I’ll be with you in a Jiffy… with a Pattern Pyramid!

Simplicity Jiffy 4977 - at the Lighthouse

Simplicity Jiffy 4977 – at the Lighthouse, this is only a few minutes from my home… I really do sew by the seashore!

When I said I’d be with you in a Jiffy… I really meant it!

In November I won a Pattern Pyramid on Made by Trisha’s blog. I managed to keep quiet about it as I knew it would take while to arrive from USA. Trisha was off at a conference, check out the dress she made to wear to it here.

The pyramid arrived this week… and you will be pleased to know that I’ve already made two things! Hey don’t look so shocked, I’m not SewBusyLizzy for nothin’! LOL.

OK I know that you ain’t so interested in my sewing as you are in the Pyramid itself, huh? *sniff* After stalking many a Pattern Pyramid I understand, really I do *sniff*.

And yes, it’s a pretty good one.

Pattern Pyramid

The jury is still out, I can’t decide what to keep. At the moment I’m a little bit in love with the very simple Jiffy 60s number. And yes, that’s the Jiffy that I’m wearing at the top of the post πŸ™‚

Simplicity Jiffy 4977

Simplicity Jiffy 4977

I made the Jiffy on the spur of the moment. I was digging through the stash looking for something else and stumbled across this vintage fabric (you know how that happens)Β I picked up at an op shop for $3 for 3 meters. I suspect it’s a 70s print. I have no idea what it’s composed of… but it’s quite heavy, a twill weave and has a fabulous drape. It just felt ‘right’ and in a jiffy – or a few hours – the Jiffy was born. Miss 9 and ELH decreed that I should make the sleeveless number so I obliged. I even had some vintage hooks & eyes to close the back (it’s supposed to be a button & loop but this felt ‘right’). So total cost (excluding electricity and cotton etc for those auditing types) was $2. I have enough fabric left to make an Alma with this πŸ™‚

My modern cheating touch was to use my brand new overlocker/serger to finish the seams – this fabric is a ‘frayer’.

Simplicity Jiffy 4977 - interior

Simplicity Jiffy 4977 – interior

Verdict? Jiffy = lots of fun and a very comfortable dress!

Now I had thought I would keep Simplicity 4687 – the shift, jacket and overblouse. So cute! It seemed the perfect solution to my Christmas dress dilemma. I thought I would make a red dress with a green lace over blouse.

Simplicity 4687 Pattern Pyramid fail

Simplicity 4687 Pattern Pyramid fail

Glad I muslined this. It’s too big. Yes, yes, yes. I could grade the pattern. I could make alterations. And I really admire people that do that. However for me… there is a world of patterns out there that fit me and I’d rather fritter away my time with those πŸ™‚ This was nice enough to sew but a major sewing/fitting fail. I could not even be bothered to tidy up the hem for the pictures πŸ™‚

Simplicity 4687 Pattern Pyramid fail

Simplicity 4687 Pattern Pyramid fail – back view – it’s huge!

Verdict? I’m not a vintage size 12. Lesson learnt. It’s staying in the Pyramid.

I’m still dying to try the 6512 pants… they might be too small though. And trust me you don’t want to see my stretch marks in that crop top. I am a small person and had two babies around the 9 pound mark – scarred for life I tells ya. I’m sticking with the dresses.

What am I keeping? I don’t know!!! Decisions!! I thought about tracing off the pattern but decided I will just throw a few more in. I have plenty of vintage patterns and I actually love seeing how the Pyramid morphs and changes with every blog it passes through. At the moment the Jiffy is definitely the front runner. I can see myself making this up many times…

What should I throw into the mix? A jacket? A Vintage Vogue? An 1980s fashion crime?

Excited? Wanna win? You can find the rules of the Pattern Pyramid here – when it was started by the lovely Karen of Did You Make That? In a nutshell you must have a blog to participate (sorry non-bloggers!). Leave a comment and let me know if you are in!

The Pattern Pyramid winner will be chosen by a lucky draw on December 23, 2012. Good luck!

Pattern: free
Fabric: $2 op shop.

Tacking Point Lighthouse, Port Macquarie

Tacking Point Lighthouse is Australia’s third oldest lighthouse. It was built on a rocky headland about 8 kilometres south of Port Macquarie in 1879 by Shepherd and Mortley, to a design by the New South Wales Colonial Architect, James Barnet. It is classified by the National Trust of Australia (NSW). Tacking Point was named by explorer Matthew Flinders in 1802 during his 1802–1803 circumnavigation of Australia
(source: wikipedia)

Oh and if you have read this far it was WINDY today. Really windy… we were lucky to get these pictures… some of them looked like this…

bad hair day jiffy

I’ve been nominated for some blog awards – more on that later… oh and I made the Sewaholic Lonsdale dress. Verdict: sewing WIN! Photos soon.


75 thoughts on “I’ll be with you in a Jiffy… with a Pattern Pyramid!

  1. That lat pic is fabulous!

    6512 would look great under a sari! And the 9563 overalls make me laugh. I think you should definitely add a 1980s fashion crime! Bummer about the shift dress.

    Count me in – I’ve always wanted a pair of overalls! (I’m not kidding. I missed out as a kid.)

  2. I love that jiffy dress on you. You look like you had some sort of epiphany in the last photo…! I’ve had a little close up peek at the patterns – can you believe some of them only cost 50 or 65 cents back in the day?! Wow! I’m going to pass on the pyramid this time (the only pattern I truly like from the pile is the jiffy) but I do like seeing what others make from it! Also can’t wait to see your Lonsdale x

    • The Jiffy had a 5c sticker on it – I’m guessing that was its second hand price. The Simplicity retro pattern is also cute and multisized! I also like the Simplicity pattern right at the bottom of the pile. It would have been miles too large on me though. For me the fun of the Pyramid is sewing something you might not of tried & vintage patterns are quite interesting I discovered. Slightly different construction, patterns marked differently… I’m weird like that though!

      • 5c???! Crazy! I love the idea of sewing vintage patterns (especially all those gorgeous dressed from the 40s and 50s) but I think I’d have to see something that I was really attracted to before taking the plunge…I will one day, I promise! I like your weirdness tho, it makes for great reading and great photos!

  3. Love the new dress! It was the first one my eye was drawn to too! What a beautiful setting for your photos too, I love lighthouses, even if the wind did mental things to your hair! I bet you’ve knocked the Lonsdale out of the park, can’t wait to see it!

      • Yep count me in please, I’ll have to do a lot of grading up but I like the look of the shorts πŸ™‚
        That’s great you found the interfacing, I use it everything now, have 3 different weights and it fuses and drapes so much nicer than the woven interfacing (Plus you can pick it up quite cheap in the sales)

        • I’ve started a list so I can crash Spotlight at one of their big % off everything sales.
          I haven’t decided what to put in from my stash. I think the size range needs an increase at both ends.

  4. I’m in! I love the western-y Simplicity 6400 (?) – did you know I have this weird, life-long affliction that draws me towards tacky western garments and “Little House on The Prairie”-like ruffly, dainty things?
    Looking forward to seeing you Lonsdale, I’m sure you’ll look fab in it!

  5. Love the fabric you’ve used for the Jiffy. Shame about the shift dress being too large. Even though it would clearly provide a bit of extra room for Christmas lunch, it would equally clearly provide rather too much extra room. Nice pattern, though. And, no, please don’t include me in the Pyramid. I’ve already been lucky enough to win a stage already.

  6. Don’t blame you on the whole fitting thing… sometimes it really gets me down. Especially when I’ve got the urge to sew and nothing but half-fitted muslins laying around. Exactly my circumstances right now 😦 The Jiffy dress is gorgeous πŸ™‚

  7. Looks like a super simple dress to wear, no fuss, but classy impact. Love the pics and thank you for the windy version! Us short haired peeps miss out in such fun!
    Please enter me!! Just ‘because’ and ‘ why not?!’

  8. Love the windy shot! Absolutely envious of your view and weather. Am contemplating on dragging husband to Australia next Christmas, so we can experience some of that summer-ness πŸ™‚
    ANYway. I’d like to be in the Pattern Pyramid – as Scruffy says .- just because and why not!

    • You are in!
      Aussie Christmas is all about prawns, oysters, the beach, wine, beer, cold meats! And often hot hot weather. Always welcome in Port Macquarie Maria! You will discover that I don’t colour alter my blog photos … because I don’t need to πŸ™‚ it really is that blue and that pretty here.

  9. Ahhh, that Jiffy dress is so cute on you! Too bad about the Simplicity– it’s such a great print! I can’t wait to see your Lonsdale! I was thinking of that pattern when I picked out fabric for the Christmas swap! πŸ™‚

  10. Count me in, you know I am stalking these!! Not sure on my favourite for me, but loving the Jiffy on you. Pity about the fail, but I totally get where you are coming from, sometimes I totally bypass vintage patterns that aren’t my size.

  11. Hooray! I can’t believe that you already had the time to sew up two contenders!!! I’m impressed. Please don’t enter me in the drawing–I just wanted to comment on the loveliness.

  12. I’m in! I love the Jiffy — it caught my eye as soon as I saw your pyramid. Your version is so cute. Bummer about the shift dress. I probably am a vintage size 12!

    • It’s funny, I don’t think anyone noticed the Jiffy in previous rounds. I think the vintage fabric and beautiful lighthouse backdrop is really selling this pattern. It’s a huge sack with the belt πŸ™‚ but a comfy one.

  13. The Jiffy looks splendid on you! It’s such a simple shape, but somehow it just suits you beautifully! Brilliant move stitching up the pyramid patterns before they go on to a new home, btw. It never occurred to me when I had the pyramid in my possession. I promise if I get a crack at another, I’ll be more productive! πŸ˜‰

    • Oh I’m a bit crazy which probably helps. I did think if was gong to be the shift dress that I would love but once I spied the vintage fabric in the sewing room it just seemed like kismet and it had to be the Jiffy

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  15. loving the new jiffy! the fabric is gorgeous and the last pic is hilarious! you always look so serene so it was funny to see how windy it was! πŸ˜›

  16. My mum used to have Simplicity 4687 but i gave it away before i got into sewing!!!! :-(((((
    Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog – or else I would be entering just to win this pattern back :-))

  17. I think you should reconsider the pants pattern y’know. You don’t have to wear a crop top with it …. it is possible to do longer …. I had twins so I know what you mean about covering the midriff!

    Please don’t count me in for the pyramid cos I’ve a load more patterns coming from the Vogue etc sale. God I have to speed up my makes LOL.

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