so you might be right Miette could work! I’m knitting Chuck a size up as I figure a skin tight jumper is a little harder to wear than a snug cardigan.
          I’ve had to undo rows Chuck’s front panel several times. It requires lots of concentration! I’m at the armholes now. Phew!

  9. I love the fabric choice on such a girly dress and the cardigan is just lovely. I have been looking at Andi’s patterns as I would like a little cardie to wear with summer dresses.

  10. I am totally making that cardi, and I am almost certain that I have enough yarn in my stash to make one. Yay for knitting serendipity! Thanks for the inspiration.

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