17 thoughts on “Blog Lovin’ experiment

    • Thank you – I’m just setting up an account. Google reader and its apps are not playing nice anymore. Blogger blogs will not let me comment on them when using mobile devices. Here’s hoping Blog Lovin’ is better.

  1. oh please do a review as I cannot use my work computer at the moment for reading blogs in my break (i am not sure what the policy is yet) and on my phone i am very limited like u say! 🙂

    • It’s got a great reading interface, I prefer it to Reader – however the same problem exist with smart phones and tablets with Blogger blogs re commenting. I also cannot use my work computer for these things so I have to use a mobile device on my lunchbreak or while I’m in transit or waiting. I’m not going to spend hours in front of the computer at night. I read blogger blogs I just cannot comment on them. I wish Blogger would get their act together.

  2. I’ve also recently turned to Bloglovin because of the same issues with google reader.. Unfortunately, I’m still having serious problems commenting on blogs hosted by blogger (not even mentioning the dreaded captcha – Blogger should really do something about it)

    • I cranked up a Blog Lovin account – yet the same problem exist with Blogger blogs. So frustrating as it is clearly a popular platform with those that sew & blog 😦 I read them but I just can’t dedicate hours to the computer just to sit and comment on them. The iPad & iPhone are my blog reading and commenting tools. I just use a laptop to downsize my images and insert them into posts.

  3. okay, so it’s not just me having blogger comment issues! i can comment from the ipad/iphone, but it’s a super big hassle. i set up a bloglovin account a long time ago, but i never got around to moving all my blog subscriptions so i never really use it. doesn’t fix the blogger issue anyways.

    • There has been a big discussion on twitter about this issue, triggered by me having a wail about bring unable to comment on a blog. A blogger one. I tried on the iPhone, iPad and the laptop. Internet explorer did not work (it had disqus which also can present it’s own challenges) and eventually Firefox did.
      I quite like the Blog Lovin interface. It’s nice and clean. Took me ages to put the blogs I follow in there!

    • The blogger people claim WP blogs are challenging too, which is interesting. As I find them cleaner and easier to use even if I haven’t logged in WP.
      Some blogger blogs are so slow to load, clunky and disqus adds another dimension of horror – depending what browser/device you are using.

      • Totally agree. I much prefer WordPress blogs. Though a friend of mine with a Blogger blog swears she can’t comment on my blog even though I’ve turned off all commenting restrictions. I wish all the platforms would just play nice with each other!

  4. is there a way of transferring your reader list of blogs you follow to another reader site – for example I use WordPress reader but want to use Blog lovin, but It would take me forever to click on each blog and re- follow. just wondering if you had figured out a way? xxx

    • No I went through a very tedious process of transferring them over using the links. I still follow blogs in WordPress I find it great, the comment stream is very trackable – it’s the other platforms that are challenging, is blogger blogs!

    • I am completely battling through all my different blog readers. I as trying to find a solution to commenting on Blogger blogs. Alas I don’t think there is one until Blogger fixes their platform to be more mobile accessible.

      • I know I’m moving to google reader to see if that can do both WordPress and Blogger feeds as I’m sick of juggling different thingies just to have visibility of all the blogs I find.

        Damned annoying ….

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